Scallop is a delicious variety of seafood having sweet and delicate flavor. Scallops can either be broiled, kabobed, stir- fried, baked, or microwaved, but it should not be overcooked. Many dishes are prepared by Scallops like Swiss Baked Scallops, Jade Scallops, etc. They are best served with light semi-dry white wines, or mild sauce of cream, cheese or butter that will not overpower the subtle flavor of the scallop itself.

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On : 16-Sep-2007 By : alokskumar

                 Scallop   This popular BIVALVE MOLLUSK   has two beautiful fan-shaped shells that are often used as containers in which to serve dishes such as COQUILLES ST. JACQUES . Through the entire scallop including...

How To Cook Scallops On A Gas Grill

How To Cook Scallops On A Gas Grill On : 07-Nov-2011 By : priyam

Planning to grill some scallops for dinner tonight? Make sure that all the steps are clear lest the scallops are charred. The secret of cooking scallops on a gas grill is to keep temperature high and finish cooking process as soon as possible. Grilled...

How To Clean And Cook Scallops?

How To Clean And Cook Scallops? On : 23-Jul-2009 By : ifoodiee

Scallops are simple yummy. They make for delicious appetizers or side dishes but the secret lies in buying fresh sea scallops or bay scallops and then cleaning and cooking them the right way! Remember the size of the scallop (which is usually...

How To Clean Scallops

How To Clean Scallops On : 16-Jun-2011 By : priyam

Scallops are among the easiest to clean of all seafood. However, if you are not sure about how to clean scallops  then the steps outlined below will help you with the task. So, read on to learn more about cleaning scallops...     ...