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Russian food is a perfect representation of Russia’s interest in refined food during the 16th–18th centuries. The multi-culture area has a huge influence on the traditional Russian Cuisine. The Russian Cuisine has been always popular as healthy and delicious. Russian recipes are very easy to cook. The food of Russia does not require any special tool, ingredients and technique. Russian cuisine is recognized for diverse delicacies, especially for the various refreshments that are made up of fish. The tasty food of Russia is basically derived from the taste of Russian corps, rivers, lakes and seas. Some of the famous Russian dishes are Christmas Goose, Roast Duck, Roast Reindeer Meat, Stuffed Suckling Pig and Salted Mushrooms.
History of Russian Food
Russian food is widely known for its various healthy and sophisticated dishes. Earlier, the Russian food was confined to fewer things like grain, wheat, rye, oats and millet. The more refined food and various culinary techniques were introduced to the country in 16th–18th centuries. During this period, the country started importing new food like smoked meats and fish, pastry cooking, salads and green vegetables, chocolate, ice cream, wines, and liquor. It, somehow, opened the doors for creativity in cooking with all new ingredients and cookery techniques. This gave Russian cuisine a full exposure to new cooking technique, seasoning and combination.
Ingredients Commonly Used By Russian Recipes
Russian Food is very easy to cook and needs some very basic ingredients. Russian people commonly use fresh vegetables and fruits while cooking most of the dishes. The list of common components for Russian meals is very short but offers a wide variety of dishes. The ingredients used in Russian food are mentioned below. Grains like buckwheat kasha, barley, rice , millets , and others. A number of Russian breads like gortchitchniy, ukrainskiy, pletyonoe, and tchernavskiy are made using grains. The Russians eat common vegetables like celery, Beets, potatoes carrots, onions, and radishes which are a part of most other cuisines of the world.
Popular Russian Recipes
Russian food is attracting more and more people towards its taste these days. The popularity of Russian cuisine is continuously increasing worldwide. The Russian recipes that are extremely popular in foreign culture are mentioned below:
• Fish jelly – This is a savory dish made by making jelly with flavored fish broth obtained by boiling fish in water along with herbs and spices.
• Mixed meat jelly (holodets): It is made up of pig's legs, cow hunches, carrot and parsley.
• Russian vinegrete: Russian vinaigrette is the most popular salad in Russia, especially during a winter because most of ingredients are pickled or marinated.
• Salted herrings, home style: A small, oily fish that has been split from tail to head, gutted, salted or pickled, and cold smoked Beverages
• Kvas: Kvas is an ancient and beloved beverage from Slavic Europe. While it is basically a low-alcohol beer, it is also enjoyed as a soft drink.
• Russian tea: An important aspect of the Russian tea culture is the ubiquitous Russian tea. Fish Dishes
• Baked pike-perch: It is made up of pike-perch, vegetable oil, grated cheese, and 2-3 potatoes.
• Fish, monastery style
• Sturgeon fried in portions: Sturgeon is the two of the most important fish for freshwater caviar Meat Dishes
• Beef goulash: Goulash can be prepared from beef, veal, pork, or lamb. Typical cuts include the shank, shin, or shoulder.
• Boeuf Stroganoff: Beef Stroganoff or Beef Stroganov is a Russian dish of sautéed pieces of beef served in a sauce with sour cream.
• Golubtsy: Golubtsy is a very popular main dish in Russia. It is cooked for both everyday meals as well as for holidays.
• Goose with apples: Salt and stuff the prepared goose with the sliced apples (with the cores removed) is known as Goose with apples.
• Macaroni Naval Style
• Meat "Hedgehogs": These do not need any servings; they contain rice and meat and are good enough for dinner without any additional garnish. • Pelmeni: It is a dumpling consisting of a filling wrapped in thin unleavened dough that originated in Russia
• Pork chops: This dish consists of a single large piece of meat with a bone, probably a rib or a vertebral segment, attached to it. The chop is marinated in flavors of choice, cooked and served with compatible sauces.
• Pozharskiye chops: These are a traditional chicken delicacy made by browning breaded minced meat chops. They served as accompaniments to rice along with vegetables.
Apple pancakes, Buckwheat pancakes, Kulebiaka( a savory puff pastry fish pie), Kulich (Easter bread), Pancakes (classic), Rasstegai(an open pie with fish and rice fillings)
Soups have always played an important role in the Russian meal. The traditional staples of soups are Green soup( it is made of spinach and other vegetables like carrot , watercress and potatoes, egg , and sour cream), Meat schi with sauerkraut( a traditional soup of Russia which was esteemed as one of heritage soups of the country, it is made with a meat broth and stewed cabbage), Mushroom soup, Okroshka( a cold soup made by mixing cucumber, spring onion, boiled potato, egg, meat( beef, ham, sausages, kvass( fermented bread drink), or kefir( mineral water) or beer and sour cream), Rassolnik ( a soup made of marinated cucumbers, pork , hulled barley with the bran removed. ), Solyanka( a very flavorful, strongly spiced and tangy soup made with either fish, meat or mushrooms as the prime ingredient), Ukrainian borsch( this is deep red colored soup made by cooking cabbage in a beetroot base. When served with rye bread, it makes a substantial meal).
Russian Food Habits and Etiquette
The people of Russia follow very casual and relaxed Russian food habits and etiquettes. A perfect day meal is believed to be more fun and relaxed. However, there are certain customs and traditions followed while dining on invitation. The most important point in Russian food habits and etiquettes is to show graciousness towards the cook and the host. The food may be served and eaten without forks and knives and it is regarded as bad manners to cut a food to bite-sized pieces if it is supposed to be eaten in a different fashion.

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