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Start Your Day Right With Refreshingly Fruit Smoothies!

I try hard to keep up a fair balance between my corporate and professional life – believe it or not, it really demands a lot from me! For this, to start my day right is a must and I have been looking for a great way to start my day right, so that everything... -

Green Smoothie Recipes

Found some simple and great tasting green tea smoothie recipes (Recipe Ideas, Green smoothies, Raw Green Smoothies) -

How To Store Smoothies At Home

  Smoothies are usually made blending natural ingredients like fresh fruits or frozen fruits. You can  store smoothies  in case you have prepared excess of it. The fruits you add to them determine the nutritive value of the smoothies.  It is a... -

Top 3 Benefits Of Raw Food Smoothies

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Top 3 Benefits Of Raw Food Smoothies? I'm sure that there are many more than that. All of us love a smoothie or two, don't we? Smoothies are sold under different names in different parts of the world. So, it... -

Try These Smoothies For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Want to start your Thanksgiving with a healthy and refreshing breakfast? Why not try some smoothies? Buy in some fruits and vegetables and start making your favorite smoothie to celebrate Thanksgiving!   1.  ... -

Food Fraud: Smoothie

A smoothie is considered to be a healthy option in comparison to other non nutritious desserts. However, it is time to awaken to the fact that it is actually a food fraud with a smoothie being no healthier than a cream and sugar laden ice cream. ... -

Banana Berry Smoothie

      Banana Berry Smoothie 4 cups of apple juice 1 cup frozen bananas 1/2 cup strawberries Instructions 1. Add everything into blender 2. Blend 3. Enjoy (Drinking, apple juice,... -

How To Store Smoothies While Travelling

  Store smoothies while travelling as it refrains you from biting into a cheeseburger. Smoothies are made from fruits, vegetables or greens and sometimes have chocolates in them. They usually contain yoghurt or milk. Currently, many prefer... -

How To Diet With Smoothies

Drinking a smoothie is not great part of a healthy diet but if you customize it properly it can help you to lose weight. Here is how to diet with smoothies . You must add ingredients to a  smoothie based on your calorific needs. Some of the smoothies may... -

Smoothies- The Wonder Drink

 Pic courtesy : I have been looking for a refreshing and tasty drink to include more fruits in my diet. An innovative recipe that would be very different from the boring everyday beverages ... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Smoothie

For people on the go, nothing works better than a glass of yummy smoothie . Packed with mega doses of vitamins and antioxidants, a few swigs of smoothies can equal several servings of fruit and is one great way to load up your body with the natural... -

Secret Formula Of Smoothie Making

Smoothies are a great way of ensuring your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants. They taste yummy, are filling and can be downed in a jiffy especially when you have to rush to work. However, buying the commercial varieties is not too wise. They may have... -

Time To Make Some Super Smoothies!

Smoothies are wonder drink s, whose health benefits are not lost on anyone. However, what would you say if you were told that there are certain ingredients, which could lend an even healthier edge to your favorite... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Smoothies

  Smoothies are an excellent option when you are both hungry and thirsty, but they always send you diet for a toss as they are calorie dense. So, how to enjoy the creaminess of a smoothie without piling on the calories? Try out these low calorie... -

Health Tips For Fruit Smoothies

The sweetness as well as the health benefits of fruits are captured together in a glass of fruit smoothie. Here are some health tips for fruit smoothies. The smoothies thus prepared are very tasty and the best part about it is that it does not possess... -

Tips To Make Homemade Smoothies

Smoothies made at home are certainly healthier and tastier than the ones we buy from the supermarkets. The homemade ones do not always turn out perfect and we feel that something is amiss. Here are some simple tips and ideas on how to make the... -

7 Cheap Smoothies That Are Healthy Too

A daily smoothie run may cost you a fortune if you don't know how to save money. However, this is one dietary item you cannot pinch from your daily diet because it is healthy, convenient to make and you can take it to-go. So, how to skip making or... -

