South Beach Diet

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South beach diet is a well planned weight-loss diet that encourages the intake of right fats and carbohydrates from food. The South beach diet significantly allows the followers to eat contently by teaching them, ways to recognize and cut down on the intake of foods that are rich in bad carbohydrates and fats. The original purpose of the south beach diet recipes is to prevent heart diseases, however, the diet is now followed by the health conscious to prevent unnecessary calorie intake. South beach diet is one of the most popular diet plans in the United States of America. Owing to its popularity, the diet has been elaborated in several diet books, like South Beach Diet Supercharged and more. Popular south beach diet recipes include vegetable juice, salad, steamed peas, ricotta and more.


Origin of South Beach Diet Recipes

The credit for inventing the concept of South beach diet goes to an American cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatston in the 1980s. As per the doctor, the inspiration for developing this new diet concept stemmed from the consistent failure of the Pritikin and Ornish diet in controlling the fat intake by the heart patients and diabetics. The concept of the new South beach diet gradually gained momentum in the USA and gained an eminent elaboration in books like south beach diet supercharged and more.


Dietary Laws Governing the Consumption of South Beach Diet Recipes

The south beach diet strictly prohibits the intake of bad or unhealthy cholesterol and fat contents. This diet, as per the book, South Beach Diet Supercharged, is divided into three phases which govern the time of intake of varied south beach diet recipes. The South beach diet phase 1 is the longest and calls for maximum prohibitions of bad foods.


Phase 1

The South beach diet phase 1 strictly cuts down the intake of bad sugar and starch. As per the doctor’s verdict in South Beach Diet Supercharged, the foods that are strictly prohibited for consumption in the beginning are potatoes, eggs, meat, turkey, ham, bread, rice, past and more. High fiber food and protein rich sources like lean beef, beans, chickpeas, tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms and more are instead replaced with the bad starch and sugar sources.


Phase 2

This phase of the south beach diet allows the intake of only healthy carbohydrate sources like whole white bread. After certain interval, the followers are allowed to snack on their favorite sweet, however, in a limited quantity.


Phase 3

The final phase of South beach diet allows the eater to introduce more food options which helps the eater to maintain a healthy lifestyle for long.

Of all the three phases, the South beach diet phase 1 is the strictest and hence, triggers maximum weight loss.  


Dietary Routine Based on South Beach Recipes

An ideal south beach diet may include the south beach diet recipes as follows

Breakfast- scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes, grilled lean bacon, tomato juice, coffee and tea

Lunch- chicken ceasar salad, lean ham, fat free yoghurt and lean roasted beef

Dinner- grilled salmon, fresh green salad, chicken and vegetable stir fry

Dessert- lemon ricotta, peer poached in red wine

The followers may try variations in green veggie salad by adding ingredients like fruits, sprouts, legumes and lean ham/ beef, especially during the south beach diet phase 1.


Health Benefits of South Beach Diet Recipes

Since the south beach diet is essentially rich in digestive carbohydrates, the diet is highly recommended to improve one’s cardiovascular health.

The frequent intake of digestive carbohydrates throughout the south beach diet phase 1 improves the cholesterol level in the body as well.

The south beach diet recipes are strongly suggested for reducing high sugar level in the bloodstream as well.

The above mentioned benefits and more have been elaborately explained in the book South Beach Diet Supercharged.