Rice Ball

Rice balls, also called as ongiri in Japan, is a type of quick meal, typically shaped into oval or triangles by hands to give it the shape of a ball.


History of Rice Balls

to few books during eleventh-century rice balls were called tonjiki in Japan and were eaten during special occasions or picnic lunches. Some other book traces the consumption of rice ball during the seventeenth century. Later ongiri became popular as a quick meal.


Ingredients Used for Making Rice Balls

Rice balls recipes popular in Japan are prepared with steamed Japanese rice, dried nori (seaweed), Salt, ume (pickled plum) or a small chunk of grilled salted salmon, katsuobushi, kombu, tarako. A salty or sour ingredient is added as it acts as a preservative. Ongiri is generally formed into oval or triangular shape and can be eaten hot or cold.

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