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Chicken Sandwich

Sandwich has always been a light snack. This episode on Cookery Show details the Sandwich making process with making it tasty by adding chicken - 3.57734

English Cucumber Sandwiches

English Cucumber Sandwiches - 1.12195

Special Banh Mi At Lee's Sandwiches

Lee's Sandwiches is a fast food restaurant chain. Are you looking for a popular Vietnamese sandwich called as Banh Mi? in this video, Bon Vivant takes you on a culinary tour of world foods at Lee's Sandwiches. - 119.774

How To Keep Your Sandwiches From Being Soggy

Betty demonstrates a method for keeping your sandwiches from being soggy. - 101.869

Tips To Make Lunchmeat Sandwich

Learn a very simple way to make a lunchmeat sandwich shown in this video. You don’t need much ingredients just few basic ones and a tasty, yummy sandwich is ready for a snack. - 83.51

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Grilled cheese sandwich is a perfect snack food. In this video, Trish is demonstrating creamy and delicious grilled cheese sandwich in a very simple way. - 24.729

Food Hound: Tidbits - Roast Sandwich House

Brimstone and Luscious were over at the Roast Sandwich House in Melville for some tasty treats! Check out their freshly home made menu, including dishes that will keep you daydreaming for days. **Please note: The Braised Brisket Sandwich is on Sourdough NOT... - 25.8268

For A Healthier Sandwich Try Joseph's Low Carb Tortillas

Do you love Mexican food but are worried about the calories in the tortillas? Then here is a news to cheer. Josephs Tortilla are very low in calories and provide fiber and proteins as well. They do not break while rolling and are easy to wrap. There are many... - 104.098

Chicken Salad Sandwich

This is a healthy chicken salad sandwich recipe. I't fast and easy to make and uses all fresh ingredients. - 90.4778

How To Cut A Sandwich

There are two ways to cut a sandwich. Join Chef John and know how to cut and serve it to your guests. - 122.959

Hungry-man Breakfast Bacon Biscuit Xxl Sandwich Review

Greg is reviewing the Hungry-Man Breakfast Bacon Biscuit XXL Sandwich today. Hungry-Man usually never disappoints when it comes to quantity and this being an XXL is a guaranteed huge meal. But, can it match in quality. Greg immediately picks up the... - 93.7337

Kid Cuisine Kc's Karate Chop Chicken Sandwich Review

Greg is back with another frozen food review and today's special is Kid Cuisine KC's Karate Chop Chicken Sandwich. The package has some crazy description that includes strawberry flavored popping crispies. Greg's curious and can't wait to tell you more about... - 93.108

Sandwich And Cape Cod Potato Chips

Chef Michael McDermott Does some really awesome Sandwich And Cape Cod Potato Chips. This video is so much fun and you can also learn how things are done by the true professionals. - 83.5241

How To Make Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Whether your favorite ice cream is nestled in between cookies, cakes, or wafers, an ice cream sandwich is sure to put you in a good mood. Making homemade ice cream sandwiches is easy and fun. Hang with your family and make yummy ice cream sandwiches. - 123.931

What Is The Best Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwich?

Today's Frodown are frozen food throw downs where I review similar items head to head. In today's fro down I compare Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches from Skinny Cow, Weight Watchers, and Great Value. Which is best? Review of Skinny Cow Vanilla Ice Cream... - 109.406

Product Review: Lagranada Dips And Grilled Cheese Sandwich

LaGranada makes tasty dips for sandwiches, appetizers and snacks. The products are good and are low in calories. Alia has tested them and loved them, the best part is they are ready to eat. She vouches for their authenticity. Watch this video to know more... - 114.69

His Lordship's Tea Sandwiches

Make these delicious savory Downton Abbey inspired salmon, cucumber, Watercress, and cream cheese sandwiches -- just the way His Lordship likes them! - 102.618

Frozen Spicy Chicken Sandwich Review

When I saw this Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Chicken Sandwich I had high hopes that they were giving a little reference to the amazing spiciness of the Chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich.The Frozen Food Master reviews this Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Chicken Sandwich.... - 101.752

