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Broccoli Sautéed refers to a delicious fried dish which is believed to have originated in Italy. Broccoli sautéed is characterized by its crispy texture and appetizing green color. A healthy dish, this dish is mostly consumed as a side dish but it may also be consumed as a main dish. The main ingredients used to make this dish include broccoli, olive oil, parmesan cheese and olive oil. This dish is high on vitamins and is good for children and nursing or pregnant mothers. Broccoli sautéed being an elegant dish is also served during special occasions.

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What Can You Make With Boiled Broccoli

What Can You Make With Boiled Broccoli On : 30-Dec-2010 By : khao

A versatile vegetable, broccoli, can be relished in many ways. Boiled broccoli, stir-fried broccoli or sautéed broccoli; broccoli always tastes amazing. But among all, I prefer boiled broccoli the most. Dishes made with boiled broccoli are mostly easy to...

Easy Broccoli Casserole Ideas

Easy Broccoli Casserole Ideas On : 26-Jul-2011 By : nithya

Easy broccoli casserole ideas are simple to make, great to taste, and healthy also. The Ifood assortment of quick broccoli casserole ideas are so versatile that they fit into any occasion with ease. Read this write-up to know more about the delicious easy...

Broccoli Menu

Broccoli Menu On : 20-Jul-2011 By : Shivani99

Working with a broccoli menu isn’t going to be a tough task because broccoli is one of the most popular, versatile vegetable in the world today. Here are some delightful ideas for a truly exceptional broccoli menu.     Steamed...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Broccoli Soup

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Broccoli Soup On : 15-Aug-2011 By : Sweetcandy

Low fat broccoli soup can be really enjoyable, since you do not have to worry about the calories consumed while having the soup. The only difference between this soup and that is of calories and you make a slight change in the ingredients – you just...

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