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Sauces are tasteful side dishes or accompaniments that are often served along with other preparations or are used in the preparation of other dishes in almost every cuisine of the world. Often served hot or cold ... More »
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Vegan Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Be it a simple glaze or baked tofu, the citrusy, crimson-red cranberry sauce can spruce up your Thanksgiving or Christmas spread like nothing else. And making it is far easier than you think. Just get hold of red ripe cranberries and a few pantry ingredients... - 145.261

Classic Italian-style Homemade Vegetarian Tomato Sauce

This tangy, spicy tomato sauce will make you say Arrivederci to those grocery store sauces! Make this one time and the grocery brands will never satisfy you again. Since perfection needs patience, this classic tomato sauce takes a couple of hours to simmer... - 141.691

Duck Sauce

This versatile sauce pairs well with ribs, duck, chicken or pork. We used mandaquats, a mandarin and kumquat mix. Oranges or tangerines are also good. You can substitute orange marmalade for the freshly cooked citrus, if you like. When you cook for yourself... - 133.137

Quick Tomato Sauce

If you are crazy about homemade tomato sauce, then here is something for you. It is one of the staple ingredients, every equipped kitchen should have. If you never prepared this on your own, then don't miss this chance to learn the process as this homemade... - 132.697

Cream Puffs With Chocolate Sauce

If you're looking for some nice dessert recipes , then this recipe would be very useful. It's simply delicious and is a perfect dessert to make for Valentine's Day. I'm sure your loved one will really enjoy these puffs. - 131.864

Crusted Pork In Bloody Mary Sauce With Spatzle

All of those who enjoy eating pork should try this recipe. It's a treat to have. Besides the chef shares the secrets to make bloody mary sauce. This dish can be served with some fresh green salad. - 131.856

Classic Barbeque Sauce

All of you, who are missing the gorgeous flavor of homemade barbecue sauce, made by your grand mom, here is something exciting for you. Preparing your own barbecue sauce is something exciting and when you use that sauce to cook the flavorful barbecues, it... - 131.729

Easy Homemade Caramel Sauce - No Thermometer Needed!

This homemade caramel sauce is SO easy to make, and you don't even need a thermometer to make it! You can drizzle the caramel on ice cream, cheesecake, and many other desserts, or use it for coffee drinks. I love making my own Caramel Macchiatos. Enjoy! - 131.593

Farfalle With Vodka And Tomato Sauce

There is nothing better on a cold winter's night, than a nice hot bowl of pasta. And if it is a Farfalle with Vodka and Tomato Sauce it will warm your heart. In this video, you will learn how to make this quick and easy sauce. Whether you're serving it as a... - 129.903

Grilled Venison Steaks

This robust cut of meat is difficult to procure, never the less the same can be attempted by beef steaks! Watch Ken cook these great venison steaks and pair it with some salad and a shitake mushroom sauce! - 129.029

Homemade Creamy Cheese Sauce - Animal Fat Rennet Free

MAKING 1. In a pan melt butter on medium heat, then add the flour and stir well and cook for few minutes or till it begins to change color to pale yellowish. 2. Pour the milk slowly while stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Bring it to boil and add the... - 128.155

Homemade Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce

Why order a takeout when you can add restaurant-like flair to your food cooked right in your kitchen? Simple and tasty, Keith Snow tells how you can jazz up your most boring fare into gourmet delight with an easy-to-make, lip-smackingly delicious cayenne... - 127.86

Healthy Cranberry Sauce

I keep talking to you about eating real food, so this Holiday Season You can make your own Healthy Cranberry Sauce from scratch that actually tastes much better than the fake stuff! To start, let's look at the Ingredients of the fake stuff - Cranberries, High... - 127.823

Homemade Chimichurri Sauce

Bring in the flavors of Argentina to your dinner table with the spicy hot Chimichurri sauce. Bright and fresh, this thick herb condiment is just ideal for marinating and goes well with so many things like grilled chicken or steak. Plus, it’s quite... - 127.563

Chinese Spicy Beef In Orange Sauce

Beef stir fries have to be one of the most popular items on any Chinese take-out menu. Robust, spicy dishes like this beef stir-fry in orange sauce will take you on a tour to China at your dinner table! This dish is a treat for your senses. It is a... - 127.136

