sherry chicken

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Sherry chicken is a chicken dish prepared with sherry wine. Sherry is typically fortified and made from white grapes. Sherry chicken recipe usually include dry sherry that is well-suited for cooking purposes.

In this chicken dish, sherry is added in order to provide a flavor to the chicken as well as sherry control the sodium content of the dish. Culinary sherry contains added salt and hence it maintains a level of salt in the dish without incorporating the extra salt. There are many chicken recipes that are called sherried chicken. Some of them are sherry smoked chicken; sherry spicy chicken fingers are sherry tangy ranch chicken.


History and Origin of Sherry Chicken Recipe

Though there is no documentation available for the history and origin of sherry chicken, but it is believed to be invented with an order to test the flavor of alcohol in the food.


Ingredients Prescribed by Sherry Chicken Recipe

Sherry chicken essentially includes chicken and sherry wine as the vital ingredients. The choice of sherry depends upon the flavor and the availability. Usually, dry sherry is included in the recipe. In case, culinary sherry is available, then it may be included but in the absence of it, any inexpensive sherry may be used.

Different recipes of sherry chicken involve distinct ingredients. Salt and pepper are the common seasonings. Other add-ons may be Worchestire sauce, mustard, brown sugar and soy sauce. Asparagus, orange zest and various kinds of dressings may be used to adorn the chicken dish.


Methods of Preparation of Sherry Chicken Recipe

Sherry chicken is prepared by using various recipes and each recipe has its own style of cooking. Smoking, stir-frying, browning, grilling and baking are some of the most commonly used method to make this sherried chicken dish.

All these methods are used to cook the chicken, but before that a sauce is prepared that essentially contains sherry. The sauce is then either poured over the chicken while serving or chicken pieces are stir-fried in it to get a glazed look. It is very necessary to cook off the alcohol from the sherry on high flame.


Serving and Eating of Sherry Chicken

Sherry chicken can either be served as a starter or in main course. It can be fondly eaten with steamed or fried rice. If leftover sherry sauce is available then it can be poured over the cooked chicken while serving. This chicken is typically eaten with knife and fork.


Health Facts Related to Sherry Chicken Recipe

Though sherry is an alcohol, but while cooking sherry chicken all its alcoholic contents are burned out. It is indeed a healthy dish as it contains chicken that is a good source of protein. This dish involves very less quantity of oil that is an added advantage.