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Raw Chef Mastery Program

Raw Food Chef & the Owner of Quintessence, a very popular raw food restaurant in NYC, Dan discusses his Raw Food Chef Certification Courses that he offers. - 123.851

Commerical Pasta

Marco Polo brought pasta from China some 700 years ago and since then it has transformed into different shapes and sizes. If you are curious to know how pasta is made, check out! - 123.559

Pasta Shapes

There are literally hundreds of pasta shapes and they all function to serve the needs of different sauces and ingredients. Get an overview of some of the most popular shapes and how they work to hold sauce in this video. - 119.968

How To Get A Perfect Vegetarian Ingredients

Get the touch of perfect ingredients to prepare diverse alternatives in vegetarian recipes. The holistic chef combines the health knowledge and food knowledge to prepare highly nutritious dishes. - 119.458

Culinary Institute Of America : A Report

Culinary Institute of America is highly renowned institute in culinary field. It prepares the students for high end jobs, and also provides the leadership skills to sail smoothly through culinary management. - 117.489

Natural Remedy For Bladder Infections – By Natasha

Natasha, a raw food wellness coach, is giving a natural home remedy for bladder infections/urinary tract infections/cystitis. High doses of Vitamin C are extremely effective to eliminate bacterial infections in the bladder. If you are urinating blood or... - 117.2

Manitoba Canola Growers

Manitoba canola growers is programme of teaching the young students to learn some culinary basics, and thereby helping them grow a healthy product. The programme is dedicated to create innovative chefs of future, with nifty cooking tricks. - 116.252

How To Get Started On Your Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

Natasha, a raw food wellness coach, is giving 5 tips on how to get started on your healthy diet & lifestyle that will ensure success. If you are also interested to know lead a healthy lifestyle, get hooked up with the video! - 112.989

Cooking Class In La Maison Arabe: Chicken Tagine & Moroccan Salads

Visiting Morocco and want to know about an authentic place to taste their cuisine. Then La Maison Arabe is the place for you. It was opened in 1946 and its guest list includes Winston Churchill and Jacky Kennedy, it cannot get better than this. This place... - 111.224

Behind The Dream Trailer

Behind the dream is an original documentary about the Love of Chocolate Foundation, which inspires, and encourages students who aspire for a culinary profession. With the generosity of the sponsors this foundation has been providing scholarship and guidance... - 110.129

Protein & Juice Fasting – By Natasha

Natasha, a raw food wellness coach, is answering a question about how you get protein while doing a juice fast or juice feast. She also explains why people fast and do cleanses and the importance of rest while doing a fast. If you are also interested to know... - 110.109

Naval Culinary School

Naval culinary arts school teaches the chefs to become the best chefs of world by putting in their effort, and skills in rendering best of services. The world class professors provide training to chef which is 27 hours credit. - 108.039

Types Of Pasta

Manfreed discusses the various types of pasta: fresh, dried, colors and shapes and explains which pastas are best for various toppings. - 106.489

Top Chef Online Culinary School - Free Course Video

So you have always dreamt of going to culinary school? And always wanted to learn the culinary skills to become a better cook and make amazing food? Well its time to realize your dream and learn cooking from the web’s most comprehensive online culinary... - 104.306

Breadtopia Visits The School Of Artisan Food

The School of Artisan Food in the expansive Welbeck estate in North Nottinghamshire is the place to be if artisanal baking beckons you. Breadtopia visited this school in search of artisanal baking excellence and was amazed to see the state of the art... - 104.049

Executive Chef Trains The Future Chefs

Executive chef trains the novice chef to garnish, seasoning, and carving. Excellent training on food art, and presentation is provided to chefs for making them the best world chefs. Take a look at the highlights. - 103.629

Fort Lee`s Advanced Culinary Training Course: An Overview

Take an overview at the fundamentals of advanced culinary training skills being picked up by army chefs. They are given the primary training on safety, seasonings, and sanitation. - 103.086

All About New England Culinary Arts Forum

New England Culinary Arts Forum aims at spreading the culinary arts to the people at large. The idea behind creating the forum is to invite people to the resort stay there and learn few culinary skills from most chefs. This includes recipes, knife skills,... - 97.0498

Culinary Certification

This video showcases the importance of the American Culinary Federation certificate. It also covers the views of some of the certified chefs of American navy. - 94.4459

Just Cooking On Tv

When you are passionate about what you do and love it more than anything, it becomes a success. If experience is anything to go by, it adds to the success. This is the story of Just Cooking Cookery School. This video is a TV program that featured the school... - 94.2367

Culinary & Craft School Review At Silver Dollar City

Culinary & Craft School is one of the famous culinary schools in the Silver Dollar City. Guests can learn the secrets behind-the-scenes of the great food. Get the glance of the video for more updates, and details. - 93.0895

Introducing The Edible Schoolyard With The Produce Lady

It’s really important nowadays that kids should understand the value of food. These days everything is available to them instantly, that's why, they don’t have the knowledge about the nutritional value of the food. Also they don’t know how it has been... - 90.1038

Even A Fire Couldn't Destroy Their Cooking School

This couple from coeur d'alene, Idaho, loves cooking so much that they started a cooking school named "Cook With US". They have gone through so much that even a fire could not burn down their love for food. Through this video go with them on a journey of... - 88.9997

A Little Taster Of Just Cooking

When a school is built with a purpose, it is indeed a service to the society. Same is the case with Just Cooking School. With over 20 years of experience and a very serious purpose of making great food accessible to common man, Jerry has opened the cooking... - 87.0179