Onion Cloute Flavored Bread Sauce

Looking for an interesting yet easy to make sauce for enhancing the taste of your savory delicacies? Well, this bread sauce is easy to make and is unique in its own right. Flavored with onion cloute, thickened with breadcrumbs and made creamier with butter,... - 126.547

Bacon And Mushroom Fettuccine In Tomato Cream Sauce

Take the hassle out of your weeknight cooking with this rich-and-creamy pasta dish that is your ticket to hectic weeknights. Perfect for family dinners or entertaining, bacon and mushroom pasta in tomato cream sauce is one fail-safe ready that is easy and... - 126.219

Stemilt Cherry Bbq Sauce

If I am honest, BBQ sauce has never been one of those sauces that makes me weak in the knees, until I started exploring ways to give it a taste of heat and sweet without being too much of either one. Mixing the heat and smoke of the chipolte pepper with the... - 126.117

How To Make Cranberry Sauce

Here's a simple yet delicious recipe for cranberry sauce. You can prepare this sauce a day ahead and store in the refrigerator. - 126.004

Caramel Sauce

The fall season is here and it's time to make caramel sauce! It's rich, velvety, and so delicious! Caramel sauce can be used as a topping, a filling, or to make caramel apples! You only need 4 ingredients plus the flavoring of your choice. Your friends and... - 124.926

Chicken In Cherry Sauce

Chicken in cherry sauce is something exotic to serve in any special occasion. The bright red-colored gravy and the incredible aroma, make the dish completely irresistible. You too can prepare this at your own kitchen and enjoy a gorgeous-looking and flavorful... - 124.825

Beurre Monte Dipping Sauce

BeurreMonte is a melted butter sauce that is used is basting or for making sauces! So how you make this lovely emulsified butter. Shea shows you how in this video! - 123.835

Fried Green Spicy Tomatoes With A Creamy Remoulade Sauce

Tomatoes can get spicy and crispy when cooked as an appetizer to be served with an equally good sauce. Check out the recipe to make Fried Green Tomatoes as well as the Creamy Remoulade Sauce to serve the tomatoes along with. Interesting and delicious fun! - 123.814

Fresh Tomato Sauce - Italian

Another staple for your recipe box, this tomato sauce will add that fresh garden flavour to your pastas and pizzas. - 123.692

Caramel Sauce And Simple Dessert Sauce Designs

Caramel sauce is easy and delicious! Lighter caramel is sweeter while darker caramel is more intense. Tweak it to complement your tastes and your desserts! Remember to visit to download this recipe for free, see more free how-to... - 123.33

Healthy Turkey Meatballs In Wild Mushroom Sauce

This is a multi-purpose dish and a go-to meatball recipe for those on a lean protein, low fat diet. You can do small meatballs for an hors d’oeuvre or appetizer, or make them larger and serve them over whole wheat noodles as a meal. Whichever way you chose... - 123.103

Orange Cranberry Sauce

Here’s a very easy recipe for making your own cranberry sauce at home from scratch. Quite effortless for a great result! Try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised! - 122.73

Chocolate Sauce And Simple Dessert Sauce Designs

Chocolate sauce is very easy to make and can add a touch of elegance to your desserts (or just more chocolaty flavor!) For a thicker sauce, use less water in the beginning. Remember to visit to download this recipe for free, see more... - 122.417

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Here is an impressive video that shows you how to prepare cranberry sauce at home. This is super easy, requires just three ingredients and is much better than the commercial store bought ones. Take a look at this video and gear up to make this sauce in your... - 121.839

Pomegranate Barbecue Sauce

Barbecues can be a feel-good affair with healthy gluten-free accompaniments like the barbecue sauce itself. Here is a recipe to make Gluten Free Pomegranate Barbecue Sauce using pomegranate concentrate as the key ingredient along with other flavorings. Flavor... - 121.595

Homemade Strawberry Sauce

Strawberry Sauce is a great topping on any desserts like cheesecake, ice creams. The natural bright red color of the strawberries adds a splash of color to your desserts and also make it super tasty. I made Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes using the Strawberry... - 121.574

Homemade Tomato Sauce

A quick and easy homemade tomato sauce can create splendor to your dinner table. Whatever dish you cook, add this special homemade tomato sauce as a side dish and just watch the expressions of your family members or guests. They might even go more for the... - 121.418

