Shellfish is a culinary term used for edible marine invertebrates which bear an exoskeleton like lobsters, mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp, crayfish, crabs and winkles. Archaeological studies suggest that Shellfish have been used in food preparations for a long time. In Japan it is used to prepare various dishes like Sushi and Sashimi, it is also used in the American cuisine, especially lobster, shrimps, clams and crayfish. In the Northeast portion of U.S clamming is an important industry while in the Southeast shrimping is more important. In many religious traditions eating of Shellfish is prohibited like Sunni schools of thought and the Jewish dietary laws. Some popular Shellfish recipes are Shellfish Gazpacho, Shellfish Minestrone and Shellfish Saffron Soup.

Shellfish Blogs

Eating Shellfish When Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Eating Shellfish When Pregnant: Is It Safe? On : 13-Aug-2011 By : foodmaniac

Eating shellfish is the first preference of all seafood lovers, but, is it safe to eat these fish in pregnancy? Well, the answer is tricky because suitability of seafood diet in pregnancy may vary from one to another. However, to know pros and cons of ...

How Good Is Shellfish For You

How Good Is Shellfish For You On : 24-Oct-2013 By : FitGal

The "Harvard University" has questioned your consumption of shellfish Vs regular fish. Don't worry, you will not be asked to give up eating lobster, shrimp or clams. The University exercise is just a reality check to help you understand whether...

Shellfish Stock And Fish Stock

On : 07-Mar-2007 By : Vibs

SHELLFISH STOCK This is often used as a base for Bisques and shellfish Consomnes.Whenever you cook crab, lobster, or shrimps you can reserve the shells and use them for this stock.     FISH STOCK ...

How Much Cholesterol In Shellfish

How Much Cholesterol In Shellfish On : 30-Apr-2011 By : foodmaniac

  Shellfishes are tasty seafood but they are notoriously known for high-level of cholesterol content; therefore we believe cholesterol in shellfish might cause a great threat for heart patients as well as for general seafood lovers on...