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Roasted garlic is a delicious appetizer that can be made easily. Roasted garlic recipes can be used for a variety of purposes such as baking, or even adding it as an ingredient in a particular dish. Roasted garlic recipes explain on how to make this dish in the easiest possible manner. Whole garlic heads are required along with extra-virgin olive oil. The oven needs to be heated and then the top of the garlic bulb should be cut to expose the cloves. Then it can be put in an oven-dish and a little bit of olive oil needs to be poured over it. Now it needs to be kept in the microwave for a couple of minutes. The garlic should be covered and let it stand for few minutes before using it. Roasted garlic can be prepared in advance and stored for later use as an ingredient to add in other dishes. Additionally, a little bit of flavor can be added to the roasted garlic by adding salt or pepper before roasting or even adding white wine and thyme to enhance its aroma.

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How To Roast Garlic On A Stovetop

How To Roast Garlic On A Stovetop	 On : 20-Dec-2010 By : bronzegoddess_bright

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Someone once said, “a garlic a day, keeps everyone away.” But, this post is not about how to deal with that deadly garlic breath, but it is going to be about how to roast garlic on a stovetop. Yeah, roasting garlic...

How To Cook Whole Garlic

How To Cook Whole Garlic On : 21-Oct-2011 By : priyam

Garlic is usually shallow fried or roasted in the recipe it is added to. Garlic is very healthy and a few cloves are enough to impart the right amount of flavor to a dish. However, occassionally thet can be roasted whole and served as a dip or side dish. Let...

How To Puree Garlic

How To Puree Garlic	On : 22-Nov-2011 By : priyam

Garlic puree is a very convenient thing to have in your refrigerator; it can save you time needed for peeling and cutting it everytime you need to use garlic. Garlic is usually roasted and then blended or it is blended along with onion or ginger to make a...

10 Easy Garlic Starters

10 Easy Garlic Starters On : 25-Jul-2011 By : nithya

  Simple and easy to prepare, these garlic starters are not only tasty, but healthy as well. Ifood offers you an opportunity to discover the goodness of this pungent vegetable with these delicious garlic starters. Delve into the ocean of...

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