Saag Paneer

Saag Paneer is a very popular North Indian Punjabi dish. Its texture and look is somewhat like Spinach sauce but Saag Paneer contains other ingredients in addition to Spinach. Spinach is a source of iron and Paneer is a source of protein, so all Saag paneer recipes are highly nutritious.

How to make saag paneer?

Main ingredients of Saag paneer are Spinach puree(saag), Paneer(cottage cheese), butter, oil, powered spices, onion paste, tomato paste and ginger-garlic paste. The spinach puree is simmered along with all the spices and other ingredients just to make thick flavored gravy. Paneer cubes are then added to the gravy. Green color of spinach gives a tempting look to the dish. To make the dish more presentable, garnishing with thick cream can also be done.

Saag paneer recipes

Saag paneer is a well-liked Indian recipe but in International cuisine also it is gaining popularity. Variations can be done in the basic recipe of saag paneer. Along with spinach puree, sarson(mustard) leaves puree can also be added. Peas is also one vegetable that can be added along with paneer.

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