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Summer Smoothies - Easy

This morning I went to the farmers market and I got loads of fruits: oranges, mangos, nectarines, bananas, kiwis, etc. What are we going to do with all of them? I am going to show you how to make 2 super delicious, nutritious, and refreshing smoothies! They... - 142.314

Vietnamese Coffee

GETTING READY 1. Place a coffee filter on a cup and place the press. 2. Put the coffee powder in it and pour the boiling water. Let the coffee percolate into the cup fully. MAKING 3. Once the coffee has percolated, add condensed milk to it and mix well to... - 137.885

Avocado Smoothie - Vietnamese Street Food

Join Honeysuckle Catering in this special recipe for an Avocado Smoothie. - 137.022

Peppermint Mocha Smoothie

Let's enjoy a homemade sweet, refreshing smoothie! - 136.659

The Perfect Milkshake

Today we are going to make the PERFECT milkshake - thick and smooth like it should be! 2 recipes: Peach Milkshake and Cookies & Cream milkshake!!! - 128.984

Spiced Hot Chocolate

GETTING READY 1. Using a kitchen knife, chop the chocolate. Set aside MAKING 2. In a saucepan pour the milk. Add the spices, sugar, and cocoa powder. You can adjust the spices to your taste. 3. Heat the milk over medium heat, until it reaches a boiling... - 127.838

Raw Ginger Goji Berry Lemonade

Why not try this antioxidant rich raw ginger goji berry lemonade that is great for digestion too. Take a look at this video that shares a recipe for this flavorful and super healthy smoothie. The video also updates about the health benefits of this lemonade... - 126.632


Exotic fruits are great seasonal and regional treats and here is a recipe to make a dish out of a regional fruit. Check out Patti Moreno making pawpaw smoothie out of fresh pawpaw, a native fruit from North America. Deliciously energizing! - 126.363

I Drink My Morning Oatmeal

MAKING 1. In a blender, pulse oats well to make oat flour. 2. Add banana and blueberries. 3. Add hemp protein powder and soy milk. Blend it well. SERVING 4. Serve it chilled. - 125.489

Green Protein Smoothie

GETTING READY 1. Peel the banana. 2. Wash the spinach leaves thoroughly and allow them to drain in the colander. Chop their stalks off. 3. Wash the mint leaves thoroughly. 4. Wash the kale leaves thoroughly. MAKING 5. Using a food processor, blend all the... - 125.185

Banana Date Smoothie

Don’t know what to do with those over ripe brown bananas? Weelicious host is going to tell you what she does with her brown banana and how she uses them for making a smoothie. She is tried running with her kid and as she is pregnant with her second child... - 124.835

Summer Smoothie For Kids

Summer Smoothie for Kids Smoothies are terrific snacks for kids : full of vitamins and nutrients, but colorful and flavorful at the same time! - 124.8

How To Make Café De Olla

Café de olla is a traditional way to prepare coffee. It was originally made using a clay pot, giving it a unique flavor, but you can still make it at home! Muy Bueno's Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack shows how to make this authentic coffee with today's cookware. - 124.138

Rum Coconut Mango Cocktail

Making a Rum Coconut Mango Cocktail - an exotic taste of the tropics. - 123.588

Southern Sweet Iced Tea

I grew up on sweet iced tea and if I go too long without drinking it something seriously feels off. I'm totally HOOKED!! Besides it being so easy, cheap and refreshing there is just something about a cold glass of southern sweet iced tea on a hot day that... - 123.31

Raw Mexican Horchata

We were out with friends recently and they were serving Horchata - a Mexican rice drink...Unfortunately, their recipe had cream, so we didn't have any.Annmarie wanted to give horchata a try using a raw food recipe... and she nailed it. - 122.859

Cheesecake Milkshake

Cheesecake, Key Lime Ice Cream, Graham Crackers, and Whipped Cream...whaaat!? - 122.53