Cocktail Sauce

The cocktail sauce is a very delicate sauce, it's mostly served with fish and crustaceans and it's the main ingredient of the famous shrimp cocktail - 121.218

Betty's Zesty Barbeque Sauce

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Zesty Barbecue Sauce. This is a great sauce to put on pulled pork or beef, chicken, ribs, and other meats. - 121.024

Eggs In Tomato Sauce

This is an amazing recipe of Eggs in Tomato Sauce. It's heavenly delicious and serves great as a meal. You can enjoy the dish with some white bread. So, do try it out. - 120.822

Basic Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Do you want to make a barbecue sauce with all the basic ingredients? If yes, this video can help you do so. The chef shows making the sauce by preparing all the ingredients at home and does not use any readymade materials. Watch the video for full... - 120.761

Basic Bechamel Sauce

Now is the time to make one of the 'mother sauces' of French cuisine, bechamel sauce!.Watch this video to learn the basic recipe of bechamel sauce. It's delicious, versatile and easy on the purse! This traditional white sauce is delicious with fish, pasta or... - 120.115

Tomato Sauce From Scratch

Home-made tomato sauce tastes so much better than jarred! Add your favorite vegetables and spices for a unique and flavor-full pasta topping. - 120.002

Crab Croquettes & Creamy Corn Sauce Over Mashed Potatoes

A simple creamed corn that's lighter in fat than most over mashed potatoes and topped with Tony's Crab Croquettes. An easy dish that doesn't even need a recipe, and a great way to celebrate sweet summer corn. - 119.976

Easy Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce

This is a very classic hot fudge for all your chocolate whims. Of course it is perfect for ice cream, but consider using it as a sauce over cakes, puddings and just about any dessert...yum! This hot fudge sauce recipe is worth a try. Here the chef has... - 119.661

Albacore Tuna With Jalapeno Bacon Cream Sauce

Tuna may seem like a pedestrian fish but we love albacore tuna. This dish has a wonderful Jalapeno based sauce which is delicious - 119.499

Canned Tomato Sauce

Summer is the right time to buy fully ripe tomatoes and make a great tomato sauce to enjoy year round! - 119.228

Raw Vegan - Banana Ice Cream With Blackberry Sauce, Ep 243

Need a quick and healthy dessert idea for your Sunday dinner menu? Then take a look at this banana ice cream recipe. Very simple to make and with the steps provided here it become all the easier. Definitely a very healthy dessert alternative and your kids are... - 119.227

Crispy Pork Scaloppini With Wild Mushroom Sauce

This Crispy Pork Scaloppini with Wild Mushroom Sauce is a delicious crowd pleasing dish that you will make again and again. This video will guide you through the step by step preparation of this great recipe. Happy Cooking! - 118.986

Chicken And Pasta With Cheese Sauce

If you want to prepare gourmet style meals at home, then this Chicken and Pasta with Cheese Sauce is a great idea to begin with. Watch this video for the details of this beautiful and indulgent dish. It is bound to impress your guests. Enjoy! - 118.951

White Sauce By Tarla Dalal

A basic sauce made by using plain flour, butter and milk. Easy to make but very versatile in its uses. Its used as a base for various soups, pastas, sauces, baked dishes, etc which require a certain creaminess. - 118.907

Summertime Barbecue Sauce

Summers are the times when we all go looking for barbecue sauce recipes to grill our meat in the garden. And you also need them while watching baseball matches and football matches. Today, Tawnya has Aaron Cook as guest in her kitchen and he is a basketball... - 118.847

Vegetable Stuffed Acorn Squash

Stuffed acorn squash sounds really good! The stuffing for the squash is filled with health and nutrition. Made with lots of vegetables and is flavored with loads of herbs. The stuffed squash is then topped off with a cheese like sauce! The recipe is... - 118.682

Authentic Greek Hot Dog Sauce

An incredible Coney Island sauce that combines ground sirloin and lots of spices. - 118.62

Thanksgiving Recipes : Cranberry Sauce

Rebecca Brand shows how to make classic cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving or Christmas in 10 minutes from fresh cranberries. This SUPER easy recipe works every time and will replace your impulse to ever buy canned cranberries again. It's amazing how quick this... - 118.503

