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What Is A Sushi

In Japanese cuisine, Sushi ( Sushi ? ) is a food made of vinegared rice combined with various toppings or fillings, which includes seafood and can also include vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, or meat. Sushi topping -

Ra Sushi Menu – Hungry For Sushi And More?

Are you hungry for some amazing Japanese fusion cuisine? Then Ra Sushi is the place to be. This lively restaurant offers you a vibrant crowd, innovative cocktails, and, as they say, “the best sushi this side of Tokyo.” Probably... -

How To Remove Salmon Scales At Home

If you want to enjoy the taste of fresh salmon, you have to learn the processing of cleaning it, which includes how to remove salmon scales at home . Removing salmon scales can be done easily at home, when you know the tricks. You may also require... -

Top 5 Foods For Healthy Skin

The top 5 foods for healthy skin are the most inexpensive way that allow you to look and feel better. These foods improve the skin tone, skin clarity and complexion apart from balancing your diet and reducing junk foods intake. So if you want to reduce... -

Foods For Healthy Skin

In case you are not aware, there are some foods for healthy skin   which have several nutrients which can easily nourish your skin from inside, offering you a healthy and fair complexion. Check out these top ten foods for... -

How To Use Fish For Skin Care

In recent times there has been such a hullaballoo about using fish for skin care . The question that naturally pops in anyone’s mind is what makes fish so good for skin? The real secret lies in the abundance of skin friendly nutrients like Omega 3 fatty... -

Healthy Skin Diet

                               Woman applying lotion Dry skin! Gosh how to combat it? Well, the general practice to cope up with the dry skin is to use lotions and moisturizers . But, are these enough for us?... -

Top 10 Foods For Great Skin

It is important to know the right foods to eat for great skin . You are what you eat, so eat healthy and look healthy. Here’s a list of Top 10 Foods For Great Skin. Read on to eat your way to great skin! Top 10 Foods For Great Skin 1.... -

Fish Oil For Dry Skin Treatment

Ever tried using  fish oil for dry skin  treatment! Well, studies, conducted on the relationship between fish oil and dry skin, have proven that fish oil is beneficial for easing dry skin problems. Let us quickly glance through the triggers of dry skin... -

Brush Up Your Sushi Knowledge

  What was the last sushi you had? Well, this Japanese food comes in so many  different names and ingredients that you most often don’t know what you just ate. When so many different kinds exist, how on earth do you... -

Is Sushi Really Healthy?

  Having sushi for lunch has been the craze among Americans who want to lose weight. After all, the slender Japanese beauties look wonderful, so do our celebs who claim to live on sushi for lunch, dinner and every meal in between. But can... -

Sushi Cottage Cheese And Turkey Breast

using the technique of sushi Ingredients: 2 slices of breast peu 3 spoons (soup) of cottage cheese 1 slice of bread shelled Grated carrot and cucumber to taste Tanaka Gohan (rice seasoning) Bamboo... -

Justin Bieber’s Sushi Date With Family!

His girlfriend, Selena Gomez, may have landed in a hospital because of her junk food diet , but boyfriend and teenage singing sensation, Justin Bieber, is not going very concerned about his own diet . That is why, even with a lot of expensive eateries... -

Fish Eggs: 9 Different Kinds Of Fish Eggs Or Fish Roe Used In Sushi

There are many different types of fish roe or fish eggs used in culinary cuisines whether those cuisines are European like Greek or Italian Bottarga or Japanese like Tarako Spaghetti   . I am sure that many or you reading this article have had... -

How To Prepare Pickled Ginger For Sushi

  Pickled ginger is an essential condiment for any type of sushi and adds to the flavor of sushi. You can pickle ginger at home without much time and effort by following the simple steps below on How To Pickle Ginger For Sushi   ... -

All About Sushi!

  Sushi is one of the most popular and sought after dishes in America and other western countries. Though many of us associate sushi with Japanese Cuisine it was in fact a culinary discovery made in China. Here are some interesting facts about... -

Sushi American Style

  Sushi Everyone Can Love!   Everyone loves sushi, but who wants to deal with raw fish when making it at home?   In SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE: Easy Techniques, Everyday Ingredients, American Flair (Clarkson... -

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Exposed!

