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Sautéed Spinach is a culinary preparation which comprises of olive oil, spinach, garlic, lemon juice or vinegar as the primary ingredients. Spinach is a flowering plant native to central and south west Asia which is believed to have originated in ancient Persia. Sautéed Spinach is a nutritious food item consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, iron and fiber and is served as a side dish. There are also certain variations to the original recipe such as Sautéed Spinach Onion, Sautéed Spinach with garlic and Janet Sautéed Yellow Squash Spinach.

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White House Food - Cream Spinach

White House Food - Cream Spinach On : 16-Mar-2009 By : foodwithme

The blogging world is buzzing with Michelle Obama’s healthy lifestyle and the White house food – Cream Spinach .Michelle Obama , the first lady has shown the world that the best way to lead is by example.   Michelle Obama ...

What Can You Make With Boiled Spinach

What Can You Make With Boiled Spinach On : 29-Dec-2010 By : yummyyum

Spinach is superbly nutritious and the nutrition is best conserved when the dark green leaves are boiled for recipes. Those who consume spinach for health benefits should know “ what can you make with boiled spinach ”. There are many boiled spinach ...

Spinach Menu

Spinach Menu On : 21-Jul-2011 By : Avocado

Spinach is a nutrient packed vegetable can be used in a variety of cuisines so really the sky is the limit when creating dishes for the spinach menu . Here are some great ideas for a truly delicious spinach menu.   Spinach...

Tips To Wrap Spinach In Bacon

Tips To Wrap Spinach In Bacon On : 14-Jun-2012 By : califire

Spinach is a very nutritious leafy green vegetable that is particularly high in iron content. It is commonly combined with other vegetables and wrapped with bacon to form a delicious appetizer. Spinach is usually consumed raw in the form of baby spina ...

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