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5 Waters To Taste: Find Out The Best

Water tastes like nothing say the pundits but its function as a digestion aid and for flushing out the system is unparalleled. Wrong! Say the makers of bottled water as they swear by the superlative taste and natural freshness of the liquid ambrosia in... - Recipe App On Windows 8 Now!

Whipping up delicious, gourmet dishes in a jiffy is one of the few pleasures of life shared by all. But not everyone can be a world class chef, right? Sure, but why worry when you have your friend the app to help you out. Simply download it and run... -

Refrigerator Undergoes A Role Reversal

So you use a refrigerator for chilling and freezing your ingredients and products. It must be equally convenient for you to turn on the electric kettle or a gas stove for your heating needs. Well, gear yourself for a role reversal now. The brand new GE... -

Jose Andres Foods - Foods To Look Out For

Jose Andres, Spain’s culinary ambassador , has many achievements to his credit ranging from restaurants, authoring a cookbook, hosting a television food show to heading the Spanish Studies program at the "International Culinary Center,"... -

A Book To Help You Look Younger!

  Who doesn’t want to look younger, with a smooth and radiant skin? If your wrinkles worry you, here is something to help you reverse your aging signs. The editors of Good Housekeeping have published a book named “ 7 years younger ,”... -

Is Naked Juice Tomato Kick Really Worth The Hype

Tomatoes are hugely beneficial for our health. A glass of tomato juice instead of the conventional orange juice will fill you up with more vitamins and minerals. But selecting the ripe ones and then squeezing the juice out of them tends to be time... -

Homecooking Is America’s Answer To Obesity

  If you think that keeping Americans out of kitchen is the best way to keep them away from obesity, think again! Best-selling food writer Michael Pollan’s eight book, “ Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation ” tells that... -

Rich Girl Writes A Cookbook

0in"> 0in">   Another celebrity cookbook. Something to share with the generations to come and teach them how opulently and magnificiently we lived. Really? For the love of all that is good and beautiful in... -

Tis The Season For Panettone! Bauducco Panettone Returns This Holiday!

It's officially December, which means that Bauducco Panettone , a moist, sweet, Italian specialty cake, is returning to store shelves as a traditional holiday favorite. The light, airy texture and subtle sweetness of this Panettone make... -

Easy Indian Cooking: 101 Fresh & Feisty Indian Recipes: A Review

Hari Nayak, the CIA trained Chef of Indian origin has not forgotten his roots. This is evident in his book- ‘Easy Indian Cooking: 101 Fresh & Feisty Indian Recipes’ where he imbibes the South Indian cooking style into the modern and contemporary... -

Valerie Bertinelli Believes In Cooking ‘one Dish At A Time’

  Do you believe in tackling, “One Dish at a Time?” Well, actress Valerie Bertinelli certainly does! This is her first attempt to create and write recipes with her primary focus being on healthy foods, primarily wholesome soups! ... -

Italians Trash Nigella Lawson's Italian Cookbook As 'too Expensive'

The Italian cookbook, Nigellissima , by TV show host Nigella Lawson has been trashed by two Italians - one a professional cook and the other a typical Italian mother. The two Italians were not impressed with the choice of ingredients enlisted in the book.... -

Michael Symon’s ‘carnivore’ – A Treat For Meat Lovers

  Michael Symon, the American culinary expert wears many hats. He has been hailed as one of US’s best chefs, restaurateur, cookbook authors, and television personality so far. Now the host of ‘Melting Pot’ is back with his brand... -

Get Ready For The Fifty Shades Of Chicken

  This is got to be the most delicious 50 Shades of Grey parody! It is pure ecstasy to try out the 50 chicken recipes, which promise to make your meal a definite turn-on.   The cookbook consists of three acts -... -

It's Your Turn To Bake With Aplomb

How many times have you thrown away the less-than-desirable results of your baking attempts? Someone here empathizes with you on this account and he has decided to help you out of your quandary. His name is Ken Forkish, who is an acclaimed baker himself and,... -

Amanda Cohen’s Comic Cookbook In Offing!