How To Make A Banana Smoothie – Banana Dessert

We always run out of ideas while we are thinking about everyday dessert. If you learn how to make a banana smoothie , you have the advantage of bringing in different variations to it – you can change its toppings, add choco-flakes and give a new look... -

How To Make Strawberry Banana Smoothie

If you love to have fruits and are looking for a new dessert recipe which is a combination of different fruits you should learn how to make strawberry banana smoothie. Making strawberry banana smoothie will help you to make your every day dessert interesting... -

How To Freeze Bananas For Puddings, Smoothies And Cakes

What do you do when all of a sudden you realize you have bunches of bananas at home? It is very crucial to know how to freeze bananas in such a situation. Sometimes bananas are bought in abundance when they are available ripe and fresh (simply because you... -

The Top 3 Ways To Eat More Greens

One of the central components of any healthy diet is eating a sufficient quantity of greens. Yet 95% of people who follow a health diet, do not consume enough green leafy vegetables. I'll admit, I often have trouble (or sometimes even lack the... -

To Taste Daniel Craig!

It is of no wonder that Daniel Craig fans are going crazy on this National Ice Cream Week in UK. Who wouldn’t go crazy, if they get a chance to not only see but also get a taste of the famous yummy Daniel Craig when he is showcasing his chiseled... -

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teenagers

    Coming up with healthy breakfast ideas for teenagers is a tough job for mothers. Teenagers nowadays are very choosy and one has to be very careful when deciding on breakfast ideas for them. Many things need to be kept in mind while... -

5 Easy Spring Desserts To Add To Your Party Menu

Break out of the cocoon you have spun over yourself with these tasty spring desserts. Now that winter has come to an end, nothing is better than learning to make few new spring desserts. Check out these simple, but marvelous spring party menu ideas to welcome... -

Fun Meal Ideas For Toddlers

  Getting new meal ideas for toddlers everyday is a difficult job for mothers. If the food is not appealing then the toddler will not even look at it – feeding it to them is a dream. So mothers have to be innovative and create new meal ideas... -

Healthy Raw Food Diet Recipes To Stay Fit

Raw food diet is the latest fad among health-conscious Americans and with celebrities like Amanda Seyfried endorsing such a diet openly, it is only natural the people become more curious about it. That is why, we bring you the choicest healthy r aw food diet... -

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

This summer could be the best time for you to get rid of that beer belly and back fat. Maybe  you've been promising yourself that you'll lose that extra fats and all you need is a little friendly nudge, which we provide in the following lines.  ... -

Beverages That England Cricketers Swear By

  A juice or a smoothie is a quick way to refresh oneself and get some nutrients at the same time. Chris Rosimus , the performance nutritionist, of the England cricket team has taken extreme care to select the best... -

American Breakfast Menu By Hyde

This is in repsonse to Master's menu. Green Papaya Salad (Som Dum) submitted by Dim Geefay at TWO MINUTE SMOOTHIE submitted by shalini.ranjan at ... -

Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make

  Most of the kids love to eat salty chips, French fries or chocolates and they usually turn up their noses when you offer them healthy snacks. In this blog you will find few healthy snacks which your kids can easily make ... -

Top 10 Menu Ideas To Be Made With Pureed Food

- Many types of medical and dental health conditions insist on special diet care. Pureed meals are balanced soft diets and read on to know the top 10 menu ideas to be made with pureed food . These are creative suggestions to spruce up your... -

Drinks Menu

While creating a menu containing drinks , you should try to include the ones that are suitable for all age group. Add lot of variety for both kids and adults. Your drinks menu should be a perfect combination of alocholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fresh... -

Various Breakfast Ideas Which Do Not Require Cooking

  This blog will give you v arious breakfast ideas which do not require cooking.  You might have heard thousand times people repeating that breakfast is the important meal of the day and one shouldn’t miss it.  Breakfast... -