Delicious Chai With Raw Cacao And Agave

Wake up to a warm cup of refreshing tea every morning with this delectable beverage. Prepared with raw cacao and agave, this refreshing tea is replete with health and taste. Treat your friends and family to this luscious blend and warm them up to their bones. - 122.049

Pinapple Mango Lassi Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a blender add all the ingredients and blend till smooth (if it is too thick add some water). SERVING 2. In a serving glass serve the smoothie chilled. - 122.036

Chocolate And Fruit Smoothie

Check out this smoothie but fulfills your daily dose of nutrients. This chocolate and fruit smoothie, made from chocolate, blueberries and bananas, is a store house of essential calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A must-have for the health conscious! - 121.669

How To Make Nutella Smoothie

How To Make Nutella Smoothie You really can make a healthy smoothie using Nutella. Great for kids parties or treats. Kids especially seems to love them. - 121.111

Panamanian Rice And Pineapple Chicha

This recipe was sent to me by our friend Antonio Cabarr on YouTube. It is an excellent and refreshing drink, perfect for a hot day. It is also a great way to use up pineapple peels. - 120.546

How To Make Strawberry Milkshake

Making strawberry milkshakes couldn't be easier and everyone loves them especially kids. In this video learn how to make this delicious treat with fresh strawberries!! It's easy to learn how to make a strawberry milkshake when you follow these simple... - 120.326

Real Fruit Watermelon Slushy- Easy, Healthy, Yummy

I love easy, healthy snacks. Who knew that blended frozen watermelon could make such a healthy, refreshing and delicious treat! You can certainly add sugar and other fruits to this recipe, but I like it plain or with a splash of sour apple pucker : )... - 119.606

Homemade Raibi Jamila

Every Moroccan knows "Raibi Jamila". It's a pomegranate yogurt drink that we all grew up with in Morocco, and I doubt you can find it in any other country but Morocco. I asked around and search the internet to see if I can find a recipe that reminds me of... - 119.398

Indian Spicy Chaas

You must have tasted buttermilk, but Indian spicy buttermilk is something you should not miss. Just like lassi, it is another favorite drink for the hot summer days. Preparation is so easy that any beginner can try out. - 118.923


MAKING 1. In a blending jar pour coconut water. 2. Add in dates and coconut flesh. 3. Add in raw cacao powder and cashew. 4. Blend for few minutes, until it forms a smooth puree. SERVING 5. Serve immediately in a glass. - 118.422

Raspberry Lassi

Are you in a mood to have something chilled to quench you thirst. Try out the Raspberry Flavored Lassi especially made by chef Alicia. Alicia comes up with the best recipes and this time she has come up with a very tasty beverage. Serve chilled. - 118.216

Easiest Homemade Frappuccino Ever

A lot of us suffer from Starbucks addictions. Hopefully this easy homemade frappuccino recipe will help. least help save you a little money. You'll have to find some other way to deal with the addiction. Sorry. Talk about silky smooth and heavenly!... - 118.195

Carrot Apricot Peach Smoothie

During Ramadan Muslims fast from morning to night, no food or drinking. In Morocco, juices are important element of the Ramadan table. Today I am going to show you how to make a juice that will bring a smile to anyone who drinks it, it's a sunshine in a glass! - 117.92

Star Spangled Banner Drink With Jay And Linda Kordich

To celebrate our nation's birthday, here is a great tasting combination of red, white and blue. Raspberries, Almond Milk and Blueberries, plus some apple for sweetness. We can make this combo in one step with the Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro juicer. No extra... - 117.364

A Savory Raw Smoothie: Garden Vegetable Green Smoothie

When you've got a craving for good nutrition, but don't feel like anything sweet, Jennifer's Garden Vegetable Green Smoothie recipe is the perfect fit. Made with just half of a green apple, it's a wonderful option for people who want to cut back on sugar... - 116.606

How-to Make A Fresh Fruit Milk Shake

When you are really too tired and looking for some energy boost up, this fresh fruit milk shake is going to chill and settle you down. It is so simple but so nutritious and so delicious, that you would love to make another glass after finishing one. In this... - 115.861