Healthy Lunch Idea: Salmon Avocado Sandwich

Wendie Pett shares a delicious and simple recipe for a sandwich with heart-healthy baked salmon and a flavorful avocado spread. Step up your sandwich game with this quick recipe! - 103.09

How To Prepare Onions For A Sandwich

Preparing onions for a sandwich is really a very easy task. How to make your sandwich more healthy and tasty by preparing onions in a perfect way. In this short video, Dave is sharing tips to prepare onions for a perfect sandwich. - 45.8744

Cuban Sandwich Recipe

Chef Dato shows how he makes a Cuban sandwich from Thursday's International menu at Chef Dato's at Tin Lizzy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. If you are interested to know more about the Cuban sandwich, get hooked up with the video! - 83.4374

Grass Fed Beef Sandwiches Caramelized Onions Recipe

Grass fed beef is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is very healthy and delicious beef sandwich. A great beef sandwich recipe with a twist! Watch and try at your home. For more information, please visit Organic Authority - 92.9662

Ihop Maple Sausage, Egg Cheese French Toast Breakfast Sandwich Review

Nothing tastes better for breakfast than french toast, egg, sausage and cheese. Greg is reviewing just that today. The product for review is IHOP's Maple Sausage, Egg Cheese French Toast Breakfast Sandwich. Great packaging and great promises but is it that... - 93.1827

Chocolate Sandwich Recipe

Chocolate, whether in the form of a cake or sandwich, is loved by almost all age groups of people. If you have a craving for chocolate, try this easy recipe of chocolate sandwich. This chocolate sandwich will surely make the perfect dessert for your party. - 25.0353

Wine Pairings For Sandwiches

Danny Meyer offers a few basic rules for pairing sandwiches with wine For more information, please visit - 102.251

Banh Mi Sandwich Recipe

Looking for some change in your sandwich repertoire? Why not try this easy and delicious Banh Mi sandwich. Banh Mi sandwich is a famous Vietnamese sandwich. Watch this video and learn the recipe in detail. - 25.0456

The Art Of Making A Sandwich

Jack shows you tips on making the perfect sandwich for Back to School. - 22.2755

Special K Sausage, Egg Cheese Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich Video Review: Freezerburns (ep563)

I didn't know it but I think I am on a quest to find the best frozen breakfast sandwich. There are some that are good for you but lack flavor. There are others that taste amazing but will put you one step closer to your grave with all it's sodium and fat. Oh,... - 113.451

Pastrami Sandwich At Katz's Deli

Pastrami Sandwich is a very delicious and famous sandwich. Bon Vivant chronicles are food experiences and takes you on a culinary tour of Pastrami Sandwich at Katz's Deli. - 99.4737

Easy Dinner Sandwich Recipe

Do you want to know how to make the delicious and easy to prepare sandwich recipe? In the video, Chef John shows how to make the appetizing easy dinner sandwich recipe. Don’t miss it! - 92.0179

Sandwich Artist (stand Up Comedy)

Francisco Aldorando hit a new low when he applied for a job at Subway. - 97.669

Fish Sandwich Prank

See this hilarious video where these guys prank the drive thru servers... - 0

Chef Paul's Roasted Red Pepper & Chicken Sandwich

Prepare to Eat Smart! Plan ahead for a weekly balanced diet to ensure you're getting the right amount of daily calories and nutrients to stick with your weight goals and healthy lifestyle. In this video, Chef Paul Routhier shows us how easy it is to make a... - 113.319

Cubed Pork Sandwich

How to make those lightly breaded sandwiches to enjoy for a great lunch or dinner. - 22.6501

Easy School Or Work Lunch Idea - Turkey Sandwich

The cheese used in this video is not something I usually buy but was craving it at the time. The rest of the ingredients are Josephs' Tortilla's, Sliced Turkey, Roasted Red Pepper, Mustard and Lettuce. I also use sprouts instead of lettuce, or tomato instead... - 94.5123

