Sour Yogurt Recipes

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Spicy Dahi Vada

If you want to recreate the magical taste of popular Indian snacks - dahi vada, then you must watch this video. You can prepare the lentil dumplings in advance to serve the snacks on the table, real quick. Blending of the spicy yogurt and tempering the dish,... - 132.186

Moroccan Homemade Yogurt

For those who are fond of yogurt, here is Moroccan Raib, a delicious homemade yogurt flavored with orange blossom water. The yogurt is so smooth and soft, just divine that you simply wont be able to resist it. The video here shows how easy it is to make this... - 122.604


If you have cooked some lamb, or made a Gyro then you just have to make some Tzatziki. Watch this video to learn how to make this cool creamy and tangy cucumber yogurt dip flavored with garlic. It’s the perfect summer compliment to grilled meats, kebabs,... - 121.492

Tahini Dip By Tarla Dalal

An inseparable part of lebanese cuisine, tahini basically means a paste of roasted sesame seeds. The paste is widely used to make salad dressings, dips and sauces. In the given recipe it is combined with curds which results in a unique bitter-sour product. - 120.821

Easy Raita

For all of you, who are following a strict diet chart, this savory Indian preparation of yogurt is a nice choice of food. Yogurt is a great source of nutritional value. Indulge yourself in different types of raita preparation and enjoy healthy eating. Watch... - 113.651

Easy Tzasiki Dip

Victoria shows you how to make a delicious Tzasiki Dip. It will be the best dipping sauce for barbecue meats. It is so simple and it can be made in a few minutes. Enjoy! - 112.225

Homemade Yogurt - Dahi -curd

Those of you who are looking for the recipe of homemade yogurt, will find this very useful. Chef Bhavna shows how to make natural yogurt. It is made within 3 hours and it is less expensive. You can always add fruits to it and make it flavoured yogurt. Do... - 111.991

Mediterranean Macaroni Yogurt Pasta

MAKING 1. In a bowl, mix yogurt, dried mint, fresh mint and garlic till combined. 2. In a large bowl, take the cooked pasta, mix the yogurt into it and stir well to incorporate and coat all the pasta well. 3. Season with salt to taste and mix... - 111.656

How To Make Yoghurt Rice - Curd Rice

Watch this interesting recipe on how to make "Yoghurt Rice". - 111.367

Almond Milk Yogurt

Bring on the fermented foods! Today, Annmarie gives a detailed tutorial that explains how to make almond milk yogurt. It's easy, it's fun and it tastes awesome! - 111.353

Kadi With Pakoda

Lipsmackin' Indian Punjabi recipe kadhi with pakora. Quick and easy to make Indian dish. - 110.698

Homemade Yogurt

MAKING 1. In a food processor blend coconut flesh with coconut water. 2. Add blue berries into blender to make it blue berry yoghurt. SERVING 3. Top it with fresh blueberries and serve as a pre-workout meal or breakfast. - 109.651

Cucumber Yogurt Dip - School Lunch

Cucumber Yogurt Dip, also knows as Raita, is perfect for dipping fresh veggies, serving with falafel or grilled meats! It can easily be packed into a school lunch box with vegetables, or adorn your table as an accompaniment to family dinner. - 109.194

Yogurt Cheese

Cheese lovers are never out of options but having your own homemade cheese, like this yogurt cheese is like plucking a fruit from your garden and eating it. It is fresh, it is healthy and you know it tastes great as you chose the ingredient to make it. Watch... - 105.989

North Indian Kadhi Pakoras

If you like to experiment with Indian dishes and curries? Chef Manjula is making a totally different dish, it is served in place of curries. The interesting part of the dish it its vegetable dumplings and its yogurt sauce. The video is a has every detail of... - 98.919

Vegetable Raita With Dill

How about a side dish that would aid in digestion? Try Chef Manjula's Vegetable Raita with Dill where the main ingredient is yogurt. Raita's are made using different ingredients so as you learn this recipe, you can make raitas on your own using your favorite... - 98.1481

Easy Homemade Yogurt

Ever tried making yogurt at home? If you have tried and failed, then this video will put an end to your search for a perfect and easy homemade yogurt recipe. Chef Manjula has a perfect formula and video is shot well to show you exactly how to make it... - 92.8735

Homemade Raw Organic Yogurt

If you are looking for a clean start and healthy change from conventional yogurt to raw and organic ones, step ahead to put your thoughts into quick action. Raw organic yogurt is a light and delicious source of calcium plus a healthy pre- and probiotic boost... - 92.6662

Mint, Cucumber And Yoghurt Dressing

MAKING 1. Spoon the yoghurt into a clean bowl. 2. Wash, dry and finely chop the mint leaves and add to the yoghurt. 3. Wash and dry the cucumber. 4. Using a grater, grate the cucumber into the bowl with the yoghurt and mint. 5. Mix well together, cover with... - 88.0672

Mediterranean Tzatziki Sauce

How about a easy Mediterranean tzatziki sauce to go with your main dishes? Clyde is making the dish in the simplest possible way and using a lot of flavors to bring out the most authentic dish. The garlic and lemon gives a unique refreshing taste this... - 66.9801

Vellarikka Moru Curry (cucumber In Yogurt And Coconut Gravy)

This curry is sour and spicy with yogurt gravy. It is served hot with steaming rice and any other side dish usually fish. - 46.2068

Curd Rice / Yogurt Rice

Take rice in a bowl. Add salt, ginger, green chillies and yogurt. Mix well.(The rice should not be hot or warm when mixing the yogurt). Heat oil in a pan. Adfd mustard, When they splutter, add cashew and chana dal. Saute for a while. Add urad dal and saute... - 39.1129

Non Fat Salad Dressing

MAKING 1) In a jar with airtight lid, place all the remaining ingredients together. 3) Put the lid on tightly and shake vigorously until all the ingredients combine well together. 4) Store in refrigerator until needed. SERVING 5) Shake well and use over... - 37.3355

Dumplings In A Sweet And Sour Yogurt Sauce With Tamarind Sauce

1. Place the urad dhaal powder in a mixing bowl with the baking powder, ginger, fresh coriander and green chilli. Add 300 ml (1/2 pint) of the measured water and mix to make a thick batter. 2. Heat the oil in a karahi or large saucepan, add the batter about 1... - 33.8493

Indian Yogurt

MAKING 1)In a pan, boil milk and cool for a few minutes. 2)Add yogurt and stir until nicely blended while it is still warm. 3)Stir it a number of times and pour it into a bowl. 4)Cover it and place in a warm place overnight or until set. 5)Once the yogurt... - 30.5935

Delicious Dahi Aloo

A simple recipe Dahi aloo, which is made with boiled potatoes and yogurt, seasoned with Indian spices. Dahi aloo is irresistible! Try this with pooris and the experience you will have cannot be beaten by anything. :) - 29.3003

Dahi Wale Aloo

It is a light potato gravy, the gravy medium used here is curd. The preparation is enriched with a lovely blend of ingredients in tempering. - 28.0234

Boondi Raita - The Way I Like

This is one of the easiest recipes which you can make in a hurry if you are not sure what to serve with paratha's. An absolute summer cooler, which everyone in your family is going to enjoy! - 24.9981

Creamy Mixed Veg Raita

An easy and healthy side dish for all your stuffed paratha. Roasted cumins enhance the taste of Raita and it takes this to some other level. If you wish you can serve Raita with any other meal. - 24.8474