Mango Lassi

In the country of India, this is very popular as a smoothie-type beverage with a special use-- cooling the palette after a spicy meal. Chef Keith Snow demonstrates how-to make this simple smoothie with mango and coconut. - 115.519

Gingerbread Cookie Smoothie

Here is one of the best tasting and most nutritious smoothies you will ever make. First we use the Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro juicer for the apples and ginger. Then we pour the fresh juice into a blender and add one avocado and two scoops of our new product,... - 114.916

Green Smoothie Recipes: Chocolate Green Smoothie

A raw chocolate smoothie is a perfect way for adults to re-live the 'chocolate milk days' of their youth, but without all the cholesterol-laden dairy-fat and refined sugar. And for kids, Jennifer's raw Chocolate Green Smoothie is an ideal 'gateway' treat to... - 114.649

October Nutri-bite : Banana & Pumpkin Smoothie

Do try this healthy and easy to make smoothie at home. - 114.184

How To Make Fresh Nut Milk

Fresh nut milk is a world away from the cartons of soy, almond, rice and oat milk you get on the shelves, which is often filled with other ingredients that might not be the best for you too. - 114.121

Cherry Vanilla Dream Smoothie

This smoothie is the Peter to my Paul. 'Nuff said... ;) - 114.093

Healthy School Breakfast: Pb & J Smoothie

In this video Sarah Dussault shares a very healthy smoothie that you carry with you to school. Its yummy and keeps your energized and powered until lunch time! - 113.8

Persimmon Creamsicle Smoothie

I always prefer a fresh fruit smoothie over the frozen fruit kind. This persimmon smoothie is no exception. With coconut milk, orange juice and ripe persimmon, this drink is earthy and sweet, spicy and just slightly tart. Oh, and it is vegan! - 113.753

Simple Mango Digestive Smoothie

How many of you like mango as a favorite fruit. In this video, chef blends up a perfect smoothie, which is just ideal for a hot, summer day. Prepare this in advance to welcome your guests in the afternoon. Get all the instruction by playing through the video... - 113.671

Fruit Protein Shake

MAKING 1. In blender, add strawberries, banana, protein powder, yogurt, and Ugli fruit segments. 2. Blend until nice and smooth. SERVING 3. Pour in a glass, garnish with an ugli fruit segment and serve immediately. - 113.611

Green Smoothie On The Go

In this video, raw food chef and author Jennifer Cornbleet shows you how to enjoy Green Smoothies on the Go and prepares a Banana-Grape Green Smoothie made with fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables. - 113.573

Mango Lassi

Try the Indian version of famous smoothie- Mango Lassi. This is a modern drink that uses a base of blended yogurt. The mango gives it a nice flavor and that is why it has become really popular all around the world. - 113.515

Spinach Banana Green Monster Smoothie

here is a recipe of yummy green monster smoothie. Your kids will find it irresistible!! - 112.997

How To Make A Carob ~o~ Lisious Lean Banana Smoothie

Check out for this super simple way to get lean and fit with a delicious smoothie. The video here shares a wonderful smoothie recipe using carob, banana and fresh vanilla bean. Look at this outstanding video for a terrific lifestyle makeover! - 112.979

Protein Shake Two Ways With Fresh Poi And Green Tea

MAKING FOR THE KULOLU POWER SHAKE 1. In a blender, drop the fresh poi. 2. Pour in the coconut milk and the soy milk. 3. Add the brown sugar and the honey. 4. Add a tablespoon of honey. 5. Spoon in the Vi Shape mix. 6. Pulse the blender until its contents are... - 112.91

Organic Meal Replacement Smoothie

Looking for a filling cool vegetarian drink to have in place of meal, here is a recipe just right for you. Check out the chef making vegetarian smoothie using berries, fruit extracts and meal replacement. Filling and nutritious. - 112.656