Virginia Culinary Schools At A Glance

Virginia`s culinary schools are one of the finest in world. Students not only learn about the culinary basics, but also gain knowledge in food and nutrition. - 83.0956

Review On Culinary Institute Of The Pacific

Culinary institute of Pacific is one of its kind making great professionally oriented chefs. This is one stop destination for people who want to enter the culinary industry. - 79.1217

Italian Food Culture And Acaemia Barilla

"This segment from the documentary ""And They Came To Chicago: the Italian-America legacy"" has been offered by our friends at ModioMedia, a TV production company operating in Chicago, Illinois. - 65.585

About Academia Barilla - Tasting Room

This is Academia Barilla's Tasting Room in Parma, Italy - this is where food gets prior to moving on to Academy's kitchen. We first analyze and professionally classify all food in this Food Tasting Room, designed to control all food flavors and smells so that... - 65.4959

About Training Kitchen Of Academia Barilla

Academia Barilla's Chefs prepare a gelato ice cream using the freezing power of liquid nitrogen to speed up the process, and unveil new flavors. - 65.3905

About Academia Barilla-gastronomy Library

Discover the hidden treasures of the Gastronomic Library at Academia Barilla, the Italian Culinary School in Parma, Italy. The 90-seats Auditorium hosts chef performances and cooking classes as well as conferences - generally on food, but not exclusively. - 64.3672

About Academia Barilla-auditorium

This video gives a view of the small Auditorium at Academia Barilla, the Italian Cooking School for professional and home chef in Parma, Italy. Then my camera battery died and couldn't shoot when visiting the large auditorium of Academia Barilla, which is... - 64.1935

An Overview Of Academia Barilla

This is an overview of the panel signed by the Michelin Chef at the entrance of the Academia Barilla Culinary Institute in Parma, Italy. Last year Academia Barilla and Michelin celebrated 50 years of partnership, with a top event in Parma, Italy. - 64.0672

About Academia Barilla- Main Auditorium

A view of the main Auditorium at Academia Barilla, the Italian Culinary Institute in Parma, Italy. The 90-seats Auditorium hosts chef performances and cooking classes as well as conferences - generally on food, but not exclusively. - 64.0672

Pastry Making Session - Part 1

We are almost at the end of the Pastry session on this video, grabbed live at the Academia Barilla Culinary School in Parma, Italy. See also the other parts of this video to discover Chefs' secrets in Pastry making! - 63.874

Online Cooking Classes Celebrates First Birthday!

Chef Todd Mohr's online cooking classes is celebrating its first anniversary! Review the past year with video clips and a SNEAK PEEK of the first four weeks of these unique online cooking classes. s - 63.6504

About Academia Barilla - Food Storage And Preparation

A walk through Academia Barilla's Food Storage and Food Preparation areas at the Academia Barilla facility in Parma, Italy. This cutting-edge design building has been designed by the award winning Italian architect Renzo Piano, and hosts our Italian Culinary... - 63.6306

About Academia Barilla Pastry Class Introduction

Welcome to the Academia Barilla cooking class. Today we share with you some action straight out of our Pastry Lab. Our Executive Chef Nicola Bindini and his team of students are engaged in the creation of three variations of a yummy dessert. - 63.3628

About Gourmet Dessert Made In School

Et voila' - look how beautiful are those Italian gourmet desserts, ready to be catered to a VIP party in Parma, Italy by Academia barilla's Executive Chef Nicola Bindini and his Pastry lab students from Academia Barilla's Culinary school in Parma, Italy. - 63.3127

About Pastry Laboratory Of Academia Barilla

Still at the Pastry Lab of the Academia Barilla's Culinary School in Parma, where Executive Chef Nicola Bindini is leading a group of students in the preparation of a gourmet dessert for a large catering party. - 62.4038

About Cooking Lab Of Academia Barilla

Welcome to the Cooking Lab of Academia Barilla, the Italian Gourmet Food Academy located in Parma, Italy. Students learn various tricks of culinary art here and prepare themselves for serving the people later. - 62.1223

About Academia Barilla-teaching And Team Building Room

Welcome to Academia Barilla's virtual tour. Here is the Teaching Room of our Culinary Institute in Parma, Italy, were we run also our Culinary Team Building Events. - 61.8127

About Barilla-bakery Laboratory

In this short video we describe facilities and procedures for our Bakery Lab at the Academia Barilla's Italian Food Academy in Parma, Italy. This is the place where various bakery preparations are tried. - 61.7377

About Academia Barilla-cooking Laboratory

A video shot at the One-to-one Cooking Lab at Academia Barilla, the Italian Gastronomy School for professional and home chefs located in Parma, Italy. - 61.6206

Culinary Students Giving Final Touch To Desserts

Almost done! After all the action in the Pastry Lab, Academia Barilla's Executive Chef Nicola Bindini leads his students' team in the last steps of this exceptional performance of culinary art. - 61.5247

Pastry Making Session - Part 2

Executive Chef Nicola Bindini and his team of young student Chefs are engaged in a Pastry class at the Academia Barilla culinary school in Parma, Italy. - 61.1432

The First Timer's Cookbook

The First Timers Cookbook is the basic cookbook that anyone who has never stepped into a kitchen, or lived in a kitchen, can use. It contains simple techniques and easy step-by-step instructions that truly teach you the basics to cooking almost anything. This... - 25.3815