It was lately that put up the StyleWatchPoll on its hunt for the Best Skin in Hollywood. And I bet, they have put up the best with glowing, gorgeous complexions – starting from Halley Berry to Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, and there... -

Top 10 Anti-aging Foods And Drinks

  The anti-ageing foods and drinks help you to look much younger and beautiful. You can include these foods into your daily diet and notice the difference within few months. If you are looking for anti-ageing foods and drinks to eat, then here you... -

Top 10 Uses Of Salmon Oil

Science supports the age old saying from our grandma “Eat fish for good health”. Today doctors say  eat salmon oil if you want to be healthy because u sing salmon oil supplements benefit us in more than few ways. Here are  top 10... -

How To Eat Onigiri

If you have ever visited a Japanese novelty shop, you surely would have come across these triangular rice balls called Onigiri. If you ever wanted to try eating Onigiri, but were riddled with questions like what is Onigiri; how to eat Onigiri ; or how... -

6 Salmon Slip-ups To Avoid

Do you love fish and swear by your salmon? Well, a beautifully cooked dish of salmon is a foodie’s delight no doubt , but are you sure of your salmon knowledge? Or do you often get confused while grilling, poaching, and searing your fish? Check out the... -

Salmon Garnish-how To Tips & Ideas

If you want to give an exotic appearance to the foods or drinks you serve, you can try with various salmon garnish ideas. Using salmon garnish is quite a sophisticated choice for the expert chefs. However, before you start experimenting it, you should... -

Easy Tips And Tricks On How To Fillet A Salmon?

Good for your heart, that’s what the fleshy tasty Salmon is. I like to use the Salmon in a number of dishes and find it an absolutely satisfying experience to cook it. Earlier on in my culinary journey I would very curiously and in awe watch the man at the... -

How Do I Grill Salmon Steaks

My grilled salmon steaks are super famous amongst my friend circle and everyone keeps asking me about the secret. So, I am going to reveal the secret of how do I grill salmon steaks. This is the easiest way of making grilled salmon steaks. You just have... -

Side Effects Of Salmon

Salmon is often recognized for its unusual omega-3 fatty acid content but recent reports on the side effects of salmon have raised the alarm on its consumption. Salmon is commonly refereed to several species of fish belonging to family Salmonidae. It is... -

How To Fillet Salmon

Are you planning to go fishing for salmon? Then you should read this article for learning how to fillet Salmon , on the spot in your camping site, where you can clean and cook your own fabulous Salmon fillet dishes. That would lot more fun and sharing with... -

How To Grill Salmon?

Grill Salmon once and then you are surely going to do it again and again. Salmon is great when grilled, being a fleshy fish with enough fat content salmon is great for grilling. Choose good and healthy salmon. One important thing to keep in mind while buying... -

Wild About Salmon

Wild About Salmon We love wild salmon and it is a favourite summer e ntrée whether barbecued on a soaked cedar plank, smoked, or broiled.  Our favourite is the Copper River Wild Salmon from Alaska, but it has a short season usually in... -

Simply Salmon By Hari Nayak

There are two main families of salmon: Pacific and Atlantic. When buying salmon in a fish market, you might have the option of wild or farm-raised The taste, texture and cost between wild and farmed can be significantly different, so determine which type... -

Salmon Allergy-causes, Symptoms, And Cure

Salmon allergy is a form of fish allergy that can occur after eating any kind of finned fish products. There is no reason to get scared though. You can identify the symptoms and take adequate precautions once you learn how to deal with it. Read on to find... -

Salmon Broth Health Benefits

We are sure that once you read this blog on salmon broth health benefits , you will try to include it in your diet.  Seafood and fish are revered for the health benefits that they impart. Salmon is one of the most nutritive fishes around and it is... -

How To Cook Salmon On A Gas Grill

How about grilling salmon instead of frying or baking them? Salmon is highly valued for its omega-3 fatty acids and including it in the diet is strongly recommended. Cut the monotony of consuming it either fried or baked by opting to grill them instead.... -