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich Recipe

Although Philadelphians are believed to be passionate about their city's sandwich, you can make your own philly cheesesteak sandwich right in your own kitchen. It is the great sandwich to enjoy with your tea. Watch this recipe video and learn more about the... - 26.3422

Tips To Make Grilled Sandwiches Without A Panini Press

You do not need special equipment to make a yummy grilled sandwich. You can easily make a grilled sandwich with the tools available in your kitchen. Watch this video and learn some easy tips to make grilled sandwiches without a panini press and hence save... - 98.6977

Tips To Keep A Bagel Sandwich From Getting Crushed

The bagel sandwich is fresh and always healthy. You can store these sandwiches in a clean plastic CD spindle in order to avoid getting crushed. Watch this video for more information. - 104.467

Tips To Make A Grilled Cheese Sandwich With An Iron

If you want some fun in your life, try making a grilled sandwich with an iron. Watch this video and learn the method. - 101.435

Reinventing The Pbj Sandwich

Peanut butter sandwiches go down more smoothly when there's a third ingredient in the mix. That ingredient is most often jelly, of course, but it doesn't have to be. There is definitely life beyond jelly. Why settle for an ordinary PBJ Sandwich? Join the... - 134.114

Chicken Sandwiches In A Skillet

Who doesn't like quick and easy meals which are non-messy and does not require post cooking clean up. Watch this video that displays a fast way to make a chicken sandwich on the skillet, prepared with chicken marinated in The Bag Holder. Check out this video... - 91.8429

101 Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

Whether you're looking for lunch recipes, side dishes, or hearty mains, you'll love the variety in 101 Soups, Salads & Sandwiches. - 94.7258

How To Pack A Healthy Lunch: Sandwiches

Chief Mom Carmen Staicer explains how to make the lunch box staple, the sandwich, a healthier mid-day meal for your child. - 95.1348

Here Is How Jenkins' Rib Sandwich Looks Like

The video shows how a Jenkins rib sandwich is prepared. The video demonstrates its appetizing pictures… - 85.1005

Here Is The Healthiest And Best Tasting Sandwich

Sandwiches is undoubtedly the most popular dish in the USA, according to a recent study by NPD Group. As expected, this adds up to well over billion sandwiches every year. To recognize this humble but heroic dish, the Grain Foods Foundation partnered with... - 84.0026

Lazy Man's Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Another Lazy Man's recipe. This is the quickest way to make pulled pork sandwiches. 5-6 pound pork butt roast 32 oz. THE BEST BBQ SAUCE YOU'LL EVER TASTE or your favorite BBQ sauce. Crock Pot / Slow cooker Directions: pour sauce into slow cooker. rinse cans... - 28.5176

Wine Pairings For Sandwiches : Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer offers a few basic rules for pairing sandwiches with wine. For more information, please visit - 102.318

Favorite Sandwich: Claudine Pépin

Claudine Pépin on her favorite sandwich at the 2008 F&W Classic in Aspen For more information, please visit - 98.5934

Mr. Sandwich Chinatown, Las Vegas

Mr. Sandwich is popular in serving French Vietnamese sandwiches. Try and enjoy the variety of sandwiches in Mr. Sandwich Chinatown, Las Vegas. - 89.1518

Review Of A San Francisco Tradition - It's - It Ice Cream Sandwiches

Every time I come out to San Francisco people tell me I have to review It's Its. They are a chocolate covered oatmeal raisin cookie ice cream sandwich that is a San Francisco tradition since 1928. Some people feel these things are the best thing ever. Others... - 89.7216

Riding Our Bikes On A Quest For Western Food (deli Sandwiches) At Dingo Deli In Hoi An, Vietnam

As we discussed our dining options it quickly became apparently we had a clamoring for western food and almost immediately we jumped on our bikes and pedaled down a main street en route to Dingo Deli for what is considered the best sandwich in all of Hoi An,... - 128.214