  A clever attempt at writing a comic cookbook is in the offing, thanks to chef Amanda Cohen. The book is based on Cohen’s experiences in the running of her New York-based vegetarian restaurant, “Dirty Candy.” The book is titled... -

Get Kfc Founder’s Autobiography Free On Fb!

Publishers all over America would surely pull their hair out in frustration when they hear what KFC has planned for the autobiography of its founder, Colonel Sanders. The fast food restaurant has decided to hand out the autobiography free of cost to those who... -

Modernist Cuisine 2 Is In The Wings!

When the “James Beard Foundation Awards 2012” were announced earlier this year, the “Modernist Cuisine” emerged as the top winner in the book category . This six-volume hefty tome on the science behind food cooking is soon going to have a sibling... -

Bacon Maple Ale –a Confusion Of A Drink!

The brewers are constantly taking chances to brew new flavors. This quest has led to the production of Rogue Ales and Voodoo Donut's joint venture - Bacon Maple Ale. Yes, you read it right! This beer is a mix of flavors like maple syrup, bacon, and malt... -

Chork – The Love Child Of Chopsticks & Fork

Here is a blessing in disguise for those who have yet not learnt how to eat with chopsticks . Chork, the love child born out of fork and chopsticks, is here and it will allow you to have some peace of mind while you are struggling to eat with the... -

Easter Cooking: Review

Easter is the time for fun and some great food!  Easter Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin is a very popular cookbook which has been penned down just for this purpose. Anyone, looking forward to the most traditional and contemporary Easter delicacies need this... -

New Cook Book Reveals How To Cook Without Unhealthy Ingredients

You can certainly have your cake and eat it too now thanks to Emily Rose, the prolific cookbook author. You may wonder what is so special about it as cook books are dime a dozen now. Wait! Here’s the interesting part, Rose makes use of nutritious... -

Top 10 Persian Cook Books

Persian food is a fine amalgamation of food culture and cuisines from different places of the world which saw emigration from the ancient land. Cookbooks from the region offer a huge collection of recipes, cooking traditions and techniques which strive to... -

Top 10 Moroccan Cook Books

Moroccan cuisine is rated as the best food from the region and enjoyed all over the world. The related cook books offer a glimpse into the rich culinary heritage of Morocco and include a great collection of the some of the most authentic and traditional... -

Top 10 Cajun Cook Books

Cajun food is popular for the use of locally available ingredients and its simple preparation. Cook books which offer authentic Cajun food are a collection of classic and traditional dishes from the region explained very simply. We recommend these top 10... -

Top 10 Arabic Cook Books

Arabic cuisine is a great combination of foods from Asia, Middle East and the Mediterranean regions. Cook books from the region offer a  glimpse of the main foods that includes traditional as well as contemporary cooking styles and... -

Top 10 German Cook Books

German cuisine is mainly known for its regional variation and versatility. German Cook books offer some of the most traditional as well as contemporary recipes with easy to follow instructions along with small anecdotes, stories and brief history of cuisine,... -

Top 10 Canadian Cook Books

If you have ever read through Canadian Cook Books you will agree that these are not just a collection of some of the most traditional recipes, but are also contains complete explanations on various methods of food preparation. Most of the books are valued... -

Hot ‘n Sweet: Chocolate-covered Jalapenos

This one is going to top the list of weird foods very soon and it combines two of the most loved flavors, albeit in different categories. The chocolate-covered jalapenos are nothing short of an oxymoron, a contradiction as far as flavor groups go. One is... -

Top 10 Korean Cook Books

Korean food is rapidly increasing in popularity and with it are the number of cookbooks which offer a huge collection of some of the most popular dishes from Korea. Here is a collection of top 10 cook books which you will find very useful.   ... -

Top 10 Polish Cook Books

Polish food and cuisine is quite satisfying and hearty. Some of the most ethnic and traditional pastries and stews can be prepared at home by following the cookbooks about its regional cuisine. To  guide you through every stage of cooking , we have the... -

Ridiculous Bacon Products In The Market

Bacon is the one thing that lands up at almost every breakfast plate in America every single morning. However, these ridiculous bacon products will have you jumping out of your seat in no time and not out of joy but disgust. People use bacon in chocolate,... -

