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Which Are The Most Popular Sausages

“Which are the most popular sausages ?” Most of us are very familiar with sausages but many of us have never thought of the types and varieties that are observed from country to country. To begin with  “sausage is a food which is prepared by... -

How To Make Deer Summer Sausage At Home

Deer meat is a good source of protein and amino acid and they make a quick and easy meal. Let me tell you How To Make Deer Summer Sausage At Home , as making them can be a lot of fun and the entire family can participate and in making them. List of... -

How To Make Vanderbilt’s Blood Sausage?

To know how to make Vanderbilt’s blood sausage , the first thing that you need to do is – shed off all your fears and senses of goriness. In recent times, blood sausages have been popularized in many countries like Germany, Spain and France. Blood... -

What To Do With Leftover Sausage Quick Ideas

Stop fretting about what to do with leftover sausage . Check out the Ifood collection of some interesting things to do with leftover sausage. From soups to salads to patties and quiches , Ifood has a wide assortment of exotic ways to clear up your... -

How To Eat Cheese Sausage

Cheese sausage is a meat sausage flavored with cheese. Even though high in calories, cheese sausages are delicious and loved by people who are fond of the cheesy flavor. Children especially are loyal followers of cheese sausages . Read on to know -

Sausages Of The World

I got to thinking about one of our families favourite foods.  We often do mixed grills including chicken, pork tenderloin and maybe some fish, but always, I mean ALWAYS some type of sausages.  The kids love them and so do the "big" kids.  We... -

How To Cook Sausage On A Gas Grill

Sausages are best eaten grilled. Both cooked and pre-cooked sausages can be grilled successfully on a gas grill. Cooking sausage on the grill using the right technique would render sausages juicy and full of flavor. Let us the right technique to grill... -

Breakfast Sausage Casserole Ideas

  A breakfast sausage casserole makes a good breakfast idea for any occasion. ifood presents  you with a unique collection of easy breakfast sausage casserole ideas. To know more about the various easy breakfast sausage casserole ideas,... -

Top Three Sausage Cookbooks

Sausage is one of the most versatile items one can have on hand in their kitchen as it can be used as a flavorful addition to a really wide variety of dishes. These top three sausage cookbooks will show you just what all you can do with this food item. -

Uk's Cumberland Sausage Wins Protected Geographical Indication Status

  Cumberland sausage wins status of Protected Geographical Indication or PGI under European Union laws. Cumberland sausage makers are overjoyed of the recognition meted out to their product and protection from inaccurate imitations of... -

Easy Sausage Casserole Ideas

Do you want to try some tasty, yet easy sausage casserole recipes? Then, you are at the right destination. Ifood offers a wonderful collection of quick sausage casserole ideas. Read on to know more about these delicious, yet easy sausage casserole... -

Easy Tips To Poach Sausage

Poaching sausages are perhaps the best way to reduce cooking time for grilling or frying it in the pan or oven as well as prevent them from exploding while on the grill   . Poaching is a process wherein sausages are gently cooked in... -

Tips To Make Sausage Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Wondering what to make as dinner party appetizers? Simple and easy sausage balls are delicious and appetizing tid-bits that can be made quickly. If you choose the meat and make your own sausage meat, you can ensure that they are low in fat but high in taste.... -

Sausage Gloves For Using Smartphone In Winter!

  Using your smartphone during winter could be challenging, especially when you need to wear gloves to keep yourself warm. Removing them each time to use your phone can be quite annoying, unless you have specialized... -

Here Comes An Actually Healthy Sausage

Healthy sausages sound more like oxymorons which catch you unawares. From its origin through its journey, the actually healthy sausage is almost non-existent- the fat and the red meat and well, the ton of chemicals that go into breeding the pigs for... -

A Strange Sausage And Beer Diet

  What would happen if a person had only sausages and beer for food and nothing else? He would get high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease – you say? Well, not really! He will actually lose weight! Yes, a... -

Sausage Menu

Wondering what you could possibly add to a sausage menu ? Sausage is a versatile meat, you can add it to pasta, breads, soups, casseroles, the sky is the limit.  Typically when one thinks of sausages they think of just slapping on this meat on a grill and... -

Is Sausage For Breakfast Healthy?

