Rescue Chef


Rescue chef is a popular American TV show, premiered on March 1, 2009, with world renowned chef “Danny Boome” as the host. It is actually very common to see various experienced and professional chefs holding their tools and revealing their extensive knowledge on food and recipes on various TV shows. However, Rescue chef was a bit different from all other TV shows. It introduced a new American face to the public for saving any kind of meal from getting into a disaster. The concept of this popular TV show, “Rescue Chef” is to rescue anyone from making another dreadful food item. The dynamic and young Dannie Boome fits well for the show due to his innovative and unique ideas with respect to saving any meal from becoming a nuisance. In each and every episode, Danny travels in various households in America where he reveals his creative and unique culinary solutions in the form of rescue chef recipes to one of the lucky viewers.


Major Attractions of the Food Show “Rescue Chef”

  • The show is aired during daytime, where Danny himself gets to cooking. Ways of preparing short ribs were really admired by people when it was taught in the premiere episode of the show by Dannie to a schoolteacher, Carla.


  • The show is no doubt colorful, bright and joyful to watch.


  • The young chef Danny appears to be energetic on the show. However, he does not sound showy at all.


  • Rescue Chef is different from other traditional cooking shows, in which the host is supposed to give his entire attention to viewers. In this show, the chef aims to teach cooking methodology to the guest of the show.


Rescue Chef Recipes- In Popular Episodes

During season 2, episodes 11, 12 and 13 of Rescue Chef were very popular.


  • Season 2 Episode 13: Hot Date


In this episode, Danny Boome paid emphasis on the romantic menu, which included flaming filet mignon, potato gratin, pan seared asparagus, and mini chocolate cakes.


  • Season 2 Episode 12: Big Family Holiday Dinner


The major attractions of this episode were roasted beef with ginger, mashed butternut squash and pears, wilted bok choy and scallions, and coconut cream trifle.


  • Season 2 Episode 11: Go To Dinner Party


In this episode of Rescue Chef, the chef taught to prepare food for a big party. The rescue chef recipes taught in this episode included Coq au vin, honey apple and nectarine tart, and parsnip and turnip mash.

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