Top 10 Amish Cook Books

  The foundation of Amish kitchens, the Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, is the concept of seven sweets and seven sours. All the Amish cook books have been designed keeping in mind this basic concept. While the dishes of this kitchen share a close... -

Top 10 Filipino Cook Books

The dishes of Philippines symbolize the blend of various cuisines, including Asia, Hispanic, American, and Chinese. Hence, let the masters – Filipino cook books – guide you while you prepare the delightful delicacies to cook up a sizzling dinner! Each of... -

Top 10 Caribbean Cook Books

Trying to prepare the richly spiced and seasoned delicacies of the Caribbean Islands without having a proper Caribbean cook book is sure to give you a tough time. The fusion of Indian, African, Chinese, European, and Amerindian cuisines, Caribbean kitchens... -

Top 10 Dutch Cook Books

Each of the Dutch delicacy is the visual embodiment of the rich culture and heritage of the Netherlands. Hence, having some good Dutch cook books handy is quintessential to replicate the delights from this nation’s kitchens. From the soups to custards to... -

Top 10 Irish Cook Books

The flavorsome dishes produced by blending and mixing the simple, local ingredients of Ireland have gained wide popularity. The Irish cook books are, perhaps, the shortest and the easiest way for the people of other nations to know about the cuisine of this... -

Top 10 New Zealand Cook Books

  The marvelous dishes of New Zealand can be termed as a delightful fusion cuisine that have a British base and is infused with Mediterranean inspirations. The New Zealand cook books also share information on the vastness and richness of its... -

Top 10 Asian Cook Books

Asia is diversely vast, and you can see the reflection in its cuisine.  You will find it puzzling to prepare the Asian delicacies w ithout going through good Asian cook books. From Japan to China and India to Indonesia, the cooking guides vary in... -

Top 10 Jewish Cook Books

Jewish cooking goes beyond latkes and briskets. If you want to try those wonderful delicacies, then you should keep the Jewish cook books handy. Along with being your mentor and guide, these cooking books offer you valuable information regarding the culinary... -

Top 10 Greek Cook Books

You can now enjoy the admirable recipes treasured in Greek households at your home by using the Greek cook books as your mentors. Yes, I am telling the truth. A fusion cuisine in the most correct sense, Greece has countless tasty dishes to choose from. Take a... -

Top 10 Tamil Cook Books

The richness of the culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu has played a major role in giving rise to some of tastiest delicacies of the world. Having two or three Tamil cook books handy will always help you to try out some fabulous recipes from this South Indian... -

Top 10 English Cook Books

England is the abode to  a rich, magnificent cuisine. Now, you can replicate a sumptuous English breakfast or a classy dinner by referring to the English cook books mentioned in this blog. Each one has something special to offer and they have been picked... -

Top 10 African Cookbooks

Trying to cook an African meal without having a proper guide is sure to be a complete disaster. But, how to choose  African cookbooks when you know that Africa is home to countless ethnicities and tribes, each having their own version of the same recipe? To... -

Top 10 Spanish Cookbooks

Spanish cuisine is one of the world’s best cuisines. You can now prepare the delicacies of this cuisine with the help of Spanish cookbooks that this blog recommends. From the classy tapas to the pastelerias and granizados as well as the traditional home... -

Dream Come True Cutlery: Eat While You Workout!

This is a cutlery you had always dreamt of. With this knife-spoon-fork combo, you can burn calories even while you pile on food. The Easy Fit cutlery set, designed by the Irish firm Cheeky Shop and marketed by the Firebox Company, is really a ‘dream come... -

Top 10 Apps Available On Iphone: Wanna Take A Pick?

Whenever you move to a new city or shift home, the first thing that you need to look for (after, of course, the accommodation) is food. The top 10 Apps available on iPhone promise to make it easier for you to find sustenance whenever you are stuck. D ... -

Top 10 Australian Cook Books

Cookbooks play a major role in guiding you while you try out a new dish from another cuisine. Australian cook books mentioned in this blog act as a true mentor, holding you hand, and guiding you as you prepare some tasty Australian delicacies. Take a look to... -

Be The Next Willy Wonka: Make Your Kitchen Your Laboratory

You could end up as a real-life Willy Wonka by making your kitchen your laboratory. Feel encouraged by the outings of a new generation of chefs, who do not consider the culinary world to be a stuff that fairytales are made of. In fact, they go out and... -