Easy Tomato Sauce

If you are addicted to tangy tomatoes, you can have the taste of them always through a tomato sauce. Here is an easy and basic recipe for tomato sauce. Watch how the chef makes use of different vegetables, sweats them and adds garlic, tomatoes and bay leaf... - 118.348

Italian Pears Braised In Red Wine Sauce

Make your winter special with this spectacular Pear dessert. This pear dessert only uses four ingredients, but tastes sensational. It is so easy to make and will warm you up on a cold winter's night. So easy and so delicious - this dessert is a winner in... - 117.847

Barbecue Sauce

Want a really fresh and refreshing barbecue sauce that is not very sweet? In this video, Tawnya is a making a delicious barbecue sauce using canned tomatoes, horseradish , garlic, green onions, green peppers and many more. This is her tried and true family... - 117.815

How To Make Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

Rich and yummy hot fudge sauce. Great drizzled over ice cream, a warm brownie or even cake. - 117.477

Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce

Planning for a weekend barbeque party, then watch this video to make chimichurri sauce. This would be a great accompaniment to your grilled steak or salads. The video is nicely demonstrated and very easy to understand. Also use this sauce as a marinade for... - 117.371

Cranberry Sauce For Christmas - In 60 Seconds

An essential accompaniment to the table on Christmas day! Check out my home made Cranberry Sauce Recipe in just 60 seconds. - 117.126

Roasted Duck In Port Cherry Wine Sauce

If you are still not sure about what to serve on the holiday table, here is something attractive for your guests. Roasted duck in port cherry sauce is definitely going to be the main attraction of the menu, if prepared perfectly. For that, you need to watch... - 117.057

Easy And Quick Cranberry-caramelized Onion Sauce

If you are looking for the easy and simple homemade sauce, then you are on the right page. Here, you can find the easy recipe of cranberry caramelized onion sauce. - 116.72

Steamed Cracked Crab In Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Want to wow your guests with a recipe that looks and tastes very impressive but is easy to cook? Then watch this video and prepare to be amazed, and amaze! This recipe will yield a yummy crab cooked in a spicy, delectable sauce. Everyone is sure to love it! - 116.211

Seared Pork With Apple Cranberry Chutney In A Fine Herbs Sauce

If you’re not a traditionalist and are looking for a non-turkey dinner to serve for Thanksgiving, here is one that will make you look like a professional chef! Chef Lee Ewing joins Kat and shows how to make a fantastic Seared Pork Medallion dish with a Fine... - 116.037

Pork Dumplings

Whether you are looking for a perfect entrée for your Chinese New Year Celebrations or just a yummy treat to “pig out” on, pork dumplings is something that can truly satiate you. Megan and Paula whomps up this classic pork delight using simplest of... - 115.846

Roasted Saucy Chicken

Winter is the time to enjoy roasted chicken and this recipe of roasted saucy chicken definitely has something unique to offer. In fact, it is the sauce which makes the chicken more succulent and more delicious. So, go through the video, learn the process and... - 115.1

Mini Meatballs With Tasty Dipping Sauce

Looking for some nice recipes for appetizers, then this is it. Chef Victoria makes this amazing Mini Meatballs with Tasty Dipping Sauce. It will be a great hit at your next cocktail party. - 115.051

How To Make Strawberry Topping

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for strawberry topping. - 115.038

Chef Special Steak Sauce

In search of tasty steak sauce recipe? Look no further. This video is just apt for you, watch the chef prepare this Special Steak Sauce with a twist. We bet you would want to make this sauce over and over again. - 114.842

Apple-cider Barbecue Sauce

Are you planning for summer dinners at home? Then you may also be looking for a nice barbecue sauce. Watch this video which shows how to make apple barbecue sauce. It is simple and just delicious to use at home for barbecues and even as a dip. The chef... - 114.734

Tangy Mango Sauce

When you have this tangy mango sauce ready at home, you can be rest assured about your barbeque project. It is going to be a great success. Use this sauce to marinate and brush while barbequing. Enjoy finger licking barbequed items with your friends and... - 114.283

Filipino Kangkong And Tofu In Chili Garlic Sauce

Most of us make a conscious effort to including greens in our diet. Boiled, blanched or raw greens are not so appealing, especially for kids. This Pinoy recipe of kangkong (water spinach) with tofu in a chili garlic oyster sauce is a good way to get your... - 114.266

