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Sherry Trifle is a popular English dessert which is generally served at parties. The key ingredients required for preparing this dish are milk, corn flour, vanilla essence, egg yolks and caster sugar for the custard ... More »
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Sherry Trifle With Ratafias

MAKING 1) In a large frying pan melt butter and stir in sugar. 2) With a wooden spoon, stir over heat until the sugar melts and turns golden, caramel brown. 3) Keep stirring until mixture browns evenly. 4) Mix orange juice and stir until caramel turns... - 48.154

Sherry Trifle

GETTING READY 1) Cut sponge into small pieces and spread jam over it. 2) At the bottom and sides of a serving dish, arrange the sponge pieces. 3) Drain peaches. 4) Reserve a few peaches for decoration and arrange the rest on top of sponge. MAKING 1) Blend 6... - 44.9439

Microwaved Sherry Trifle

Sherry Trifle is vey spongy. The rasberry preserve and almonds gives the Sherry Trifle a prefect taste. - 44.2759

Sherry Trifles

MAKING 1) Halve sponge cake and spread red jam evenly. 2) Make small pieces and arrange on small glass serving dish. 3) Sprinkle sherry on top. 4) In a mixing basin, whisk egg and corn flour. 5) Boil milk and pour on the egg mixture. 6) Whisk and fold into... - 43.5292

Chocolate Sherry Trifle

In a bowl, moisten half the macaroons with sherry. Set aside. In a large bowl, spread successive layers of spongecake cubes, chocolate custard and jam. Cover with some sherry flavored macaroons, then half the chocolate Chantilly cream. Sprinkle remaining... - 33.4901

Sherry Trifle

Split the sponge cakes in half. Spread them with jam and arrange them | in a glass dish. Pour the sherry over and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Sprinkle the macaroons over the sponge cakes and pour on the warm, not hot, custard. Cover the dish with a plate to... - 30.8505

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