Red Onion Chutney

Red Onion Chutneys are side dish often served with other main course dishes. As the name suggests, Red Onion Chutney recipes are made of red onions and served with burgers, fish, beef, chicken or pork. The Red Onion Chutney hails it’s origin from East India and known as a condiment for other main dishes. The commonly used ingredients required to make Red Oinion Chutney are red onion, red wine vinegar, packed brown sugar, mustard seeds, minced peeled fresh ginger, crushed red pepper, salt and ground cloves. Popular for adding some crispy, spicy taste, Red Onion Chutneys are must in few Indian menu lists.

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Make These Wonderful And Soothing Chutneys At Home

Make These Wonderful And Soothing Chutneys At Home On : 07-Jan-2011 By : olivia

Chutney is a common side dish in South Asian cuisine. It is simple to learn and make them at home, let’s learn how to Make These Wonderful And Soothing Chutneys At Home. Introduction: Chutney serves as a great combination to snacks like idli...

Red Onions Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Red Onions Can Help Prevent Heart Disease On : 09-Mar-2011 By : Samina Tapia

  Scientists have suggested that red onions can help prevent heart disease. Red onions are a common ingredient in Asian and Mediterranean cuisines and are becoming increasingly popular world wide as scientists claim that red onions and heart...

10 Tasty Varieties Of Chutney

10 Tasty Varieties Of Chutney On : 12-Nov-2010 By : foodoholic

  They say that every Indian food is incomplete without this condiment, chutney. Acknowledging the importance of this native sauce in the Indian culinary customs, here are the top 10 tasty varieties of Chutney that are most integral to...

Chutney: Makes Food Crispy

Chutney: Makes Food Crispy On : 25-May-2007 By : Ganesh Dutta

A Chutney is a term for a variety of sweet and spicy condiments, originally from South Asia. Chutney may be dry or wet. Dry chutney is generally in the form of powder. In India, a chutney is often made to...

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