Butter Sauce

How about a versatile, quick and easy sauce to use to cook chicken and cheese. Check out chef Aarsi showing how to cook Makhni Sauce or Butter Sauce with heavily whipped cream, Indian spices and seasonings. The true secret of delicious butter chicken! - 114.256

Pork Tenderloin Cutlets With Balsamic Shallot Sauce

Pork tenderloin cutlets with balsamic shallot sauce is an absolutely simple recipe. View this fantastic video to prepare these cutlets with a super delicious sweet and tangy sauce. Why not try out this great way to make an easy recipe for a meal and share it... - 114.105

Steak And Bourbon Coffee Sauce

Steaks can be cooked in amazing recipes and unconventional ingredients. Here is Chef Mike Monahan showing how to cook steak with simple seasonings as well as Bourbon-Coffee Sauce and serve the meat with the sauce. Great with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot wines! - 114.064

Betty's 1 -- 2 -- 3 Chocolate Fudge Sauce -- 4th Of July

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make 1 -- 2 -- 3 Chocolate Fudge Sauce. This sauce may be served over ice cream, cubed pound cake, and other sweet treats. It is so simple to make, easy as 1 -- 2 -- 3! - 114.008

Bar B Que Sauce - 4th Of July

Come summer and everyone is in a mood to enjoy barbecued meat outside the kitchen. There is no point in buying canned barbeque sauce when you can make it easily with available ingredients in your pantry. Chef Scott shows an easy homemade Barbecue Sauce for... - 113.952

Betty's Magic Shell Chocolate Ice Cream Topping

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Magic Shell Chocolate Ice Cream Topping. This is chocolate ice cream topping that hardens within a minute of putting it on top of ice cream or other frozen treat (like frozen yogurt). - 113.836

Scrumptious All Purpose Tomato Sauce

If you want to make an easy all purpose tomato sauce, you really need to look at this video. It's so simple that you can make in a minute. Check out the video right away!!! - 113.692

Spicy Pork Ribs In Hot Banana Sauce

Planning to prepare delicious pork ribs for your outside BBQ party - here is something exceptional which is going to mesmerize your guests with its flavor and taste. In this video, the baked pork ribs are nicely coated with spicy banana sauce and later... - 113.446

Pear Sauce

Want to have a sweet break from your regular apple sauce - try this pear sauce. Yes, it is much sweeter than apple and quite easy to prepare, too. To learn the cooking procedure, watch the video. - 113.348

Homemade Cranberry Sauce- Quick And Easy

Homemade cranberry sauce just makes the canned stuff look so sad. That fresh taste of sweetened cranberries with a hint of fresh squeezed orange juice and pomegranate is a joy to the taste buds. Pass the turkey! - 113.187

How To Make Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce! How can you live without this stuff on your Ice Cream, or Cake? If you've been scared off by all the warnings about how hard it is to make, don't worry; this recipe is a snap and is ready in no time. - 113.162

Crispy Fish With Orange Ginger Sauce And Sauteed Spinach Part 1- Preparing Batter

Grab a few ingredients, including Fish then see out the winter with these fast and fragrant Orange Ginger Sauce with sautéed Spinach. In the first part, Chef Nick starts with initial cooking of Sauce and making simple Fish batter. It's so easy with just few... - 113.056

White Sauce

Made in 5-10 minutes. Check out this really easy recipe for white sauce. You've probably got all the ingredients already! Goes great with Lasagna - 113.049

Christmas Caramel Sauce

Try some new and innovative gifts this Christmas. This video shows you a really simple yet exotic way to present this Christmas Caramel Sauce along with a pound cake to your loved ones. It is a quick and easy recipe and the funky packing makes it look really... - 113.009

Zucchini Pasta In Tomato Sauce

Pasta with fake pasta?? That’s what this recipe is….fake but “so healthy” pasta created from zucchini and cooked in a tomato sauce like a real pasta! Watch the video to learn how to do this and have a meal like never before! - 112.946

Scallops And Asparagus With Creamy Herbed Butter Sauce

Looking for a simple way to prepare scallops deliciously, here is a recipe just right for you. Watch Mike Monahan as he cooks asparagus and scallops in olive oil with some simple seasonings and then serves them with a topping of herbed butter sauce. Scallops... - 112.901