Tweason’ale & Co: Gluten Free Beer With A Dash Of Skepticism

Here is some good news for those, who cannot have beer because of celiac disease.  Gluten free beer is making it big in the international market, with more and more US based breweries preferring to produce it.  One of the more prominent brands in this field... -

Mcdonald’s Pumpkin Pie Review – The ‘fall’ Pleasure

Thanksgiving has passed by and the next one is still far off so what do you do to recreate the fall pleasure for yourself? Of course, you go out and buy yourself a McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie, which will take you back into the pumpkin world. This review is to... -

Mcdonald’s Apple Pie Review: Guilty Pleasure

McDonald’s pies seem to have hit the right note with the fast-food lovers, who want everything ready in a jiffy, be it the regular burger or the classic old pie. McDonald’s Apple Pie is one of the many scrumptious flavors served at restaurants across the... -

Top 10 Japanese Cook Books

Cook books on Japanese food are selling like hot cakes due to the continuously growing popularity of Japanese cuisine all over the world. But how do you find a book that serves as a perfect guide for cooking delectable Japanese food when the market is loaded... -

Top 10 Thai Cook Books

Books on Thai cuisine have become a staple in the collection of any gourmet food lover. They serve as an excellent guide to cooking delicious Thai food. While the market is full of numerous books that vie for your attention, not all of them are worth your... -

American Cook Books – Best Collection

Cook books on American food are popular because they open the doorway to preparing and relishing gourmet US food. But while the market is jam-packed with books on the cuisine not all of them serve as a genuine guide to learning how to cook. Let’s take a... -

Chinese Cook Books – Best Collection

Cookboks on Chinese cuisine can be a superb guide to satisfying the taste-buds of all food lovers. Possessing a book penned by an expert-chef is the next best thing to being in the physical presence of the food Guru himself. But while there are scores of... -

Top 10 French Cook Books

Cook books on French cuisine are a 'must-have' in the collection of anyone who loves the cuisine of the country that lives and eats in style and elegance. But while there are plenty of cook books out there, it is easy to feel flummoxed as to which... -

Top 10 Italian Cook Books

Cook books on Italian food are a wonderful investment if you have always been a great fan of delicacies from the land of Good Food. However, the best cook books are those that make you feel as if you are cooking under the tutelage of the expert himself.... -

Top 10 Indian Cook Books

Cook books featuring Indian recipes are all the rage in the cooking world because of the immense popularity of Indian cuisine. If you too are completely in love with the delicacies from the subcontinent, then it would be a smart choice to stock your book... -

5 Best Christmas Cookbooks In 2011

A  C hristmas cookbook  is a must have now that the holiday season is approaching and it is time for cozy family get-togethers. But before you head to the local bookstore it is important that you gain some important information about the best... -

12 Cookbooks Good Enough To Give: Aroma Cucina

'Tis the season of giving. But how is one to know which cookbooks are the best to give as gifts?  Read our reviews of 12 cookbooks that we feel are deserving of followers to either give as gifts, or to hoard for themselves.   These are... -

The Top 3 Orange Cookbooks

Oranges are the flavor of summer, sun, and sweet-sharp aromas in the kitchen! This happy fruit brings many culinary avatars in the orange cookbooks   featured for you below. The recipes will release a flood of ideas, even memories,... -

The Kraft Cream Cheese Cookbook Review

The sinfully addictive joy of cream cheese is a like a rite of passage, everyone must try it once! The domain leader in this category is a century old manufacturer, Kraft Philadelphia. Their brand of super-smooth, ivory tinted, luscious cream cheese has been... -

The Top 3 Ginger Cookbooks

Ginger,a gnarled, earthy root with its uplifting fragrance has been a culinary essential in Asian and Indian food for centuries. The popularity of its medicinal properties and sharp tangy flavor in recipes are the highlighted values in the ginger... -

The Top Three Olive Oil Cookbooks

Heart Healthy and stomach friendly, is how its followers often describe this gold-green oil. Thanks to its popularity, there is an abundance of Olive oil cookbooks . Listed below are three that have a treasure of recipes, full of goodness and... -

