Refrigerator Lemon Pie Recipes

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Refrigerator Lemon Pie

The refrigerator lemon pie is a dessert pie prepared with a graham wafer crumbs. Made with a cooked filling of egg, lemon juice, rind and sugar, the refrigerator lemon pie is frozen and served cold. - 43.3299

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Refrigerator Pumpkin Pie

Combine all ingredients except pumpkin and pie crust in a deep, narrow bowl. Whip 3 minutes. Stir in pumpkin. Pour into a Gingersnap Crust or an 8- or 9-inch baked pie shell. Chill at least 3 hours. - 32.2936

Refrigerator Strawberry Pie

Melt butter, combine with crumbs and mix thoroughly. Pat buttered crumbs evenly over sides and bottom of pie plate and chill. Hull and wash berries and cut into small pieces. Mix with sugar, salt and lemon juice. Soften gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes,... - 44.4703

Refrigerator Pineapple Pie

Early in day: Start heating oven to 350°F. Spread butter evenly on bottom and side of 9" pie plate. Add coconut, and spread it evenly over butter, pressing down firmly, to form pie shell. Bake 12 to 15 min., or until golden brown; cool. Meanwhile, mix... - 47.0703

Lemon Refrigerator Cake

Cream the butter and sugar until very white and light. Beat in the egg yolks, the grated rind, and juice of the lemon. Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Split the sponge cakes into 2 or 3 layers, and line an oblong tin or pie dish with some of them. Fill... - 34.283

Lemon Refrigerator Cake

GETTING READY 1 Preheat the oven to 350°F. MAKING 2 In a bowl, cream 2 tablespoons butter. 3 Evenly spread over the sides and bottom of a 10" spring mold or pie plate. 4 Roll the crackers fine. 5 In a bowl, mix with 1/2 cup butter. 6 Pat... - 45.9734

Refrigerator Cheese Pie

Mix together crumbs and- butter; press into buttered 9-inch pie plate. Chill till firm, about 45 minutes. Blend cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, lemon peel, and juice. Fold in whipped cream; pour into crumb crust. Chill till firm, about 4 hours. - 32.5228

Refrigerator Cheese Pie

MAKING 1. Crush the crackers by pressing them with rolling pin. For better guard the crackers should be placed in any bag. 2. Take a bowl and add 1/4 cup sugar and softened butter and blend it well. 3. Add crumbs to the refrigerator ice cube tray and press... - 48.4366

Refrigerator Cheese Pie

MAKING 1) In ½ cup cold water, add gelatin to soften. 2) In a bowl, add egg yolks, sugar, milk and salt to combine. 3) Place the bowl over boiling water to cook by frequent stirring until thick and smooth. 4) Add the gelatin to stir in. 5) Allow the mixture... - 46.4977

Refrigerator Cheese Pie

Here's the Refrigerator Cheese Pie at its very best! A combination of fully hearty ingredients make this Refrigerator Cheese Pie incredibly delicious. Of course, it's surprisingly easy to make! - 46.3779

Lemon Ice Box Pie

Preheat oven to 350°. Mix egg yolks and lemon juice. Add salt and Eagle Brand milk. Put in graham cracker crust. Beat egg whites with a pinch of salt and add sugar gradually Beat until stiff peaks form. Spread over filling. Bake 10 minutes or until meringue... - 39.0469