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Seasoned Salt, also sometimes referred as Seasoning Salt, Season
Salt, or Chicken Salt, is a flavored blend of table salt composed of herbs, spices, other flavourings. The main ingredients of Seasoned Salt are salt, dried thyme leaves, marjoram, garlic powder, paprika, dry mustard, and onion powder. All the ingredients are blended together and stored in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Seasoned Salt is often used as seasoning on chicken, hot potato chips, and fried seafoods.

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What To Use In Place Of Seasoning Salt

What To Use In Place Of Seasoning Salt On : 11-Nov-2010 By : pepperdiaries

If you ran out of your homemade seasoning salt   and are wondering what to use in place of seasoning salt, look no further! We have shared with you tips on what you can use as a substitute for seasoning salt . Read on...

5 Must-have Seasonings For Your Kitchen

5 Must-have Seasonings For Your Kitchen On : 12-Jan-2011 By : priyam

A kitchen needs to stock up many spices that can be used for seasoning to enhance flavor and quality of food prepared. The 5 must-have seasonings for your kitchen should include the basics which are absolutely mandatory where food is concerned.  ...

Cooking On Salt Slab Cookware??!!

Cooking On Salt Slab Cookware??!! On : 13-May-2009 By : veg foodie

I always believed that salt is the supreme flavoring agent that brings out the flavor in every food. Now you can not only cook with it but cook on slabs of it directly over your stove!  These new slabs of pink salt that are mined in Pakistan have...

Facts With A Pinch Of Salt

Facts With A Pinch Of Salt On : 23-Dec-2013 By : seasonal_foodie

The most common seasoning happens to be salt, an ingredient that is absolutely essential for any savory dish. Even desserts make use of this seasoning at times in order to balance the flavors perfectly. So, why should you be so careless about it by just...

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