Top 3 Venison Cookbooks

  There is a new player in the red meat market. To add to the trinity of Beef, Pork, and Lamb, there’s good news! Try Venison . As a game meat, it may not be as famous as its other cousins, yet the juicy, earthy... -

Top Trending Cookbooks At Amazon Widgets Eating well, cooking right or remaining abreast of the latest cooking techniques are explained in books that bring you information from the culinary world. It is no wonder, therefore, that cookbooks provide us with such... -

Top Three Avocado Cookbooks

Try out these top three avocado cookbooks and learn how to make more than guacamole from this fruit. They all give great recipes that you would never think to cook or think of using avocados for. With recipes ranging from easy to intricate, there’s... -

Top Three Tofu Cookbooks

You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy cooking with tofu. Try out one of these top three tofu cookbooks . The recipe ideas along with corresponding illustrations are truly spectacular.   1. Tofu Cookery (25th... -

Top Three Tomato Cookbooks

Tomatoes come in many types and flavors. If you love this fruit and enjoy cooking with it, why not try out one of these top three tomato cookbooks . The recipe ideas along with corresponding illustrations are truly spectacular.   1.... -

Top Three Pumpkin Cookbooks

If you are on the lookout for a great pumpkin cookbook, check out this review that features the top three pumpkin cookbooks available in the market today.   1. Pumpkin, a Super Food for All 12 Months of the Year – Dee Dee Stovel... -

Top Three Carrot Cookbooks

Here are the top three carrot  centric cookbooks available in the market today. If you haven’t experimented with carrots yet, you should start now. Carrots are a major source of beta-carotene, a nutrient that helps to protect against some forms of... -

Top Three Asparagus Cookbook Reviews

Filled with vitamins and minerals, high in fiber, and low in sodium, the asparagus is as healthy as it is tasty. To rejoice this versatile veggie pick up one of these top three asparagus cookbooks and try out some delicious recipes today.    ... -

Top Three Sausage Cookbooks

Sausage is one of the most versatile items one can have on hand in their kitchen as it can be used as a flavorful addition to a really wide variety of dishes. These top three sausage cookbooks will show you just what all you can do with this food item. -

Top Three Lemon Cookbooks

  You will learn how lemons can be common ingredients in cooking by reading the  top three lemon cookbooks , and learn more about good recipes that use these fruits as  seasonings. Buy these books online at  ... -

Top Three Mushroom Cookbook Reviews

  Today, mushrooms are more popular than ever. Chefs everywhere use these palatable morsels to provide a potent punch of flavor, without adding many calories or fat. These top three mushroom cookbooks are recommended for all fungi lovers,... -

Top Three Shrimp Cookbook Reviews

  If you like seafood and if you love shrimp, you ought to have one of these top three shrimp cookbooks . Every recipe detailed in these books is scrumptious, delicious, and unforgettable. Read their reviews to decide which one of these... -

Top Three Garlic Cookbooks

Garlic is a popular ingredient used in many dishes across many cuisines. If you are one of those who love to add garlic in almost anything that you cook, then you will love these Top Three Garlic Cookbooks that we bring for you in this blog. With the help of... -

Top Three Lamb Cookbook Reviews - Best Lamb Cookbooks

  Want to learn how to cook lamb in more ways than just a couple? These top three lamb cookbooks will show you how. Available online on , these cookbooks are truly spectacular. Here is a review explaining just what makes these... -

Top Three Butter Cookbook Reviews

  These top three butter cookbooks are recommended for anybody who loves butter. They are great cookbooks with delicious recipes and you will not regret buying any one of them   1.The Great Big Butter Cookbook - Diana C.... -

Top Three Turkey Cookbook Reviews

  If you are on the lookout for a great turkey cookbook, this review of the top three turkey cookbooks should be extremely helpful. These are all great buys with mouth watering recipes, along with other useful information, tips and tricks.... -

Top Three Salmon Cookbook Reviews

  Most people have always thought of Salmon as something that can be cooked in just a couple of ways. These top three salmon cookbooks will come as a big surprise for them as these include a plethora of recipes showing salmon being cooked in... -

