Scotch Broth


Scotch broth

Scotch broth, as the name suggests is a traditional Scottish filling soup. The main ingredients of the Scotch broth recipe include Barley and stewed Lamb or Mutton with root vegetables. It is mostly served as an appetizer or as a part of the main course. A Scotch broth is also sometimes known as the ‘Irish Stew’. Though it is considered as a traditional Scottish dish, there are no accurate recordings stating when the Scotch broth was developed. There is one particular record stating that a lady named Margaret Patten was brought to England to prepare Scotch broth for King James II. The Scotch broth is popular as a winter time soup across England. Nowadays the Scotch broth soup is also sold commercially in cans around the world.

Ingredients and popular method of preparing Scotch broth

The traditional Scotch broth includes - Barley, stewed or braised cut lamb or mutton, root vegetables like Carrots, Turnips or Swedes and green vegetables like cabbage and leeks. Dried pulses are also used to prepare the Scotch broth. The proportions and ingredients are used according to their availability.

To prepare the Scotch broth, the Lamb or Mutton is put into a closely fitted pot with water and left for cooking for about half an hour. Barley, root vegetables, and pulses are added to the meat. The potatoes are cooked separately, without peeling and over boiling it. At the end, the green vegetables are added to recipe. The soup is served warm along with the cooked potato separate.

Health facts of Scotch broth

  • A normal Scotch broth soup consists of nearly 80 calories, with 10% fat, 2 % cholesterol, and 42% sodium.


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