Gigantic Polish Sandwich Recipe

Chef Dato salutes Poland and makes a Gigantic Polish Sandwich with pork loin, kielbasa, sauerkraut, caramelized onions and cheese from the International Menu featuring polish food at Chef Dato's restaurant. If you are interested to know more about the recipe,... - 29.1088

Tips To Make Egg Sandwich

Egg sandwich is almost everybody’s favorite for breakfast. It is quick, healthy and easy to make. Let us learn a recipe to make egg sandwiches with chef John Englehorn. - 87.0459

Chicken Biryani Sandwich On Naan Bread Recipe

In this video, Chef Dato makes a Chicken Biryani Sandwich on Homemade Naan Bread and talks about India, Indian food and what's new at his restaurant "Chef Dato's Table" in Latrobe, PA. Watch the video for more updates. - 95.8251

About Dq's Chicken Sandwich

It is a humorous commercial of chicken sandwich. Taste this tempting sandwich and discover why it is different. Check out the video for more fun. - 91.2101

Tips To Make Sandwich Healthy

The nutritional consultant Emma Fogt joins Chefskitchen host to talk about how sandwiches can be made healthy for kids. Emma says that sandwiches can be filled with vegetables and other healthy ingredients to make it healthy and taste better. - 85.8714

Review Of Raw Vegan Leaf Cuisine Sandwich

Lorie has made a raw vegan sandwich today. The sandwich consists of yams, onions, sprouts, lettuce and some dressing. The sandwich looks absolutely yummy and appetizing. Just have a look at the sandwich and try making yourself. - 63.8806

Concoction-peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich With Milk

The Wisest Wizards are blending the two breakfast favorites, peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk. It may be an easy way to breakfast. A breakfast minus eating only drinking the milkshake with goodness of milk and sandwich.. - 83.934

Kua'aina Sandwich Shop At Restaurant Week

Kua’aina Sandwich Shop is a very popular place for the local and the Japanese tourists. This burger place is participating in the Restaurant Week. Grant Kawasaki is all set to find out what makes Kua’aina so popular. - 79.8984

Finger Sandwiches Recipe

Finger sandwiches are the tastiest snack item to be served on any party or get-together. Watch this video and learn about how to make finger sandwiches with the ingredients available in your kitchen cabinets. Serve these yummy snacks at your next party. They... - 25.9063

Sandwich Recipe

Sandwich is the easiest and tastiest snack item to be prepared at home. You can make a tasty sandwich with any of your favorite ingredients such as cold cuts, sprouts or lettuces. Watch this recipe video and learn the method to make a perfect sandwich for... - 26.513

Smuckers Uncrustable Microwave Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Uncrustable cheese sandwich is the wonderful idea of wrapping up a great party or a get together. Grilled sandwiches rock the party, and can be served as great appetizers. - 80.2047

Jimmy Dean Meal Sized Biscuit Sandwich

Jimmy dean breakfast includes bacon, cheese, egg sandwich biscuit, which is reviewed here. Pretty good in taste and texture, you can eat it in various ways. - 79.3871

Klondike 100 Calorie Vanilla Ice-cream Sandwich

Yummy and sense escalating Klondike 100 calories vanilla ice cream sandwich is here to rock you. The heavenly tasting ice cream sandwich has got lots of flavor to tantalize you. - 79.6297

Bin Laden’s Death Confirmed Using Half-eaten Sandwiches!

Senior Officials compare his DNA with that from family members’ chewed gum, toothbrushes and left over meals. Senior Officials used stockpiles of DNA, a full biometric analysis of facial and body features, which lead them to believe with a 99.9%... - 106.947

The Tomato Sandwich

Jack Scalfani shares some of his mom's family secrets. Here is the recipe: Ingredients tomato mayo olive oil salt pepper basil leaf 1. mayo one side of bread 2. lay tomato slices on bread 3. salt and pepper 4. drizzle olive oil on top 5. top with a dash of... - 25.3382