Indian Lunch Menu Courtsey Snigdha - Master Food Diary

Watermelon Smoothie submitted by Snigdha at Today, I decided to try absolutley delicious home style recipes posted by Snigdha. I am glad that I did. It was one of the best lunch (and dinner leftover) I ever had.... -

Spring'ing With Fruits

“Spring”ing with Fruits Spring is the time when you see the fruit aisles getting bigger and more colorful in grocery stores. To celebrate spring in a delicious way we give you selected recipes that are simple and low in fat. -

Vegetable Carving - Truly Beautiful And Inspiring

If vegetable carving has always fascinated you and you love working on that beautiful centerpiece for every party, then here’s some inspiration. These came in as forwarded mail too. These melons are absolutely wonderful and show that with a little... -

Why Is It Important To Consume Green Powder?

It is very important to consume green foods and leafy vegetables in our daily diet. However, not many people consume the required intake of fruits and vegetables per day. So, Green Powder supplement is an alternative to get all the desired nutrients... -

Neutrogena Naturals: Harvest Eating

'Harvest Eating' sponsored by Neutrogena Naturals upheld the importance of going green and staying natural. The significance of home grown, natural food was emphasized here as was the art of creating unique, innovative dishes in the kitchen.... -

Heidi Klum Bribes Her Kids

  Heidi Klum, the Supermodel is all for healthy eating but cannot actually get her kids to eat food that is good for them. She has come up with a bizarre solution though and shells out money every time her kids drink up their  fruit smoothies .... -

Delicious Summer Coolers

Stay well and hydrated during the long summer days by sipping on the delightful coolers. Make exhaustion and lethargy a thing of past! Have fun beating the heat in a delicious way. Here are a few exotic coolers that you can try out. ENJOY!   ... -

Top 5 Drinks To Cement Your Love On Valentine’s Day

You have been going out for some time now. It is certainly time to take the relationship to another level. Why not do it on Valentine’s Day with the aid of special drinks that will cement your love permanently ? Choose wisely after checking out the list... -

Kiwi Menu

    A kiwi menu immediately brings to mind a succulent, juicy, green fruit with a sweet and slightly tart taste. Kiwis is a great fruit due to its nutritious qualities and also works supremely well in cooking. They are a... -

Jamba Juice Menu

Jamba Juice Menu is a delicious, healthy, and satisfying treat in itself and through this menu, the lovers of quality beverages can simply say, “That felt good.” Have a look at the drinks and food items offered by Jamba Juice and you will just say... -

How To Make Fruit Drinks?

The popularity of natural fruit drinks are increasing day by day, especially as a healthy alternative to those fizzy beverages and soft drinks available in the market. Know how to make fruit drinks at home in simple ways and get the purest and healthiest... -

Raw Diet Menu

Raw diet menu can help once loose weight through sensible eating.  Raw food menu includes mostly vegetarian recipes comprising fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. The food for raw diet menu is considered fit as long as it is not cooked. Include lots of... -

Flat Belly Diet Menu

Flat belly diet menu is probably the easiest way to attain flat belly without breaking your back doing grueling sits-ups or painful crunches. This special kind of diet that is inspired from Mediterranean diet basically comprises of unrefined, whole... -

Top 5 Mind Blowing Mango Delights

Mango, known as the King of fruits in India, surely deserves its title. The sweet, aromatic fruit is revered for its incomparable flavor even by the die-hard patriots in the USA and the Mexican mango is often bypassed in favor of the superlative... -

This App Helps You Find Healthy Juice Bars!