Halloween Spine Tingle Wraps

Halloween is an occasion to catch up with fun and celebration with food. Watch the video showing how to make tortilla wraps filled with luscious and flavorful ham, greens, mayonnaise and some seasonings. A cool and compact meal to rock the party! - 112.873

Caramel Sauce

Caramel sauce is great for desserts. It is especially great on vanilla ice cream. - 112.555

Homemade Hot Sauce In 10 Minutes

GETTING READY 1. Split the Serrano peppers in half and remove the seeds, chop finely. Don’t forget to wear gloves. MAKING 2. In a sauce pan pour in vinegar and place that on stove. 3. Add in the salt and carrots. Stir in the peppers and cook for 4... - 112.554

Julie's Homemade Apple Sauce

Once you try your hand at homemade applesauce, you’ll never want store-bought again. I like to make applesauce in a pressure cooker, which takes only 10 minutes at high pressure, or slowly simmered overnight in a slow cooker. - 112.522

Betty's Traditional Cranberry Sauce -- Thanksgiving

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Traditional Cranberry Sauce. This is the perfect accompaniment for turkey or ham at Thanksgiving or Christmas. - 112.391

Sauteed Pork With Brandy Cream Sauce

Pork chops turn out with a unique flavor when cooked in brandy or wine. Here is a recipe by Mike Monahan where pork chops are cooked and served with brandy cream sauce that is made with pork drippings, brandy and some simple seasonings. A real pork delight! - 112.107

Crispy Fish With Orange Ginger Sauce And Sauteed Spinach Part 2- Frying Fish And Preparing Sauce

Crispy Fish with Orange Ginger Sauce and Sauteed Spinach is yet another chef Kevin's delicious dish . Interestingly, in the second part Chef starts pan frying fish and ends with this tangy Sauce. A simple dish of crispy Fish is made extra special with this... - 111.984

Deep Fried Eggplant In Red Sauce And Pine Nuts

In the video, chef is making a gourmet like dish in a very simple and easy way. She deep fries the eggplant slices in oil and makes a red sauce using tomato ketchup. She plates the fried eggplants and pours the sauce over it. Garnishing the dish with pine... - 111.953

Homemade Barbeque Sauce

If you thought barbeques are meant just for summers, then you are wrong as barbeques cab be enjoyed all the year round. And when we talk about barbeque fun, sauces hold a special place. Watch the video here to learn how to make brilliant barbeque sauce which... - 111.854

Stuffed Zucchini In Yogurt Sauce

Stuffed zucchini in yogurt sauce resembles our country, as all its ingredients have different colors, flavors, textures and yet they all work together in making this dish a true exquisite delicacy. Watch the video for the details of this true master piece of... - 111.81

Cranberry Sauce

MAKING 1. Place a small saucepan on heat, add cranberries, water, and sugar in it. 2. Drop cardamom, and cinnamon in saucepan. 3. On medium high heat, mix and bring it to a rapid boil. 4. Lower the heat, stir occasionally, and cook until desired... - 111.388

Betty's Nutty Broccoli And Cauliflower With Cheese Sauce

When looking for a simple, fast, and fabulous weeknight treat that brims with healthy nutrients and loads of flavors, this dish would make for the perfect pick. Nutty broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce is a surprisingly simple but stunningly sumptuous... - 111.246

Betty's Hot Fudge Sauce.mpg

How to make your own superior Hot Fudge Sauce. Demonstrated by longtime cooking instructor and former caterer Betty Bannerman Busciglio. - 111.23

How To Make Caramel Sauce

The method used in the video is called DRY METHOD where you melt the sugar by itself in the pan, this is the quicker and less dangerous way to melt it since the sugar won't crystalize as easily. Learn how to make caramel sauce to use on ice creams, on top of... - 111.205

Linguini With Creamy Smoked Salmon Sauce

This Linguini with Creamy Smoked Salmon Sauce is a master piece. Watch this video and see how you can make this gourmet dish in your kitchen with a few easily available ingredients. If you love creamy pasta you will adore this recipe! - 111.16

Red Wine Sauce

Must try sauce! - 111.068

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