Shrimp Enchilada

Shrimp enchilada is made by baking shrimp filled tortilla rolls after covering them with enchilada sauce and topping with cheese sprinkles. This is a popular Mexican preparation.


Recipe Overview

Ingredients – Shrimp, olive oil, pepper, onion, tomato, salt, oregano, cumin, sour cream, enchilada sauce, and Monterey Jack cheese.


Preparation – The coarsely chopped shrimps are sautéed with pepper, oregano, cumin, tomatoes and onions and then simmered in sour cream to make for creamy filling for the tortilla rolls. The tortillas are warmed and rolled up with this mixture, topped with green or red enchilada sauce and shredded Monterey Jack cheese and baked until golden.


Shrimp Enchilada Verde - This is a coastal enchilada which uses a combination of shrimp and a spicy sauce which is made with tomatillo and cilantro. This quick to make dish is prepared by cooking the shrimp with corn, enchilada sauce or salsas and chiles and layering the mixture on a greased baking dish. The layer is topped with overlapping tortillas, which in turn are covered with refried beans. The beans again get a topping of the shrimp mixture and more tortillas cover up the mixture. The salsa or the enchilada sauce is spread over the dish, which is then baked for some time, topped with grated Mexican style or cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese, covered and baked until bubbly.


Shrimp Enchilada with Mole - This recipe popularized by the Grill It! with Bobby Flay food show entrusts the shrimp with mole sauce and brings variation on the table with the interesting inclusion of Mexican chocolate. Moreover, it grills the enchilada instead of usual baking. A chocolate sauce is made by melting the chocolate with olive oil and mole sauce while the shrimps are tossed with powdered garlic, paprika, and salt, grilled and chopped. Onion slices, jalapenos and the tortillas too are grilled. The tortillas are completely dipped in the mole sauce, rolled with the shrimp mixture inside and placed in a grilling dish layered with the chocolate sauce. The rolls are sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and the dish is grilled for a final round. For serving this shrimp enchilada, grilled onions, jalapenos queso fresco, tomatoes, powdered chili de arbol, lime wedges and fresh lettuce slices are used for garnish.


Shrimp Enchilada with Jalapeno Cream Sauce – This recipe calls for filling the tortilla rolls with a mixture of shrimps cooked in the jalapeno cream sauce. The shrimp is butter fried with chipotle powder and chopped and then cooked again with garlic, onion, spinach, cole slaw, oregano, cayenne and salt and pepper. The tortillas are then rolled with this shrimp filling, drizzled with the jalapeno cream sauce made by simmering together butter, flour, chicken broth, jalapenos, sour cream, garlic powder, pepper and cilantro and finally, the assembled tortillas are baked.



This dish makes for a perfect Mexican coastal main dish for dinner. One ideal way of serving shrimp enchilada is with a garnish of lime wedges and cilantro.

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