  Like to abandon junk food and adopt a healthier lifestyle by drinking healthy green juices and smoothies? Well, life is not easy for people like you! With fast food joints looming everywhere, how would you locate such a juice... -

Top 5 Healthy Drinks For Your Kids

  If there is one easy way to infuse some nutrition into kids, it is through beverages. Drinks are smooth, yummy, and easy to gulp down too. If your child is a picky eater, we are sure he won’t be the same when you offer him a... -

Pineapple Concentrate Drink Ideas

If you want to add a little bit of tang as well as sweetness to your beverages, you must add pineapple concentrate to them. The juice mixes well along with other components used in recipes without overpowering the blend, unless you want the pineapple as a... -

Super Foods Supplement

The natural super foods   may not be always available at your grocery store, but you can substitute these with the super foods supplement to gain the same health benefit. Usually the supplements are available in powder or juice... -

Ten Day Menu

  When one plans a ten day menu , it cannot be just haphazard, since ten days is a long period. One must take a hard look at what is available to them and what they prepare out of it when planning a meal plan for ten days. Here’s how you can... -

Healthy Snacks To Serve To Skinny Kids

If your kid is skinny, you will realize how difficult it is to plan a food chart or diet chart for your kid. In spite of so much planning and effort, everything seems to fail – here are some interesting healthy snacks for skinny kids which are specially... -

Breakfast Menu

  Planning and keeping a breakfast menu will help you to avoid skipping your breakfast. A healthy breakfast is essential for the proper functioning of human body, plus it has some cool benefits also. Breakfast menu... -

Pineapple Menu

Creating a pineapple menu should be almost as fun as enjoying the dishes that you end up preparing at the end of it. Pineapples work extremely well in marinades so definitely keep that in mind when cooking with this fruit. Pineapple, in every form is... -

Foods To Serve For Skinny Kids To Bulk Up

Foods to serve for skinny kids should be chosen selectively. Children who are too skinny may suffer from poor health and maybe made fun of in school. Foods rich in calories and nutrients are foods that make skinny kids bulk up. Remember, foods that help put... -

Simple Healthy Breakfast

Simple healthy breakfast is the right choice for your regular working days. It is really difficult to find time to prepare elaborate breakfast in these days. At the same time, you cannot ignore the health issue regarding the breakfast. Following are some... -

5 Foods That Are Secretly Unhealthy

  5 Foods That Are Secretly Unhealthy     Ever feel like your diet plans is not giving you the expected results? Like you've been watching what you eat  and yet nothing has changed?  Maybe it's because the... -

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Obese People

  Obese people are more prone to face health hzards like heart disease, depression, and diabetes. Eating breakfast is one of the most important ways that helps you to control your weight.some productive low caloie breakfast ideas are great option... -

Mango Menu

  Creating a mango menu should be almost as fun as enjoying the dishes that you end up preparing at the end of it. Mango which is considered the king of fruits in India is seasonal in nature. You typically finds these only in... -

Papaya For Weight Loss

    We are sure that not many of you might have tried papaya for weight loss.  Now you can make up your mind about having it after reading this  blog. Nutritional benefits of papaya are largely discussed in context of... -

Cucumber For Weight Loss

  Have you ever tried using cucumber for weight loss? If yes then you might have also got introduced to its other health benefits and if your answer is no then you need to give it a try. Cucumber has been an integral part of many weight loss... -

Jump Up For National Jelly Bean Day!

What could be the best way to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day on April 22? Well, you could start with one of these recipes! Each one includes jelly beans as one of the main ingredients:   Jelly Bean Biscuits To... -

Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

Kids enjoy their summer holidays and mothers are often inundated with requests of  summer snacks . However, you need to ensure that your kid gets the required calories and stay healthy too. So get set to prepare the snacks accordingly. Here are a few... -

How To Employ Leftover Egg Yolks

Concerned with healthy eating? Make use of egg whites in omelets, salads, and sandwiches . But what do you do with the rich, yellow yolk? Throw it in the bin? What a waste! Check out the following tips and use them innovatively , once you are done... -

Benefits Of Raw Food Cleanse Diet

A new type of cleansing diet known as the 'Raw Food Cleanse Diet',  introduces to the dieters the benefits of raw foods ! This involves eating of raw and ripe organic foods to improve physical health,  immunity levels and lead a healthier... -

What Drinks To Serve On Diwali?