How To Store Salmon

How to store salmon? This is the most delicious, and mouthwatering question which needs some good liberal answers. Salmon is fresh water born fish which migrates to ocean waters for dwelling. Touted as most healthy and scrumptious fish all over the world,... -

How To Cook Whole Salmon

Since, Salmon is an oily fish, it is best to cook it whole rather than cut it into steaks or fillets.  Moreover, cooking it whole helps distribute the different flavors of the fish juices. Follow the simple steps to cook whole salmon perfectly. ... -

Weekly Tailgate Menu: October 17, 2007

This Week's Menu: - Grilled Dill Salmon - Grilled Bourbon Salmon - Grilled Fish Kebabs October is National Seafood Month so this week’s menu is a trio of fish dishes to celebrate. All are easy to prepare on the grill for a... -

Sustainable Seafood For Earth Day, Calling All Seafood-lovers

Increasing shortage of seafood and the resulting rising costs means that seafood-lovers need to pay attention to more sustainable means of finding a catch. With Earth Day round the corner on April 22, acclaimed Chef Takao Iinuma calls out to all... -

Academy Awards - Govenor's Ball

Wolfgang Puck has been the chef in charge of coordinating the menu at the official post-Academy Awards dinner for fourteen years. Every year he tempts the taste buds of Hollywood's elite and never fails to impress. The dinner is served to more than 1600... -

Top Japanese Restaurants In Toronto

  Some of the top Japanese restaurants in Toronto have proved it time and again that latitude and longitude will make no difference if you want to eat Japanese in the heart of Canada, especially with ever-widening market... -

Light Healthy Meals

If you are wondering how to prepare light healthy meals , then here re the solutions for your distress.  I have pulled out and have gathered recipes for preparing healthy light meals, which will cut down the extra lines of fat beneath your skin without... -

Top Japanese Restaurants In Los Angeles

  Top Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles resemble the spirit of the glamour city while it celebrates the culture and cuisine of Japan in most effective and successful way. So add that authentic Japanese flavor to your trip... -

5 Most Weird Cakes.

Who doesn’t love cakes? There is nothing better than a freshly baked, delicious cake to mark an occasion, be it a birthday, wedding, graduation or anniversary party. Different cakes are suitable for different occasions. But have you ever had a chance to eat... -

5 Best Romantic Restaurants Chicago

Be it an anniversary celebration or birthday of your loved ones, romance pairs well with good food. And to make your evening special we have listed 5 best romantic restaurants of Chicago. 1. HB Restaurant - The place is... -

Is It Safe To Eat Raw Fish

Eating raw fish might not be a safe option for you, due to multitude of health risks associated with it. Raw fish might damage your cognitive skills, disrupt your digestive system, pose cancer risks, and drive you to hospital bed for long. Sushi is one of... -

Top 10 Holiday Seafood Hits

Make the most of your holidays by lying in the sand and dreaming of big dinners, fresh from the sea. It’s time to turn your dreams to reality now though! Concentrate on the delicate white flesh that is antioxidant rich, before contemplating how you would... -

Suisha Gardens – Dine Amidst The Scenic Beauty

Why don't you pay visit to the Suisha Gardens and dine amidst the scenic beauty ?   Suisha Gardens , the largest Japanese eatery in Canada, defines pristine natural beauty and extra ordinary dining experience at its best. Located... -

Dangers Of Eating Raw Seafood

Eating seafood in the raw form is not a new thing, nor is it unacceptable. The oyster and sushi bars that are dot the American restaurant landscape prove its popularity. However, have you ever considered the fact that there might be dangers of eating raw... -

Japan’s Take On Food Art – Fake Food Accessories

Food has been a fashion accessory for quite long now but never before has it been used as decoration piece. That is why Japan’s obsession with plastic food intends to celebrate this marriage between food and art at a different level. The matter in... -

Cosmo Croydon - Britain's Biggest Restaurant Opens For Business

Finally it is the good news for the British foodies – Cosmo Croydon , which is mentioned as the Britain’s biggest restaurant opens for business from this November. After long wait and lots of excitement Cosmo opens doors for public . The... -

Couscous Menu

A couscous menu should spring to mind a delicious summery, food spread. The obvious dish that most of you would think of it the healthy couscous salad but there is so much more that you can do with this North African ingredient; it can be eaten hot or... -

