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Sandesh recipe is followed for making a sweet dish that uses milk, sugar and chena, paneer or khoya and is given any desired shape following which, it is garnished with edible colors, nuts, saffron and silver leaves. ... More »
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Quick and easy Bengali sweet which you can prepare in a jiffy! - 121.809

Orange Sandesh

A paneer-based delight, sandesh is very popular not just in india but also in indian confectioners abroad. Here, the popular citrus fruit lends sandesh a refreshing tanginess, resulting in an irresistible orange sandesh. Decorate each serving with slices of... - 117.092

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Sandesh (kacha Gulla)

Please check video - 10.8067


I love this Sandesh recipe.This is a classic recipe. Sandesh is a very popular sweet in the Bengal region of India and Bangladesh. It is extensively used during Dussehra and other Bengali festivals . Sandesh makes your celebration more delightful. You... - 39.0862

Fruit Sandesh

Fruit sandesh is an indian dessert prepared with milk, sugar, cottage cheese and sweet fruits. Combined together and blended to a smooth paste, the sandesh mix is frozen before serving. The orange sauce can be served with the fruit sandesh.This is a special... - 44.9141


Are you looking for a tasty Sandesh recipe? Sandesh served as Dessert is the best food to pep me up. I am sure this super delicious Indian Sandesh is gonna bowl you over with its addictive flavor and texture! Missing out on this Sandesh recipe will prove to... - 41.903

Coconut Sandesh

This Coconut Sandesh will make your taste buds crave for more! Serve this tasty Dessert as often as you like! The marriage of the amazing flavors is the secret to this Coconut Sandesh. The Coconut Sandesh is a glorious invention of the Indian cuisine. Why... - 40.0482

Ice-cream Sandesh

Ice-Cream Sandesh are very popular among my friends. You will love these delicious and unique dessert. Ice-Cream Sandesh are my husbands favorite too and I often pamper him by serving it for an elaborate weekend brunch. - 38.4486


Knead the cottage cheese (chhana) into a soft crumbly dough and set aside. Put the water in a wok and place over moderate heat. Add the sugar and melt slowly as dissolving the sugar over high heat will cause it to crystallise. Boil until the syrup thickens to... - 33.8179

Malai Sandesh

Malai Sandesh! Search no more for a tasty and unique dessert for your party. Malai Sandesh is definitely the right choice! This delicious and simple Malai Sandesh is sure to bowl your family and guests over! - 48.4203


Combine the sugar and paneer and mix well. Place the mixture over heat and stir constantly to avoid lumps. When the mixture solidifies, splash rose water over it and remove the pan from the heat. Keep stirring for a little longer. Place the cardamom and... - 29.4314

Bhapa Sandesh

Blend paneer, condensed milk and yoghurt into a soft dough and add vanilla essence. Check sugar. Add nuts and raisins, leaving some for decoration. Put the mixture in a suitable mould and top with remaining nuts and raisins. Steam over boiling water till... - 33.9203

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