  Once the arrangements for sweets, gifts and food is done, the drinks have to be arranged for Diwali. Let us see some drinks to serve for Diwali.            Smoothie ... -

How To Create A Kids' Menu For Family

Do you often worry about how to create a kids’ menu for family? This is a tough choice for many women who spend hours planning how to create a kids’ menu. Creating a kids’ menu is not easy, as you need to keep a number of facts in mind like... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Yogurt Drinks

  Drinks made from yogurt are not only refreshing and cooling, but also good for you. It is a great way to kick start you morning because it is filling and you can whip up a new drink everyday, even if you are trying to lose weight. Yogurt can be... -

Liver Diet Menu

Liver diet menu is the perfect cure for those suffering from sluggish metabolism and liver impairment. Liver diet is not only aimed at detoxifying the liver but is also said to bring about great relief from abdominal bloating, cholesterol, fatty liver, high... -

Peach Menu

What can be more fun that creating a peach menu . One thing to remember while working with peaches is that if you use the fresh kind, the dish tastes so much better. Peaches however are a winter fruit as they have a short growing season, so make the most... -

Grape Menu

A grape menu should bring with it grape expectations.  Although grapes make great snacks in the lunchbox or as an end-of-meal dessert, they have other possibilities. Here are a few ideas on how to make other dishes and drinks with this fruit of the vine.... -

Strawberry Garnish-how To Tips & Ideas

Strawberry garnish is an essential decoration for several desserts and smoothies. The flavor of strawberry perfectly blends with almost all sweet flavors, so you can use it without giving much of a thought. Here are some mouth watering strawberry garnish... -

Avocado Galore During Super Bowl Xlvii

Forget chicken wings and beer! This year's Super Bowl bash will see the rise of a new star - Avocado. It is expected that while watching the Championship Game, Americans are going to consume 79 million pounds of avocados . It may be in dips, salads,... -

Cut Out The Fat On National Fresh Veggies Day

Not sure how to celebrate the “ National Fresh Veggies Day ” that falls on  June 17? T rudge along to the  Farmer’s market  or just pop into your back yard, if you have a thriving kitchen garden there. Be sure to choose carefully and... -

Top 10 Hearty Holiday Breakfast Dishes

Holidays are a time to relax and you tend to get up late, reveling in the fact that you do not have to hurry. Surely, this can be the perfect excuse to have a leisurely breakfast that is big enough to see you through all the hectic activities that you... -

How To Make Healthy Fruit Snacks For Kids?

Guiding your children to the right and healthy way of snacking is a mammoth task, and it is not always easy to say a “No” to them. Therefore, learn how to make healthy fruit snacks for kids and find a permanent solution to your problems. Here are some... -

Healthy Snacks To Eat During Pregnancy

If you have some ideas on healthy snacks to eat during pregnancy , then you don’t have to search for healthy snacks to try on during the time of craving in your pregnancy. The normal routine of 4 meals a day cannot be sufficient for these days. You might... -

How To Eat Healthy Breakfast On The Go

How to eat healthy breakfast on the go – the answer to this question will come handy for you, when your kid does not have enough time to eat before going to school in morning. Eating healthy breakfast is most vital for the growing kids. So, you should... -

Try These Heart-friendly Chocolate Desserts

  Is it possible to have heart-friendly chocolate desserts? Few years back, people would not like to answer a question like this. It was impossible to have chocolate desserts, which were heart-friendly. But things have changed over time. Now you can... -

Top 5 Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas

Here are the top 5 quick and easy breakfast ideas for one and all. As we all know that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day.These ideas will require less efforts and they will supply the maximum amount of energy and nutrients that is needed... -

How To Substitute For Soft Drinks In Cooking

    We had a party the night before and it got me wondering how to substitute for soft drinks in cooking? When we talk about parties and get togethers there are a lot of soft drinks substitutes yet, to find one that... -

Parsley For Weight Loss

  Recent news reports suggest that by eating parsley for weight loss, you also tend to make several other health benefits. This newly generated interest in parsley stems from the old Greek thought: parsley is good for digestion. Parsley is... -