Top 10 Michael Jackson Tributes In Food

Here are the Top 10 Michael Jackson Tributes in Food. Yes, after some very careful consideration and some delicious research, I have made the list of MJ tributes that are edible. The King of Pop might be dead but long live the King's tributes in food.... -

White House Kicks Off Hanukkah Celebrations Early

President Barack Obama hosted the Hanukkah reception on December 8, 2011, eleven days before its onset. In an apparent bid to soothe the frayed nerves over the recent comments against Israel, the President welcomed 500 guests, including Jewish leaders, into... -

Food Trends 2010: Best Restaurants In Manhattan

  From authentic Tuscan cuisine to traditional Sicilian dishes, Manhattan has some of the premier dining destinations of the world. Chefs from around the globe come to The Big Apple to share their latest culinary innovations, and only a select... -

Dinner Party Menu Ideas

Now-a-days, dinner parties are highly in fashion for both large and intimate group gatherings. While organizing a dinner party, the most tricky and confusing task is to plan out the perfect dinner party menu. Your roasted potatoes and ham would not work... -

How To Cut Tuna

Learn how to cut tuna if you prefer its fresh taste than the taste of tuna from a can. Tuna is very popular among fish lovers and is one of the fishes that can be cut easily.  Various tuna recipes require tuna to be cut into steaks, fillets, cubes... -

Heart Healthy Lunch Ideas

Being one of the main meals of the day, your lunch should include foods that do good to your heart and keep it functioning well. The following are some suggestions for a heart healthy lunch that you can use.         -

Seafood Fraud Uncovered In Big Apple

  What could be more shocking than the fact that a seafood fraud is happening across America? The additional fact that it is happening even in the Big Apple! Oceana, the largest international advocacy group, which works to protect the... -

Japanese Wedding Food – Traditional Way To Celebrate

Japanese wedding food – traditional way to celebrate Japanese weddings is fun to know about. You will be amazed to know about the different types of food which are prepared during Japanese weddings and how they are served. Normally, foods which indicate... -

Top 5 Fancy Restaurants Los Angeles

If you want to spend wisely at the same time want to get the best food and luxury, follow these Top 5 Fancy Restaurants Los Angeles and choose an outing for yourself. Yamashiro: Situated on the eastern edge of the Hollywood Hills with stunning... -

Top Japanese Restaurants In Sydney

  Experience the humble Japanese hospitality with scrumptious Japanese food on a platter in the heart Australian city Sydney – well, this is the motive of these top Japanese restaurants in Sydney, who have been ruling the... -

Wolfgang Puck To Recreate Magic With 2012 Oscar Governors Ball Menu

Master chef Wolfgang Puck, who has been creating a menu for the after-Oscars Governors Ball for the past 17 years, will be doing so yet again, for the 18 th consecutive year. The Oscars ceremony will be held on February 26, 2012 and Puck is going to be... -

Super Foods To Prevent Ageing Signs

It is true – super food to prevent ageing signs are available now! You just need to know about all those foods which can prevent your ageing signs from appearing, helping you to stay younger. So, this is your opportunity to prevent ageing with... -

Top Restaurants In Hamilton

  The top restaurants in Hamilton , the Ontario township of Canada, extends    a cordia welcome to the visiors. This is one of the most welcoming places to stay and an ideal food destination. If you are planning your... -

Victoria Beckham Has Done It – She Is Back To Size Zero!

Whodunnit?? Victoria Beckham has done it; she has got back to Size Zero in just 2 months after baby Harper Seven. A very slender Victoria Beckham and her new baby were at the NY Fashion Week happening at the New York Public Library. On 6 th September,... -

Baby Shower Menu

While planning a baby shower menu , it is always advisable to take care of the diet restrictions of the pregnant soon-to-be-mother, along with those of the guests. Exclude foods like raw sushi and rare meat from the menu as these could harm the... -

Easter Brunch Long Island

Easter is the time of cute bunnies, colorful candies, lavish décor, and gourmet display of delicacies. Easter menu ideas at Long island can be an exciting, unforgettable, and fascinating experience if you are seriously planning to enjoy your Easter... -