Healthy Fruit Smoothie

Healthy smoothies are purely fun becoz they take hardly a few minutes to get done and here is a recipe to make one. Check out the chef making tasty smoothe using basic fruit ingredients along with an energy food supplement. Deliciously energizing. - 112.608

Watermelon Juice For Kids

Here is a quick easy way to make fresh juice at home for your kids. - 112.534

Betty's Fruit And Lemonade Slushie

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make a Fruit and Lemonade Slushie. The lemonade is sugar-free (if you desire), and the fruit may be varied to suit your taste. - 112.508

Strawberry Milk For Kids

Who doesn't love the taste of Strawberry Milk! In this video learn how to make this delicious treat without all the extra sugar and preservatives. Your kids will love this healthy version just as much as the store bought one. - 111.744

Mint Lassi (yogurt Drink) - Refreshing Summer Drink

Learn how to make this super easy Mint Lassi. Lassi is a yogurt based drink and when its combined with fresh mint leaves (pudina0 the results are incredible. This super simple mint lassi is a must try for hot summer afternoons or to ease digestion of an... - 111.547

Mango Smoothie

A delicious smoothie for breakfast or any time of the day. Easy to make and very healthy. - 111.385

Raspberry Banana Puree

Babies without teeth cannot eat whole fruits but they can definitely enjoy raspberry banana puree. Weelicious host is making a delicious puree with just banana and raspberries. It’s easy to blend them together in whatever kind of blender you have and its... - 111.171

Healthy Sweets For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the best occasion, when you get a wonderful chance to reach your beloved's stomach and his heart. The way to his/her heart is easier with easy to make Valentine recipes for you. Try these two lovely sweets at home and pleasantly surprise... - 111.064

Kale Mango And Grapes Beauty Smoothie

Check out this video for a nutritious beauty smoothie recipe rich in vitamins and phytochemicals. This outstanding video shows a super simple kale, mango and grapes smoothie that can be blended in just a few minutes. Great way to pamper yourself with this... - 111.056

Vegas Style Superfood Smoothie

Looking for a smoothie recipe that is packed with everything good, is healthy and very tasty? Then watch this video and learn to make a quick Vegas style superfood smoothie that has the goodness of fruits and Vita Mix and the yumminess of a regular sweet... - 110.86

Joanne's Coconut Mango

MAKING 1. In a Vitamix, add in the coconut water, coconut meat, mango, strawberries and cinnamon and blend until smooth. 2. Once done, pour into a glass. SERVING 3. Add a straw and serve as a smoothie. - 110.772

Green Monster Smoothie-buh Bye Muffin Top

Well it's that time of year again, time to lose my winter fat stacks! I'm already kicking ass with this green monster smoothie and I'm loving every minute of it!!! Well...except for when those sweet craving kick in full force but I'm staying strong!! I love... - 110.748

Healthy Frappuccino

Coffee lover and health freak as well, here is an organic coffee based drink just right for you. Check out the chef making Frappacino with brewed coffee and coco mocho along with milk and other flavors. Simply sweet and creamy stuff! - 110.718

Banana Spinach Puree For Babies

Here is a great recipe for your toddlers! This is an easy, healthy, and delicious puree that can be quickly. Your baby will love this and so will you! - 110.581

Butternut Squash Apple Sweet Potato Puree

Fresh and easy homemade food for your growing baby! - 110.407

Pina Colada Pineapple And Cucumber Green Smoothie

Pina Colada Pineapple and Cucumber Green Smoothie is a healthy smoothie based on the famous cocktail. It tastes amazing, but its effects are entirely different from that of the cocktail. It will give you vitality unlike the alcoholic drink. Check it out! - 110.145

Tomato And Rosemary London Rocket Smoothie

If you want to get the best out of your cocktail try this Tomato Rosemary and London Rocket Smoothie. This refreshing drink is delicious and it will brighten up your days. Watch this video for the details of this elixir. - 110.103