Sausages have a reputation of being unhealthy foods, but that has not stopped millions of Americans from having sausages for breakfast almost every morning. For the benefit of all the health enthusiasts who wish to follow a fit lifestyle but do not want to... -

How To Buy Cheese Sausage

Cheese sausage , also known as "Casalsiccia" is a special sausage stuffed with cheese along with other regular ingredients. It is relished for its delicious taste and usage in various recipes. The basis ingredient of sausage is ground meat which is... -

History Of Sausages

Sausage   Plate with German Wurst (liver-, blood- and hamsausage) A sausage consists of ground meat, animal fat, herbs and spices, and sometimes other ingredients, usually packed in... -

Tips To Identify Rotten Sausage

Just like rotten meat, rotten sausages can also infect you with diseases like E. coli and salmonella, which cause millions of Americans to fall sick every year. Therefore, it is important to know how to identify rotten sausage,  so that you can stay away... -

How To Smoke Sausage? – Meat ‘n’ Smoke Linked In A Single Case!

If you want your barbeque to be extra tantalizing and inviting for your guests, your avenue of search ends in how to smoke sausage .  Sausages with their seasoning and minced meat flavor are delectable and well, taste even more scrumptious when... -

Health Effects Of Eating Rotten Sausage

Isn’t the smell of a fried sausage simply divine? However much we enjoy this processed delicacy, there must be an understanding of the health effects that come with eating rotten sausages which are made from minced meat and salt with spices added to impart... -

How To Can Sausage

  How to can sausage is one of the foods whose canning process is very intricate Canning sausage is a wonderful option for preparing a tasty snack later on. The preparation and process is simple and healthy too. However while... -

Sausages Around The World

  Have you ever wondered the difference between a bratwurst, salami, and bologna? For the uninitiated, these are some of the names of sausages made around the globe. In plain language, a sausage is ground meat encased in a casing, either... -

Is It Safe To Eat Sausage During Pregnancy?

Sausages are usually made from  ground meat. In spite of its nutritional benefits, consumption of sausages during pregnancy requires serious considerations because of the unreliability of safety factors associated with them. This blog would throw limelight... -

Tips To Steam Sausage

One of the main reasons for the popularity of sausages are their  shapes, sizes and variety of uses. The easiest and the most common way of cooking it is steaming that ensures complete cooking since it heats the sausage from all sides. Moreover,... -

Top 5 Sausage Quotes

Food lovers often pen down their thoughts about their favorite foods as a point of reference in various situations. Several comments and quotes exist on sausages which are quite popular. Check out our collection of the top 5 quotes on sausage by some of the... -

Healthy Sausage Meals

Healthy sausage meals are a perfect combination of meat, herbs, and spices. Sausage making is a traditional food preservation technique and it contains a large amount of dietary protein, essential for the production of healthy hormones and in maintaining... -

How To Dry Cure Sausage

There is nothing like a homemade sausage,  dry cured to perfection, more suitable for gracing your breakfast plate. It is with this thought that you are served this time-tested process of how to dry cure sausages. You can now to do it year after year and... -

Vegetarian Sausages Pep Up Sex Life: Peta Tells Formula One Fans

Vegetarian Sausages seem to be the illusive aphrodisiac, so believe the activists for animal rights who served them to the fans of the racing event, Formula 1 Grand Prix, scheduled to take off this weekend.  The activists, donning car racing garbs were... -

Sausage And Cupcakes Unite To Form Cupcakewursts

  How do you fancy your cupcakes? Whatever be your taste I’m sure that you would have never imagined the coming together of a sweet, dainty cupcake and a sausage before. But  truth is often stranger than fiction and you do have an... -

Mayor Faces Criticism Over Sausage Dress

When Jill Makinson-Sanders, the 61-year-old Mayor of Louth in Lincolnshire, Britain, thought of dressing up as a sausage to welcome the Olympic flame coming through her jurisdiction, she must not have expected such outrage. The novelty costume worn by the... -

Are You Eating Cancer & Heart Disease In Your Sausage?