A Healthy Falafel Sandwich At Maoz

Maoz Vegetarian is a very famous restaurant serving authentic falafel and freshly made vegetarian food. So if you are planning to got to Maoz Vegetarian you will definitely get fresh and delicious vegetables. - 103.912

Pillsbury Grand's! Biscuit Sandwiches Bacon Cheese Review

In this video of Freezerburns, you are going to watch Gregory review Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches Bacon Cheese. He shows what it looks like in frozen and hot state. While the sandwich is cooling down, he tries to predict the taste of it. To his... - 126.837

Review Of Klondike's Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

Klondike has sent a box of Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich to frozen food master Gregory to review their dessert. Gregory first reads through the package and not impressed and he is skeptical about the food that is going to come out. But he is impressed with the... - 127.194

Review Of Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwich

In this video, Gregory the frozen food master reviews Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwich. According to the package there should be 8 mini sandwiches but they are actually 4 mini sandwiches. He finds the package and the picture on the package a little misleading but... - 127.861

Vitalicious Vitasandwich Egg N Cheese With Veggies Review

Like always, Gregory the frozen food master is excited about reviewing a frozen breakfast and this time its Vitalicious VitaSandwich Egg N Cheese with Veggies. As he reads through the package, he finds crazy stuff but is impressed with what he finds in the... - 128.337

Pairing Sandwich And Cape Cod Potato Chip Ideas By Chef Michael

The soft and mushy sandwich can now be served with a little twist. Chef Michael shares in this video the amazing idea of pairing sandwich with Cape Cod potato chips while serving to give your sandwich the much needed crunch. This can be a great idea for lunch... - 106.85

Tips To Make Velveeta Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Do you want to know how to make the appetizing Velveeta grilled cheese sandwich? The video depicts an easy and quick to make way to prepare the dish. If you are interested in learning the technique, get the glance of the video for more updates, and details. - 90.3829

Tips To Make Thin Sliced Slow Roasted Pork Sandwich With Cripple Creek Bbq Sauce

Do you want to know how to make thin sliced slow roasted pork sandwich with cripple creek BBQ sauce? The video depicts an easy and quick to make way to prepare the dish. If you are interested in learning the technique, get the glance of the video for more... - 90.8932

How To Make Sandwich

This Video is taken in the Kitchen of lovely Garden restaurant, of beautifully situated Hotel Uttarakhand, located in Kasauni, Uttarakhand State of India. Many thanks to the owner of Hotel Uttarakhand. Chef Jitender Kumar is making stuffed sandwich. - 82.086

How Do You Freeze A Sandwich?

On a busy day, sandwiches make an easy, healthy and quick bite. But have you ever thought of preparing a sandwich in advance and storing it in the freezer? Kimberly Edward is sharing some cool tips on how to freeze a sandwich in this one. Watch this video and... - 89.7285

Ihop At Home Applewood Bacon/egg Cheese Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches Review

Greg wasn't too fond of Ihop's products when they started out. Gradually, they did get better though. The Frozen Food Master is reviewing IHOP's at Home Applewood Bacon/Egg Cheese Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches in this video. Will the amazing pic description... - 93.8596

Kroger 1 Minute Sandwiches - Bacon Cheeseburger Review

A cheeseburger in a minute? You would think it's not possible but with the Kroger 1 Minute Sandwiches Bacon Cheeseburger, you will have a cheeseburger to devour within a minute of microwaving. Greg reviews this product and tells you all about it. If you're... - 93.8091

Blue Bunny Egg Nog Ice Cream Sandwiches Review

Greg is feeling christmasy and he's reviewing the Blue Bunny Egg Nog Ice Cream Sandwiches in this video. These eggnog flavored ice cream between vanilla wafers to make a yummy cold sandwich. Watch and Greg unwraps his present and gets this deep down into his... - 93.2182

Creasweet 4 Colour Decorating Machine

Amazing stuff. Live demonstration of the imperious Creasweet 4 Color Enrobing-decorating Machine that is the class leading machine used for garnishing and decorating in the food processing industry. - 71.0905