Strawberry Mango Milkshake

If you die on milkshakes, particularly during the summer days, here is something most delicious for you. The strawberry and mango milkshake is just perfect for a hot and summer day. You can even substitute your breakfast with this cool and healthy drink.... - 109.886

Homemade Cold Coffee

Summers are scorching and going out for a summer drink can make you sick. So, why not make a drink at home that is as good as what is served in restaurants. Chef Manjula has a cold coffee recipe for summer which requires few simple ingredients from kitchen;... - 109.884

Lynn's Pina Colada Smoothie

Lynn demonstrates how to make a refreshing Pina Colada Smoothie. This is super delicious and you can add Rum, if you desire. - 109.658

Valentine's Green Smoothies

Alexandra and Susan dish about Colin's romantic Valentine gestures over nourishing bright green smoothies. A Lazy Starter Smoothie with seriously awesome yummy mango flavour. - 109.587

Mediterranean Date Shake

Here is a video that displays a wonderful recipe for date shake. Date shake is a marvelous dish to prepare for your family. This shake is amazing and can be served as a dessert too. Surely this video is superb and date shake can be tried out any time! - 109.583

Mcdonald's Egg Nog Shake

You can make your own McDonald's Egg Nog Shake. You simply need 1 cups of vanilla ice cream, 1 cup of egg nog, whipped cream, and a cherry if you like. Place the ice cream and the egg nog in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and top with... - 109.543

Detoxification Smoothie: Key Ingredients For Detoxing

MAKING 1. In a blender, add in all the ingredients and blend well. SERVING 2. Pour the smoothie in a serving glass and garnish with fresh fruits. Serve and enjoy! - 109.323

Mcdonalds Strawberry Banana Smoothie

McDonalds Strawberry Banana Smoothie is so easy to make, and it only has three ingredients in this drink. You need some frozen sliced strawberries, bananas, and some ice. - 109.225

Vegan Vanilla Milk

Have you been looking for a delicious and flavorful beverage to serve along with breakfast. Bingo! This recipe is just right for you. Chef shares an easy to make Vegan Vanilla Milk recipe that is totally sinful. Don't give it a miss. - 109.013

Peach And Milk Smoothie

Healthy smoothie is a great way to pump up energy after a powerful workout and here is a recipe to make one. Check out the chef making peach and organic milks smoothie along with other organic and healthy ingredients. Deliciously healthy! - 108.994

Pineapple Smoothie

A delicious smoothy recipe that is refreshing and healthy. - 108.985

Tropical Green-ya Colada

If you like pina colda but are not a big fan of pineapple, there is a healthier and more refreshing non-alcoholic version of the famous cocktail. Packed with the goodness of greens, coconut oil, raw honey and fruits, it’s a perfect smoothie to make for a... - 108.901

Summer Raspberry Apple Cider Smoothie

How can you save yourself from the quenching thirst on an excruciating hot day - this summer fruity smoothie is just too good for replenishing your lost energy. Want to recreate? Follow the chef to learn the details. - 108.841

Tropical Green Dream Smoothie

Bored with salad? Get your greens in with this super tasty, tropical treat. This ain't your grandma's green smoothie, this delicious drink packs the perfect punch of flavor combos. Oh yeah, its good for you too :) - 108.588

Antioxidant Smoothie

Why do you need antioxidants? Find out plus get a new smoothie recipe perfect for after your workout! Katrina and Karena bring you a new recipe to blend! - 108.462

"chocolate" Smoothie With A Twist

MAKING 1. In a blender, put together coconut water, banana, apple, dates and carob. 2. Blend till its smooth enough. SERVING 3. Serve it cool. - 107.772

Blueberry Smoothie

I try to make all my recipes simple,quick and easy to follow. - 107.715

Smoothie - With Fresh Mint

Get your 5-a-day in one hit with this really tasty Smoothie Recipe. Full of mint to make it extra refreshing, it's great if you've recently jumped on the health and fitness bandwagon! - 107.632