  Processed meat can kill you with cancer and heart disease. An observational study, conducted by researchers of the University of Zurich, says that processed meat has negative health risks, some as severe as cancer and heart attack. ... -

Sandra Bullock's Family Holiday Tradition: Smuggling Sausages!

While it is true that every family has its own whacky Holiday tradition, Sandra Bullock's family seems to lead from the front. Her family manages to illegally import sausages from Germany. The preparation of a Holiday meal with these super delicious,... -

How To Eat Longaniza? - Linking To The Mexican Sausage Tradition

If you are a patron of sausages, then Longaniza won’t be unfamiliar to you. The Spanish sausage has spread and wide and to its next best home – namely Mexico. How to eat Longaniza in Mexico? Longaniza  shares its culinary kingdom with ... -

No Bacon & Sausage! What?!

America may soon lose its regular supply of bacon and sausage if things do not improve in Europe. So, hold your breath and take a seat because what you are about to read  may cause a heart break but it is the truth. Britain is on... -

Man Uses Sausage Links To Attack Victim

  What would you do if you were on an early morning bike ride, busy with your own thoughts, and suddenly, you were attacked with sausage links? This is what happened when an unidentified man was cycling along a quiet path, and was suddenly... -

Sausage Links Turn Into A Weapon

A biker enjoying a stroll early in the morning was assaulted by a man who made away with his bicycle and a few trinkets which were in his possession. Nothing strange in this you would say. Sure, cases of assault and robbery are dime a dozen but it does make... -

How To Eat Andouillette?

The first thing that you need to do to know how to eat Andouillette is to start with an open mind. There are mixed responses about Andouillette and how it tastes. This is all the more reason why you need to give it a fresh try. Eating Andouillette is... -

How To Eat Capicollo

  If you have inclination towards Italian cuisine , you should discover how to eat capicollo. Learning how to eat capicollo will allow you to enjoy this Italian food with the right accompaniments. Also, you will know when is the best time to eat... -

October Is Oktoberfest Time!

October is Oktoberfest time, a time for beer and German sausages . When is a sausage not just a sausage? When a feinschmecker (gourmet) wants one in the wurst way. Puns aside, we're all honorary Germans during the... -

Boudin Menu

A boudin menu would be heaven for a meat lover, especially one that likes sausages. Boudin sausage comes in a variety of different styles, including a contemporary take on the dish made with alligator instead of the customary pork. Read on for some... -

Lebanese Outback?

Lebanese Outback Burrito We cooked this during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and it has become a big family favorite. If I had to eat only one thing every day for the rest of my life, this would do. Feel free to use leftover grilled beef,... -

How To Eat Potee Lorraine?

The Potee Lorraine is an authentic French dish that you will definitely enjoy. I figured out how to eat Potee Lorraine when I was a child because this tasty, delicious and healthy dish was a family favorite!       The original ... -

How To Eat Butifarra

Butifarra is a Spanish sausage. No trip to Spain is ever complete without sampling its wide variety of sausages. Learn how to eat Butifarra and discover yet another dimension of Spanish cooking. Eating Butifarra not only gives you a peep into the... -

Bangers & Mash!!

  Believe it or not you don't have to come from one of the 7 Nations to make Bangers & Mash. To me bangers & mash is the quintessential Irish pub grub. The most interesting thing about B & M is that there is no one recipe you have to... -

Top 5 Stuffing Recipes For Holidays

Thanksgiving is one holiday that you cannot imagine without a good, scrumptious stuffing recipe. Since the holiday season is officially open now, we give you five tastiest stuffing recipes, which you can try this Thanksgiving as well as throughout the... -

How To Use Cheese Grits

  Cheese grits is a popular breakfast dish from Southern states of US. However, one can use cheese grits for making varied delicious gourmet recipes for breakfast as well as meal by adding shrimps or cheddar cheese. If you... -

Meat Martini Garnishing Tips

Meat martini might sound gross to many people, but it is a delicacy to the meat lovers. There are several exotic ways to garnish this special and exclusive drink. Let us have a look into these options.   One needs to remembers that... -

Whataburger Menu - What's New?