A Tale Of Supermarkets & Premium ‘lies’

If you go looking for the Lochmuir salmon on the world map, chances are that you will never find the location that is because there is no such farm as Lochmuir. Surprised? Don’t be because this and other such products are such premium ‘lies’, which... -

How To Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the healthiest milk products which we can have today. I learnt about different ways on how to eat yogurt when we were being introduced to the benefits of yogurt in our diet class. If you are planning to eat yogurt everyday you can eat... -

How To Use Over Ripe Bananas

    You may have come across over ripe bananas quite a few times, but have you ever thought if you can use over ripe bananas . You don’t have to throw them way if they become over ripe, instead try some creative... -

Power Super Foods

Power Super foods should make up a large part of your diet. The more you eat these better your body will improve in overall health, and you will automatically feel a boost in your energy as well.   Goji Berries Why ... -

How To Use Baby Food In Recipes?

Using baby foods   in recipes  is a whole new thrilling experience ensuring a retreat to healthy lifestyle. Commercially prepared baby foods are easily digestible and palatable. They are rich in nutrition with all the... -

Four Week Menu

It is one thing to have to plan for a day, another when one needs to plan for a month. When planning for four week menu all at once, it is better to keep a template meal plan ready and to keep referring to it as and when needed. Here’s a simple way to... -

Pomegranate For Weight Loss

Who will believe that Pomegranate – the ruby red wonder of the fruit kingdom can actually make you lighter?   The pomegranates are revered for their sweetness, and nutritious values. Although many people are aware of the presence... -

How Healthy Is "healthy Fast-food"?

    How Healthy Is " Healthy Fast-Food "? Have you ever pondered this question? With an increasing concern related to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes more and more people are... -

Top 10 Best Breakfast Foods

    You should be ready to prepare a variation of breakfast recipes, when you know the top 10 best breakfast foods . Make a point to include healthy items in your breakfast and try to make them... -

Celebrating Valentine's Day, Ifood Style

Celebrating Valentine's Day, iFood Style Valentines Day is a special day all over the world. We at iFood believe that the way to the heart is through the belly. So we recommend to you a great selection of recipes for a sumptuous dinner... -

Reese Witherspoon & Her Pregnancy Cravings!

Being in the last stage of pregnancy, Reese Witherspoon seems to have become a little more demanding in her meals. The ‘Legally Blonde’ actress, who is ready to deliver soon, was recently seen at a California restaurant, Gjelina, having dinner with her... -

Top 10 Cold Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is what sets you ticking to gear up for the day ahead. Healthy, fulsome breakfast not only provides sustainable energy but also sails you through a diet regimen. So, here are the top 10 cold breakfast recipes, which will send you tingly with the... -

Cheryl Cole’s New Weight Loss Mantra

                     British singer Cheryl Cole is on a mint tea diet for weight loss and the news is that her weight has slumped down as a result! Peppermint tea comes with numerous health benefits, including indigestion... -

How To Make Muscle Building Drinks – Potion Of Health

Here in this blog on “how to make muscle building drinks-potion of health,” I will share with you the right way of making muscle-building drinks, so that you can build those much desired curves and bulges easily. Muscles should be properly fed to keep... -

Baby Food Diet For Jennifer Aniston

With a body to make any women half of her jealous, Jennifer Aniston is again in news for her fitness. This 41 years old diva’s quest for perfection with the body has taken a step further. As per the latest buzz, Jennifer Aniston is on a baby food diet.... -

How To Cook With Wheat Grass

There are different ways to cook with wheat grass. The dishes that you cook with wheat grass will help you reap the benefits of this exotically marvelous plant. Before outlining what are the various ways of cooking with wheat grass, read about few of the... -

Banana For Weight Loss

What would be your reaction if someone suggests you to eat banana for weight loss? Some of you may blink eyes in disbelief and others may readily agree to give it a try with a slight feeling of resentment. Both these expressions are anticipated because banana... -