Banana Smoothie With Ginger And Cilantro

GETTING READY 1.Peel the bananas. 2.Wash the ginger and the cilantro well. 3.Soak the chia seeds in the almond milk. MAKING 4. In a blender bowl, place the banana, cilantro, ginger, soaked chia seeds in almond milk and agave. 5. Add ice and give it a good... - 107.447

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

Barry shows you how to make a very simple chocolate peanut butter milkshake. - 107.393

Easter Special Key Lime Sorbet Shake

Here is a great Easter beverage for kids. Its non-alcoholic, its fizzy, cold and … it is green! It’s a delightful, almost magical concoction of key-lime sorbet and lime soda! Sipping on this chilled, sweet and fizzy drink sure brings out the kid in you!... - 107.382

Raw Vegan Mint Chip Mylkshake

MAKING 1. In a food processor, blend the frozen bananas, dates and mint leaves along with the water, to a smooth consistency. SERVING 2. Serve chilled, for breakfast, with wholegrain toasts and an egg white omelette! - 107.26

Spirulina Crunchies Sweet Chlorophyll Smoothie

This is the exact smoothie we drank every morning during the juice fast in Costa Rica...I would wake up every morning craving this spirulina crunchies smoothie, and all through yoga I would be thinking about it. When we got home, Annmarie made it just as good... - 107.069

Organic Raw Strawberry Milkshake

Who doesn’t like thick and creamy strawberry milkshake? The ones you get at fast food restaurants are so very delicious, and why won’t they be? They are loaded with sugar, artificial strawberry flavoring and pasteurized milk. These may be yummy but do you... - 106.915

Creamy Orange And Banana Smoothie

What if a smoothie also gave you vitality? This Creamy Orange and Banana Smoothie does exactly the same. Watch this video for this anti-aging drink that tastes delicious and it will impress you with its smooth texture. - 106.351

Raw Milk Iced Latte With Dandelion - Luci Lock's Recipe founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola shares a video of Luci Lock showing you how to make a yummy, raw, healthy alternative to store-bought caffeinated iced lattes using dandelion coffee. - 106.293

Super Chocolate Smoothie

Want to try a different kind of smoothie? Try this Super Chocolate smoothie! This is made from raw milk, raw frozen chicken liver, ginger and raw eggs. This is a delicious way to fill the stomach. - 106.18

How To Make Mango Lassi : Indian Mango Drink

Learn how to make Mango Lassi in a minute using fresh mangoes, yogurt, water/milk, sugar and green cardamom seeds or powder - 105.963

Exercise Recovery Protein Shake

MAKING 1.In a blender, add all the ingredients for the protein shake. 2. Blend the contents well into a smooth consistency. SERVING 3. Serve this protein shake either chilled or at room temperature. - 105.795

Green Smoothie

If you hate noshing on greens, try gulping them instead. Robyn shows how you can shake in healthy, yummy green smoothie at home using kale, spinach, beet greens, bananas, and berries. A power-drink that delivers extraordinary health in a delicious way. - 105.214

Green Smoothie Recipe For Beginners, Ep 227

Looking for a quick idea to add more mineral and nutrients to your diet? Then take a look at this green smoothie recipe. Watch the video to see step by step instructions on how the chef combines couple of greens together to make a perfectly tasting smoothie... - 104.956

Banana, Avocado And Chocolate Smoothie

Is your recent commitment to a raw food diet making you miss all the yummy treats? Then you must watch this video and learn to make a chocolate smoothie so rich and delicious that you wouldn't even know that it is all raw and vegan. So what are you waiting... - 104.832

Landon's Power Smoothie

Teen Chef Landon Bell makes healthy creamy chilled smoothies. - 104.83

Smoothie With Fruits, Berries And Parsley

This recipe is definitely for the ones who love to eat healthy. Ready in seconds it incorporates the goodness of berries and fruits and is extremely filling. The natural sweetness of the fruits coupled with the creamy yogurt makes it a delicious treat too. - 104.785

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