For those who have never dined at the Whataburger fast food joint, they are missing out on some of the most delicious burgers, which also explain the term “freedom of choice” like no else fast food outlet. The essence of gastronomic autonomy lies in the ... -

What To Serve With Grilled Sauerkraut

When you know what to serve with grilled sauerkraut , you don’t need to waste time on deciding menu for any occasion. Sauerkraut is one of the most versatile food items, which can be served with almost everything. However, for serving with... -

Pilippo’s Pizzeria - Sarasota, Fl

I drive over to Sarasota today because I have an early meeting tomorrow... The hotel tole me Filippo’s was some of the best pizza around - If they think this is good pizza they’re missing out. The restaurant and the staff were nice and I can see the... -

Mellow Mushroom - Savannah, Ga

  The Mellow Mushroom has to be the best ‘chain’ pizza I’ve ever had. They have some of the best crust I’ve ever had. I like how they brush it with some butter/oil combination then dust it was parmesan cheese. The fine cornmeal on the bottom... -

Bacon Explosion – Most Popular Dish

The bacon dish created by Jason Day and Aaron Chronister has turned out to be the most popular dish online. The dish has two main ingredients that make it a tasty treat – sausage and bacon. The recipe is one that has 5000 calories and rightly so as it has a... -

Christmas Breakfast Ideas

  Your Christmas breakfast menu needs to be simple yet very delicious – a perfect healthy way to start your festive day. Traditional breakfast menu options may include fruit, biscuits, eggs, sausage, pancakes or waffles, and fresh orange... -

How To Eat Chorizo

Do you love Mexican food ? Then, it would be worth knowing How To Eat Chorizo . But let us first know what Chorizo is. It is actually a raw sausage that is cooked before eating it. Chorizo is served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Made with... -

Menu Ideas For A Contemporary Chinese Breakfast

Here is a delicious Chinese Breakfast Menu. For a good day it is necessary to take a nice breakfast. If you love Chinese food, then do try this  breakfast menu. I hope that this breakfast will make a good beginning of your day.     ... -


Cotechino A specialty of several of Italy’s Emilian provinces, this fresh pork sausage is quite large- usually about 3 inches in diameter and 8 to 9 inches longs. It’s made from pork rind and meat from the cheek, neck and shoulder, and is usually seasoned... -

Monica's Weekend Update - Oktoberfest

Happy Oktoberfest! If you want to feel like you're in Germany in The Big Apple, check out Lederhosen at 39 Grove Street. The menu features schnitzel, spaetzle, sauerbraten and inexpensive sausage sandwiches. The soft pretzels are great. Of course... -

Weekly Veggie-only Day Proposed In Germany

  With Germans and sausages being inseparable, a no-meat day in Germany is sure news indeed! The Green Party has announced its plan for a veggie-only day per week in all federal government canteens across the country. This is to... -

Obama Samples Bratwurst Outside Milwaukee Brat House

Andy Fronek, a bar manager at the Milwaukee Brat House, was thankful to have showered before coming in to work this Saturday. Reason being impromptu visit by POTUS. Barack Obama’s aides gave the downtown hotspot manager just 15 minutes to serve the Prez.... -

Top 5 Delicious Pasta Recipes To Make Anytime!

  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love pasta? We all do, don’t we! Pasta can be cooked in so many different ways to appeal to our taste and needs. If you have always wanted to cook some real good pasta and want to know... -

How To Eat Mortadella

Mortadella is a  large Italian sausage which is very popular worldwide - though every country has its own variation of the sausage. It is not a good idea to learn any one way of eating this dish - learn how to eat mortadella in all possible ways because in... -

How To Eat Boudin Blanc

Boudin Blanc is a yummy sausage made of pork, chicken, or veal. The minced meat is and combined with bread and cream, then seasoned with spices such as marjoram and sage. Boudin Blanc is traditionally eaten during Christmas and paired with mashed potato... -

Finger Food Ideas For Breakfast Time

Planning to have a family get together or call your friends over for a fun breakfast…or do you have kids who just refuse to have breakfast until you camouflage breakfast as finger food or snacks and serve a variety of dishes?? Then here is a wonderful list... -

