Sour Cream Sugar

Sour cream sugar is a combination of sour cream and sugar which is used for making a variety of dishes. Sour cream sugar cookie is one of the most famous sour cream sugar recipes. These cookies are very crispy and tasty as compared to the normal cookies. With such easy ingredients used in this cookie recipe, people would not have to wonder any longer how to make sour cream sugar cookies. Apart from the key ingredients like sour cream and sugar, butter, baking powder, soda, all-purpose flour, egg, vanilla essence and lemon peel with a pinch of salt are used. All the ingredients need to be blended well in a mixer. Initially butter should be blended, followed by the rest. Flour should be last on the list as it is needed to form the dough. This dough should be rolled out and cut into cookie shape with a cookie cutter and then baked in the oven. These delicious sour cream sugar cookies can be served along with tea or coffee.

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