Suggestions For Great Quick Meals

Chef Michael McDermott demonstrates just how you can use the Great American snack, Cape Cod Potato Chips, in every day meals! - 122.69

Amazing Tasting Poultry Seasoning Review

Elba is reviewing the Amazing Taste Poultry seasoning today. One of her viewers has written to her about the seasoning. The viewer says that the seasoning can be used in a number of recipes. It gives a new taste to the old run of the mill dishes. - 100.693

Paninoteca Review

Monica Mc Neely of Chefskitchen is visiting Paninoteca and speaks with Leslie Tachiman the owner. The food place offers you the comfort of reading while you eat, and the menu is very wide. There are various kinds of Panini, breads and lot more. - 84.5915

Decoration Techniques: Dough & Cookies

Do you wanna know how to make dough, make cookies from the dough and decorate them? If you are interested in learning the decoration technique, get hooked up with the video! - 23.6167

Eye Feast With Delicious Food Creations

Feast your eyes with wonderfully created foods, which includes all kinds of desserts, snacks, healthy options of sandwiches, and salads. Video is based on homemade creations of western foods. - 99.1922

Buying Lunch Meat

The schools are about to start and packing lunch for kids are going to be a great concern for all the parents. Here are quick tips on buying lunch meat with Sarah East of Grocery School. - 102.018

Safety Measures At Mcdonald's

Find out about how McDonald's works with chicken farmers to insure high safety standards and high quality chicken products. - 88.2619

How To Buy Bacon

Sarah East is sharing the secrets of buying bacon in this video of Grocery School. Let us watch the video and know how to buy the right bacon for various recipes. - 100.622

How To Shell Lobster

Seafood is a very healthy food. Shelling lobster is somewhat difficult to do. Picking out meat from a lobster require special technique. In this video, Chef Laurence Edelman is showing you how to shell a lobster in such a way that you pick almost every bit of... - 89.3501

Fish Wrap And Blt Recipe

Dinnertime is a family time. You want to enjoy it and share day’s happenings on the occasion. So looking for a quick, healthy and kid-friendly dinner idea, try this recipe for Fish Face BLT Wraps. - 93.0234

St. Patrick's Day Rouxben

St. Patrick's Day is the one day each year where everyone in America is Irish. For this Sta. Paddy's Day I'm taking the traditional Ruben and Going Coastal. You won't believe the flavor of this sandwich and you can't buy it anywhere. If you want one, you'll... - 5.77285

What's For Lunch? Chicken Curry Pita

How many of you ask the same question - what's for lunch today and very often get the same answers. Most of us want something light when at work. Maybe a chicken curry pita will suit the need of the hour. - 89.2957

Arby's Chicken Salad Taste-off

Welcome to the Arby's® Chicken Salad Taste-Off! Our Market Fresh Grilled Chicken & Pecan Salad or Subway® restaurant's Orchard Chicken Salad. - 86.7251

About Cheese Action At The Annual Grilled Cheese Invitation

Once you're a winner, you're always a winner. Betty checks out the cheese action at the 1st 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational in downtown Los Angeles. - 77.4119

Meat Balls

The chef prepares giant meatball subs on a budget of just $7. Part two of the pilot episode. Visit for more podcasts, articles, recipes, and all things Stuart. - 100.039

How To Buy Bread

Find out what you should look for when you buy bread on this lesson of Grocery School. Bread makes an essential part of pantry and you need to keep few things in mind while buying it. The first thing to look is the ingredients list and then look for... - 109.643

Helping Hands

I love these kind of videos where one person talks and another puts his hands around and gestures. This is so funny I almost fell of my chair watching this. I love the part where Ryan says he usually eats sandwiches with more mustard. - 97.0397

Varieties Of Peanut Butter

Steve, the Tortilla Guy, has shot a video where different varieties of peanut butters are being discussed. Old Fashioned Valencia peanut butters, raw and roasted peanuts, Peanut Brittle and the famous peanut Rocky Road are available in all sizes, shapes and... - 79.3568