Plum Menu

  A plum menu will contain the most delectable of dishes.You would think that dishes in a plum menu would be all dessert but you will be surprised to know that there can various main dishes that can be made with this luscious... -

Polish Menu

  Polish menu , the traditional food spread from Poland, includes a wide array of dishes prepared using rice, meat, vegetables and spices. You can also find various kinds of noodles in the menu of the region. Cream and eggs are used... -

How To Serve An English Breakfast

Planning to surprise your visiting English friend with a complete English breakfast? Read on to learn how to serve an English breakfast to perfection and win anyone’s heart.                   ... -

Recipes For An Italian Breakfast

Are you considering some recipes for an Italian breakfast ? Then we can give you ideas about some of the items which Italians usually love to have for breakfast. It is a well-known fact that Italians are crazy about desserts, and that is why the breakfast... -

German National Foods

  The list of German National Foods includes more than just sausages, cheese, and beer, foods which first come to our minds when we think of Germany. Germany shares its cuisine with the neighboring European countries of... -

Food Producer Supplier And Distributors

Agriform Cheese S.C.A.R.L. Italy Aibler Dilikatessen Akras Flavors All Star Dips Alma Cheese Alpenmilch Salzburg Alpine Lace Cheese Brands Alterra Cofee Roasters, Inc American Licorice... -

Polish-american Wedding Food – Recipes To Cherish

Polish American wedding food is slightly different from the traditional food found in Poland and America, but the basic food items used in wedding dishes remain the same. Read on to know more about the Polish American wedding food ideas ... -

5 Foods To Avoid In Your Spring Dinner Party For Kids

  With spring around the corner you all might be eager to host a spring dinner party for your kids .  Cooking for kids can be an exciting affair but not all foods are good and healthy enough to be served in kid’s dinner party.... -

Best 5 New Years Eve Food Ideas

You must be gearing up for a unique and merry New Years Eve party this year. Focus on food and have a great party. Here are Best 5 New Years Eve Food Ideas. Glaze Ham Balls: Some of the New Year Eve parties have only finger foods and drinks in... -

Denny’s Diy Omelet: Great Opportunity For Wannabe Cooks

"Denny’s," the dining chain famous for its pancakes   and round the clock meals, has an added attraction now. You get to choose your own ingredients when ordering an omelet . The DIY omelet is huge and... -

11 Day Diet Menu

11 day diet menu is perhaps the quickest way to shed kilos and get back in shape. Unlike other fad and low-cal diets, the 11 day diet helps you to lose about nine pounds of weight within a span of just 11 days. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Also... -

English Appetizer Ideas

Looking to make English appetizers for an English dinner party? Here you will find the most interesting and unique English appetizer ideas .   Appetizers play an important role when it comes to hosting a successful party. The... -

You Have Been Pouring Beer All Wrong!

  Serving and drinking beer is nothing new to you, but do you really know how to pour a beer? Does that seem like a dumb question? Well, not really! Do you know that the way you pour beer may affect the overall taste and... -

A Special Greek Lunch Menu 1

Greek cuisine is the cuisine of Greece   . It is typical of Mediterranean cuisine . The most characteristic and ancient element of Greek cooking is olive oil, which is present in almost every dish.Try this Greek Lunch Menu:   ... -

Renna’s Pizza - Jacksonville, Fl

Renna’s has it going on... They have a nice crust, good sauce, slammin sausage, and good cheese to boot... Renna’s makes a pretty darn good cheese pizza too - I’ve always said if you can make a good cheese pizza you can make any pizza good... Most... -

How To Make Bratwurst Without Nitrates At Home

  Bratwurst is a traditional German sausage with mild flavor and taste common in the US particularly in Wisconsin where a large population of Germans resides. Bratwurst without nitrates can be made at home . Sodium Nitrate is a preservative used... -

6 Ideas For Irish Breakfast

An Irish breakfast is called 'Fry Up' since all ingredients of breakfast are deep fried in the same skillet. A full Irish breakfast is high in proteins and fats since this suits the cold environment in Ireland. Beginning a cold day... -

