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Maangchi has come up with a recipe that would cheer up vegetarian foodies. In this video she is making Yubuchobap, which is stir fried rice stuffed tofu. Whether you want to pack a quick lunch for office or take a Korean food for your next picnic, this recipe... - 125.051

Seasoned Rice Ring

MAKING 1) In a deep skillet, dissolve salt in the water and bring to a boil. 2) To this, add rice. 3) Cover and remove from heat. 4) Let rice stand for 5 minutes. 5) With a fork, fluff the rice. 6) Stir in margarine and pimiento. 7) Pack the rice mixture... - 40.1664

Vegetable Seasoned Rice

MAKING 1. Into a medium size saucepan, empty the broth can. 2. Place pan on medium high heat and bring liquid to a boil. 3. Add rice and bring to a boil again, stirring to prevent the grains from sticking to the pan. 4. Cover pan and reduce the heat. 5. Let... - 33.8026

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Seasoned Rice

Seasoned Rice is an amazingly delicious main course meal recipe. The effortlessly prepared seasoned rice is a dish that you would love to serve at your party. - 34.1604

Rice Pilaf With Curry Powder Seasoning

Rice Pilaf is a lovely and unique flavored dish that your taste buds will fall in love with. Surprise your guests at the next dinner party with this unique Rice Pilaf recipe. - 30.9824

Confetti Rice With Seasonal Vegetables

What better way to make the most of seasonal vegetables then stir them with rice to make a hearty, filling, one-pot dish? Chef Keith Snow presents a lip-smackingly delicious rice recipe that incorporates a slew of veggies, some butter, seasoning and rice that... - 99.9306

Seasoned Paella

This Paella tastes incredible ! Try this savory rice with irresistible seasonings, vegetables and meat and let me know if you like it ! Your suggestions for this Paella are welcome ! - 41.7597

Gongura Pulihora - Seasoned Rice Cooked In Tangy Sorrel Leaves

Do you love tangy, spicy and aromatic yet easy to make One Pot Recipes??? Then try out this Gongura Pulihora instead of regular rice dishes you will LOVE it to the core! - 113.069

Mexican Style Seasoned Cabbage

Would you like to make a raw Mexican rice for which no cooking is required. Watch this outstanding video that displays a recipe where the cooked rice is simply replaced with raw cabbage so it makes the dish low carb too. So get going with this amazing video... - 115.364

Seasoned Rice Mix

Combine the rice, parsley flakes, beef or chicken bouillon granules, and onion. Stir together thoroughly. Store in tightly closed container. - 23.1883

Shrimp And Rice Jambalaya With Chicken Seasoning

In saucepan combine tomato juice, water, broth mix, onion flakes, Worcestershire, salt, pepper and bay leaf. Cook until liquid is reduced almost to half. Stir in shrimp and milk and simmer gently, just enough to heat through. Pour equally into 4 bowls, each... - 31.1489

Seasoned Rice

Combine all ingredients in 2-quart glass casserole. Cover and cook on High 12 to 14 minutes. Let stand covered until all water is absorbed, about 10 minutes. To reheat, add about 2 tablespoons water for each cup of cooked rice and cook on High. - 25.0663

Creole Seasoned Chicken And Beef Over Rice

Meaty paradise. An outstanding video to prepare a great variation of chicken and beef. This video sautes bite pieces of chicken, beef and mushroom with a flavorful creole and Italian seasoning. With the combination of asparagus, this dish incorporates a taste... - 106.135

Katte Pongali/ Ghee Pongal - Seasoned Rice And Lentil Porridge

Katte Pongali is a popular south Indian breakfast recipe. Rice and Moong Dal are tempered with simple soaning ingredients to make it very light and flavorful. Serve it hot with chutney and/ or Sambar - 113.516

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