Salmon Cake

Salmon cakes can be prepared in a variety of ways and can be served as a light meal. Salmon cakes use a little breadcrumb to make the preparation a little like patties. Salmon cakes can be made with a wide variety of fillings of one’s choice and is best when made with boneless salmon meat.

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How To Freeze Cooked Salmon

How To Freeze Cooked Salmon On : 07-Sep-2011 By : priyam

If you end up with a bit too much of baked salmon or salmon cakes, you can always freeze it since it is very easy to freeze cooked salmon . However, frozen salmon should be consumed within a month of freezing. Let us see how to freeze salmon that has been...

How To Grill Salmon?

How To Grill Salmon? On : 17-Feb-2009 By : foodwithme

Grill Salmon once and then you are surely going to do it again and again. Salmon is great when grilled, being a fleshy fish with enough fat content salmon is great for grilling. Choose good and healthy salmon. One important thing to keep in mind while buying...

10 Easy Salmon Starters

10 Easy Salmon Starters On : 18-Jul-2011 By : nithya

  Salmon starters are dishes, gelling easily with any meal. Do you want to know about some magnificent, yet easy salmon starters? Then, you ought to read this blog. Read on to know more about some mouthwatering salmon delicacies… ...

Simply Salmon By Hari Nayak

Simply Salmon By Hari Nayak On : 04-Feb-2007 By : Hari

There are two main families of salmon: Pacific and Atlantic. When buying salmon in a fish market, you might have the option of wild or farm-raised The taste, texture and cost between wild and farmed can be significantly different, so determine which type...

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