Trash Fish Becomes Gourmet Dish

If you are keen to save the environment and taste delicious, succulent, fresh catch from the seas, opt for trash fish !  Eating everything from  ‘nose to tail’ has become the norm. So why should you not try the fresh, sustainable food from the ocean?... -

5 Best Minneapolis Restaurants

People come to Minneapolis – a city famous for offering some of the finest dining in the world. Here is the list of 5 Best Minneapolis Restaurants. 112 Eatery: Under the supervision of Chef Isaac Becker, is the top Minneapolis restaurant - 112... -

Simply Ming

Ming Tsai is one of my favourite chefs as his treatment of food is fresh and exciting.  He is simply brilliant in the kitchen.  I love his smoked tea rub - combines the deep smokiness of a classic bbq with the exotic, vibrant flavors of Asia, and well just... -

5 Facts That You May Not Believe

Eating is one of the most pleasurable activities known to mankind. But the urge to know about facts associated with your favorite dishes & ingredients is not too far behind either . While we may be elated about Justin Beiber and his drinking habits;... -

Healthy Food Keeps You Beautiful Too

  Eating lots of fruits and veggies keeps us healthy, this isn't anything new...But did you know that eating healthy can make you prettier too? Your mirror can turn out to be your friend if you continue to include vitamin rich... -

From The Ny Times Web Site

both are great !! IN the last year, two mega-grocery stores have opened in communities that were previously making do without one: Fairway Market in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and Whole Foods Market at the nexus of a few under-grocered downtown neighborhoods:... -

Christmas Special

Steak sauce - Chimichurri 1 spoon (soup) of green pepper chopped 1 tbsp (tablespoons) finely chopped onion 1 tbsp (tablespoons) chopped parsley 2 spoons (soup) of vinegar 4 spoons (soup) of oil salt, pepper,... -

To Eat Seafood Or Not?

Travel Health & Safety: To eat seafood or not? Our lobster girl is back! We love seafood and often when traveling near the seaside opt for fresh seafood, or fresh water creatures. Also living just minutes from the ocean we eat seafood... -

Quick Face-fix Diet Plan Put To Test

Can you believe it? If you raid your refrigerator for eatables, you will not only lose weight but will also lose years from your face! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, in order to claim this test, here is a dieter, who actually went on the new quick face-fix... -

10 Hot Food Trends Of 2014

Culinary pundits have already started doing serious research on the trends that are going to be ‘in’ next year i.e. 2014 . With terms like tortas , cemitas, and Shakshuka becoming common place, you are likely to be engulfed... -

Top 5 Nutrients That All Women Need

  Women are labeled the weaker sex. While none of us want to hear that anymore, it is true that women are weaker than men when it comes to health. As a woman, there are several bodily changes happening throughout your... -

Britney Spears Diet

  Wonder how the slim and sleek music sensation Britney Spears maintains that slim look? Well, we are revealing the much secretive Britney Spears Diet right here .   The sexy singer has just lost about 20lbs in the last few months and... -

Eat To Live Longer

Eat To Live Longer Salmon - omega-3, brain food, depression. Dark Chocolate - blood pressure, antibiotic, stroke, guilty pleasure. Macadamia nuts - energy, cholesterol, minerals, heart disease & weight. ... -

Which Foods Should Be Avoided With Carotenemia

  Let me tell you about the foods to avoid with carotenemia because the best way to curing this disease is to avoid foods that are rich in carotene and Vitamin A. When food rich in these two components are consumed in excess,... -

Crab Allergy-causes, Symptoms, And Cure

  Crab allergy is included among the big eight food allergies that occur among the residents of the United States of America. Crabs have been classified as crustaceans along with lobsters, shrimps  and crayfish. Being... -

Top 10 Japanese Cook Books

Cook books on Japanese food are selling like hot cakes due to the continuously growing popularity of Japanese cuisine all over the world. But how do you find a book that serves as a perfect guide for cooking delectable Japanese food when the market is loaded... -

5 Best Memphis Restaurants

Memphis is a famous city located in the southwest corner of the U.S. state of Tennessee. This city features some of the best Memphis restaurants .  Here is the list of Best Restaurants in Memphis .  Central BBQ  Central BBQ is... -

