Slush is the term given to a flavored drink which is served chilled. Slushie is also used alternatively to describe the frozen beverage. A varied number of drinks are denoted by slush normally.


The slush recipes for carbonated drinks recommend freezing a carbonated beverage with the aid of a freezing machine. The drinks also need a continuous supply of carbon dioxide in order to make the perfect slush. The resulting drink is fine and dry usually and is also known as Slurpie, the popular brand marketed by 7-eleven.


There are a wide range of uncarbonated slush drinks available as well. The machines for making these frozen drinks from fruit juices and  alcohol are relatively inexpensive, fitting into a table top counter easily. The slush recipes for these beverages make a slightly wetter drink which are available in a variety of flavors including the coffee flavored slush. Margaritas and Daiquiris are prime examples of a non carbonated slush drink.


The Slush Puppie marketed by Horvat, a division of the ICEE is yet another example of a slush. These beverages are created by freezing a sweet base which is akin to the conventional apple juice. The slush recipes recommend adding a flavored syrup to the drink just before serving it.


There are several instant slush drinks sold in the United States of America as well. These beverages require super cooling wherein the drink gets converted into a slush on opening.


History Of Slush Recipes    

The original slush recipes are believed to have been originated in 1800 in a nondescript bar in Santaigo, Chile. A bunch of US mining engineers are credited with the discovery who developed it after running out of gin.


The older slush recipes speak of serving slush in a glass packed with cracked ice. A spoonful of sugar went into the glass which also contained a few drops of freshly squeezed lime juice. A couple of ounces of rum completed the blend and the entire contents were stirred with a long handled spoon in order to produce adequate frosting.


The drink remained a local beverage until 1909 when it was introduced to North America via the Army and Navy club of Washington D.C.


Ingredients And Popular Slush Recipes

Sugar and ice are the two constant fixtures in any kind of a slush recipe. A variety of fruit juices as well as some non fruity beverages and alcohol go into the slush which are then blended with the help of specially designed slush machines. Some of the most popular slush recipes of America are:-


  • Tropical Slush- Made by freezing bananas, crushed pineapples, a handful of cherries and orange & lime juice. It is served in a partially thawed condition and topped with ginger ale.
  • Boozy Kind- Contains a mixture of lemonade, orange juice and lime frozen together with sugary syrup and vodka. It is served with soda or ginger ale.
  • Italian Slush- A mixture of sugar, eggs and lemon concentrate frozen together.
  • Minty Strawberry Slush- A unique combination of strawberries, mint leaves, lemon juice and sugar blended together and frozen.
  • Carbonated Beverage- A fine frozen drink prepared from water, carbon dioxide and water.
  • Slushy Punch- A delicious concoction of orange, lime and grape slushies mixed together and frozen. The taste is enhanced when served with a topping of sprite or 7-Up.


Commercial Slush Drinks

There are a number of shush drinks sold commercially all across the world. Some of the most popular ones include.


  • Slurpie- It is a carbonated slushy marketed by 7-eleven. Apart from America, the drink has become immensely popular in Canada and Australia and comes in a wide variety of flavors.
  • ICEE- A frozen carbonated beverage that is sold in fruity and soda flavors. This brand is also sold by the McDonald’s retail chain and Subway.
  • Slush Puppie- Sold at gas stations, local stores and ice cream parlors, this particular frozen beverage tastes like a flavored syrup. The syrup is added to the frozen base just before serving and is customized according to choice.
  • Sprite Super Chilled- A beverage that utilizes the technique of super cooling and turns into ice on opening. Is sold in UK.


Nutritional Value Of A Slush Drink

The nutritional value of a slush gets increased with the use of natural ingredients like fresh fruits. While the carbonated slushies may not be too healthy, a shushy made from oranges, grapes or limes contain adequate amounts of vitamin C and calcium. The Jamba Juice Smoothie or slushy, on the other hand contains a high amount of Vitamin A along with appreciable quantities of iron.



The word slush also means:-


  • Soft Mud
  • A mixture of lime and white lead
  • Lubricant made of grease
  • Fat collected after cooking
  • Sentimental speech or writing

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