Meat Garnish-how To Tips & Ideas

There is an array of meat garnish ideas for decorating your foods and drinks. Garnishing with meat is a challenging task even for the reputed chefs. Here we will discuss on some of the easiest meat garnish ideas, which are simple to try but spectacular on... -

Village Inn Menu - Old World Charm

I am a serious fan of the village-style cafes and restaurant with the old world charm and personalized service. That is why when I came across the Village Inn cafes, I could not resist trying it out and writing about its menu, which is not only full of... -

Food & Beverage - General Websites

Food & Beverage - General Websites Ale Street News Alpirsbacher Beer Brewery Bacardi Welcome to Club Bacardi Bakery Sieber - Online Baking Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co -... -

Grill Menu

  Ever wondered you can save time, money and still eat healthy? Yes, pick any recipe from a Grill Menu and experience the truth. The best part is any food from vegetable to meat can be grilled. Only thing that is to be kept in... -

Easy Pork Cupcake Ideas

Cupcake ideas explained in this write-up incorporates pork and is a golden chance to bake something novel for your kids. These are delightful breakfast as well as lunch dishes. Plus, you can easily pack them to be enjoyed at picnics and school parties  ... -

Top 6 Casseroles To Enjoy On Christmas

December 25! What is it? Wow! Christmas! Time to celebrate! Christmas without delicious and interesting food? Not possible! In case you are falling short of ideas as to what to cook this Christmas, go through the recipes given below. Here are a few casseroles... -

Big Mike’s Pizzeria & Rest. - Jacksonville, Fl

Big Mike’s can throw down with any pizzeria in the greater Jacksonville area when it comes to good crust.  Let me back up - Great crust.  It’s good - it’s damn good - get it?  I’m not easy to please because every time I take a bite of pizza I... -

Weirdest Swedish Snacks

Sweden, like other European nations, has its own array of weird as well as tasty snacks. From the foul smelling herring to fermented sausages, you will be able to notice that the list of strange Swedish snacks is quite vast. Here is a glimpse of the weird... -

A Turkish Breakfast Menu!

Turkish breakfast is such a healthy and delightful spread that I make it a point to include it at least once in a week. The Turkish cuisine  is a blend of various cultures and is also region specific. The elements of a traditional... -

10 Halloween Finger Foods & Party Treats

If you are thinking of organizing a  Halloween party this year, then it is time to start planning. One of the most important parts of this celebration is serving festive, Halloween finger foods and party treats to your guests. Here, you will find... -

Pizza Hut Launches ‘overstuffed’ Pizza For The Gluttons

You have had the stuffed-crust pizza at the Pizza Hut, the hot-dog-stuffed as well as the Cone Crust pizzas but are you ready for the ‘Overstuffed Pizza”? The latest pizza variety to come out of the Pizza Hut kitchen is an entire pie made with one big... -

Waffle House Menu

“We are not in the food business...We are in the People business,” proclaims Joe Rogers, Sr., who is Co-founder of the Waffle House Inc. He and Tom Forkner had only one mission in life, which was to deliver a unique experience to their customers through... -

Burger King Introduces New Breakfast On Its Menu

    Burger King introduces new breakfast on its menu with the addition of 9 items.  Burger King has termed this expansion as “largest menu expansion ever."  Let’s see what are those breakfast items... -

New Year Dinner Menu

Different countries have different foods for New Year and most recipes are based on traditional eating habits. Here are some common items which form a part of the New Year dinner menu ...           ... -

Paleolithic Diet Menu

Paleolithic diet plan  is loaded with animal proteins, healthy fats, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and is apparently the best diet to lose weight and avert the risk of degenerative diseases, all in a healthy way. Paleolithic diet menu is planned in... -

Wedding Shower Menu

Wedding shower parties are fun, yet practical. Having a good   wedding shower menu   in place is very essential to keep up the party spirits. A menu for   bridal shower menus , in general, is a rich source of finger foods, which the guests can... -

Australian Food For Kids

Kids are very particular about their food, but luckily you can find plenty of mouth-watering Australian food for kids . Australian cuisine reflects the country’s multicultural nature. You can find many British-influenced dishes which are eaten by... -