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Pomegranate Martini

Best summer drink ever! Explore this video to know it all. Pomegranate martini is a wonderfully refreshing drink. The sweet and crisp taste makes you feel all happy and gives that twist and kick. Ideally, have chilled martini glasses ahead of time, as it... - 113.037

Apple Sage Martini

Fond of Martinis? here's a great variation that you must try. Watch the chef stir up this yummy concoction that is totally irresistible. Go ahead, give it a try. - 122.639

Refreshing Basil Watermelon Martini

Hunting for some refreshing fruity cocktail ideas???Why not try this amazing martini of crushed watermelon and basil? This drink is amazingly refreshing and is easy to make. Just pick up the shaker and make this cocktail within no time. To know the recipe,... - 117.137

Lavender Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail

For the lavender lovers, here is a beautifully prepared martini flavored with culinary lavender! Thanks to Chef Evanne for the interestingly deep insight on the culinary lavender, which makes the preparation of lavender lemon drop martini all the more... - 112.76

Spooky Martini

The Spooky Martini is a dark, brooding and yet delicious Halloween cocktail made from Black Rum and Blackberry Brandy. - 31.385

Martini Lamb Chops

1. Heat oil in 10-inch Chef Style Fry Pan over medium heat; saute lamb chops 4-5 minutes; turn; sprinkle with salt; saute 4-5 minutes or until desired doneness; remove from pan. 2. Pour off any accumulated fat; add gin, vermouth, thyme; simmer until 3... - 27.1981

Chocolate Martini

A simple chocolate martini. Easy to make and easy to enjoy with a mix of vodka and chocolate liqueur. - 101.889

Heavenly Ambrosia Martini

If you are a martini lover, then you will love this flavorful, aromatic drink. A cocktail of taste and aroma, this is one perfect drink to booze on when chilling at the porch or patio. Just follow the video, stock up on the booze and get mixing this drink. - 105.415

How To Make An Amber Martini

A sweet and simple cocktail, the Amber Martini is a perfect dessert substitute. - 104.069

Espresso Martini

This Espresso Martini beats any other coffee based cocktail hands down. Why? Look at that espresso, it is probably one of the best in the world, as good as any Italian espresso. A simple blend of two nice liquors turn it into this sexy drink. Give it a try,... - 116.965

Bar Therapy: Balsamic Martini

Perfect blend of rum and balsamic vinegar!! - 103.998

Martini Cocktail

This is The One Martini, if you ask me. Beyond the really annoying Chocotini, Appletini thing. I'm talking about more subtle variations -- more vermouth, less vermouth, a dash of olive brine, a dash of Scotch, blah blah. With the right ingredients, this... - 113.236

Coffee Martini, Green Tea Cocktail And Lychee Cocktail

You can be creative and make your own cocktails by making flavored simple syrups. Boil a cup of your preferred sweetener with a cup of flavored liquid like juice, coffee or tea to make the syrup. Let cool and mix with liquor, juice, seltzer or prosecco. On... - 129.464

Chocolate Martini Demo

Dee demos the Chocolate Martini using the Tupperware Simple Indulgence Chocolate Dessert Blend - 111.128

Lemon Mint Vodka Martini

You can think up many different cocktails with martini and they always taste wonderful. Lemon Mint and Martini is a magical and happy combination that always works! This cocktail is fragrant, citrusy, pleasant to the palate and always goes down easily. Tart... - 124.705

The Legend Martini

The Legend Martini, an ugly presentation with its "dirty water" look, but the flavor is a worthwhile experience. A sour rich raspberry flavor with a nice lime balance with a dry finish finish and no vodka flavor or burn. This could be a heavy hitting cocktail... - 113.87

Brazilian Martini

Need a mule with a mean kick? Then go for this cocktail that comes spiked with sugarcane-based cachaca. Perfect summer alternative to mojito and margaritas, this Brazilian martini has strong, distinctive aroma and flavor. Follow the recipe to fix this drink... - 115.872

Martini With Sage And Apple Juice

Look at this video for a perfect refreshing drink infused with an impressive flavor of sage. The chef creates this drink with perfection that can be served on any occasion. - 113.872

Cilantro Martini

Fresh herbs make any recipe much more flavorful. Why should cocktails be spared? The gardengirltv host prepares a martini with amazing cilantro, ginger and lime. Watch the video, try this drink and check how it tastes. - 106.246

Kinnickinnic Sidecar Martini

In this bartending video Clint will give you a twist on a traditional Brandy martini. He replaces Brandy with Great Lakes Distillery's Kinnickinnic Whiskey. This is a great refreshing cocktail! - 126.69

The Milwaukee Gimlet- A Martini With Pineapple Vodka

In this mixology video Clint will show you how to make a slight twist on your traditional Gimlet. This one is great for summer. - 126.516

Yvonne's Sunshine Martini

MAKING 1. Fill a shaker with ice cubes. 2. Pour gin, lemon juice, and ginger syrup in it. Shake it well. SERVING 3. Pour it in martini glass, sprinkle lemon zest on top, and serve it chilled. TIPS For ginger syrup, steep a piece of fresh ginger into warm... - 100.862

Espresso Martini

Who doesn't like to sip espresso, especially when you shake it into an awesome martini. See this video that shares an espresso martini recipe which can be prepared in no time. Next time you host a cocktail party at home, amaze your friends with this flavorful... - 135.084

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