Top Three Potato Cookbook Reviews

  These  top three potato cookbooks are ideal for all spud lovers. Recipes ranging from the easy to the complicated, it really does not matter if you are a novice in the kitchen or a veteran, there will be plenty of recipes for you to cook.... -

Top Three Banana Cookbook Reviews

  With these top three banana cookbooks , discover mouth-watering recipes that feature bananas in salads, meat and seafood dishes, desserts, drinks, and even salsas and chutneys. All of these banana cookbooks contain easy-to-make recipes. ... -

Top Three Chili Cookbook Reviews

If you are looking for some of the best chili recipes out there you need to consider these top three chili cookbooks . They have some really mouth watering recipes along with fantastic illustrations. Here is a review on the best three.   ... -

Top Three Corn Cookbook Reviews

  There aren’t that many corn cookbooks out there so it can be a little challenging figuring out which one to buy. Here is a review on the top three corn cookbooks that are available today. They cover the basics well; everything needed to... -

Top Three Duck Cookbook Reviews

  Nearly everyone loves eating duck, but the prospect of cooking it at home can daunt even the most talented home chef. To make this task easier, try out one of these top three duck cookbooks . You owe it to yourself, your friends and family,... -

Top Three Crab Cookbook Reviews

  Looking for a new crab cookbook to add to your collection? If yes, you have arrived at the right place. Here are reviews of the top three crab cookbooks available today. These books will show you wondrous ways on what you can do with that... -

Top Three Seafood Cookbook Reviews

  With so many seafood cookbooks out there it can be tough deciding which one might be appropriate for you. Here is a review of the top three seafood cookbooks available today. They are all great buys and you will not be sorry for investing... -

Top Three Rice Cookbook Reviews

  Ever wondered how to select the right type of rice for every dish and also the best ways to cook each kind? Well these top three rice cookbooks will teach you just that. A pleasure to read and browse through, these rice cookbooks are great... -

Top Three Apple Cookbook Reviews

  If desserts are all that come to mind when you think of the apple , pick up one of the top three apple cookbooks reviewed below. You will learn how their fantastic texture and flavor can also be used to wonderful effect in savory dishes.... -

Top Three Egg Cookbook Reviews

  If you love eggs and are looking for various recipes for all meals in your day, here are the top three egg cookbooks available right now. They all have some of the most delicious egg recipes listed, and they are all available online on ... -

Top Three Poultry Cookbook Reviews

  Ever get tired of cooking your standard poultry recipes? These top three poultry cookbooks are guaranteed to bring some zing back to your boring meals. Read on reviews of the top three poultry cookbooks   1. The... -

Top Three Flour Cookbook Reviews

  Shopping around for a flour cookbook? Here are the top three flour cookbooks out in the market right now. There is even a flour cookbook for those who need to use gluten free flour. The recipes don’t compromise on taste, the dishes are... -

Top Three Fish Cookbooks - Best Fish Cookbooks

  For people who love to cook and eat fish, these top three fish cookbooks are must haves for your collection. Read the reviews and see just how fabulous these books are.   1. Fish: The Complete Guide to... -

Top Three Chocolate Cookbook Reviews

      Here are the top three chocolate cookbook reviews to make the task of picking one a little simpler. They are all great chocolate cookbooks and are guaranteed to make your mouth water. ... -

Top Three Cheese Cookbook Reviews

It would be hard to pick just one book out of the top three cheese cookbooks reviewed here. They are all fantastic in their own right and have some of the most delicious recipes you will ever taste.   1. The Great Big Cheese... -

Top Three Pork Cookbook Reviews

  If you are browsing around for the ideal pork cookbook, here is a review of the top three pork cookbooks existing in the marketplace today. They are all great books, with something unique about them all, this review should help you figure... -

Top Three Meat Cookbook Reviews

  Here are some great reviews on the top three meat cookbooks available in the market today. They are all under $30 and if you pick up a used copy, you will find it under $25. They have great recipes and are all unique in their own way.... -

Top Three Beef Cookbook Reviews - Best Beef Cookbooks

  Here are reviews for the top three beef cookbooks out there. It does not matter if you’re a whiz in the kitchen or just a beginner, you will find recipes for every skill level and every occasion. Hopefully the reviews will help you... -