Simple Chicken Sandwich Recipes

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Simple Chicken Club Sandwich

A delightful Sunday breakfast,chicken pieces are layered with bread pieces to make this amazing club sandwich. - 24.1449

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches With Charmoula

These grilled chicken sandwiches are perfect as a carry meal to work or as a light lunch when at home. Cooked with chicken breasts, marinated and grilled along with red peppers, eggplant and onions, the chicken sandwiches are served along with charmoula made... - 45.7477

Chicken And Blueberry Salad

When the blueberries are in galore then team it up with some chicken to make this wonderful salad! It’s easy simple and healthy! So if you’re the health conscious this is a video to watch - 97.6878

Chicken And Avocado Triangles

Chicken And Avocado Triangles is an amazingly simple chicken sandwich that you will get hooked to in no time. The combination of chicken and avocado is simply irresistible. Try the Chicken And Avocado Triangles! I am sure you will be bowled over! - 30.8555

Hot Chicken Sandwich

Indulge in this tasty treat of Hot Chicken Sandwich! This simple and delicious recipe for Hot Chicken Sandwich is a perfect snack to be served at any time of the day. - 44.7431

Chicken Club Sandwiches With Potato Fries

A treat for your eyes and your stomach - the Club Sandwich serves you a completely fulfilling breakfast, with toasted bread, usually cut into quarters covering two layers of meat and vegetables separated by an additional slice of bread. For the meat, chicken... - 31.9035

Best Fried Chicken Sandwich

Food enthusiasts have been deep frying chicken since the middle ages. Most people can't seem to get enough of that crispy well-seasoned skin, the hallmark of well made fried chicken. I love pan frying chicken for a quick and simple sandwich adding in spicy... - 128.558

Baked Chicken Sandwiches

Baked Chicken Sandwiches is a wonderful dish. This dish is simple, tasty and I assure that the Baked Chicken Sandwiches will vanish in no time! - 46.4554

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Talk about packing food for picnic, this grilled chicken sandwich is sure to be on list! To make it more tasty, here the chef is using a special homemade pesto and the way the sandwich is assembled too deserves special mention. It is full of nutrition, which... - 124.383

Chicken Tender Sandwich

For those on a high protein diet, this sandwich is the perfect “on the go” breakfast or lunch. A tender, juicy and crispy chicken breast, served with tomato and avocado between whole grain bread slices, takes 5 minutes to put together and makes for a... - 100.677

How To Make A Chicken Sandwich

Skip the chicken salads, and try a super easy chicken sandwich recipe instead. They're relatively healthy, and they're perfect for a simple, yet satisfying, meal. This is our all time favorite sandwich. - 122.798

Bbq Chicken & Bacon Sub

Just a very simple mid-week meal to put together this and I mean simple!! Really wanted to make chicken meatballs, but this worked out just as good building in a homemade BBQ sauce straight into the chicken and bacon chunks – I absolutely loved it served... - 98.2364