Top 10 Places To Eat In Washington Dc

When it comes to best eating places in Washington DC here are the Top 10 places ; Sake Club This restaurant is for  lovers of Japanese food; here people can enjoy traditional Japanese entrees and unique appetizers. If you love sushi,... -

Biggest Food Politics Stories

Since December 2009, our health system has come a long way, and is today more environment and health conscious. Here is a list of biggest food stories from 2010 that is worth going back to.            Sustainable Seafood ... -

Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Japanese food are much popular all over the world and many countries and in Singapore’s tourism-favorite cities have a good number top Japanese restaurants. Japanese restaurants in Singapore are a hit both among the Japanese in Singapore and foodies from... -

How To Eat Pickled Vegetables?

These tips on  how to eat pickled vegetables will help you feel tickled with delight every time you pick them to eat. From radish to beets to carrots to cauliflowers to pearl onions and other such vegetables can be pickled and eaten with diverse culinary... -

Carmen Electra's 'striptease' Diet

Carmen Electra – sexy, smoldering, sensational! So is Carmen Electra's 'Striptease' diet. Carmen Electra, 39, has one of the best bodies in Hollywood – a cause of envy among women. This Meet the Spartans actress, credits striptease aerobics... -

Cold Fish Removes Tali From Masterchef Season 3

The wannabe Master Chefs had a challenging time this Monday as they came face to face with the ingredient of the day- the sea urchin replete with its poisonous spine. Chef Ramsay Gordon helps them overcome their initial fear as he proceeds to demonstrate how... -

Victoria Beckham's Post Pregnancy Diet

Victoria Beckham's post pregnancy diet is featured quite often in the media circus now, mostly because of its controversial nature. Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and mother of four, has always been either hated or admired for her obsessive desire... -

Lindsay Lohan’s Infamous Liquid Diet

    “The Mean Girls” Star, Lindsay Lohan, has invoked strong responses among her fraternity  with her mean diets  and has drawn enough flak from the media for the same. Rumor has it that she has also been... -

Top 4 Foods For Great Hair

Who doesn’t like to have hair that is shiny, voluminous, and without greys? Everyone, right? But did you know that you don’t have to buy those costly conditioners or undergo expensive hair treatments? Yes, you can get beautiful hair by just eating the... -

Boost Your Serotonin Level With These Foods

  Are you feeling down and anxious all the time without any good reason? Do you lack the motivation to function? If you answer yes to these questions, then probably you are lacking serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter ... -

Eat These Foods To Stop Being Anxious!

  In this fast-paced life, anxiety gets hold of us at some point or the other. For some of us though, it becomes a debilitating condition that interferes with daily functioning. When that happens, we often end up going to a... -

Check Out A Review Of Christianne's Herbal Kitchen

Dysfunctional Chef: Broiled Salmon with Mango Jalapeno Mint Salsa posted by Janice Taylor, Editor | 7:56am Friday November 4, 2011 Christianne Klein, author extraordinaire, Edward R. Murrow... -

San Antonio Menu

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in United States, famous for its iconic fusion eateries. A typical  San Antonio menu   can be described as vibrant, eclectic, and undeniable like the city itself. The place is also well known for its excellent... -

10 Superfoods

These 10 super-foods have been proven to be disease fighters and energy boosters. Be sure and include  them in your meals and get on the fast track to a super-healthy body. Lemons Why Are They so Healthy? -- ... -

How To Preserve Ginger?

Ginger root, basically of Chinese origin is a popular spicy condiment in the Asian dishes infamous for its sweet, mildly pungent flavor, and aroma. This ginger is edible for up to 6 months in a root cellar and if you are thinking of preserving ginger longer,... -

The Top 7 Beauty Foods

Food plays a vital role in molding your look or appearance. After all food, health and beauty are all part of one loop! Given below are top 7 beauty foods that you simply should include in your diet…       ... -

International Cuisine Website

List of popular international culinary websites. Anne's Favorite Recipes   Asiacuisine.Com Asia Food Industry On-Line Baker-Net Balti Page BBQ People Behold The... -