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How To Store Curry Paste

Curry paste is one of the wonders of the Asian kitchen. T hey are used in various Indian and Thai dishes and are known for imparting a distinct flavor to the dish. If you learn how to store curry paste at home, then cooking Asian dishes that use... -

What Are The Alternatives To Curry Paste?

With the increasing popularity of curries, people are coming up with new and innovative ways of making and using curry paste. Therefore, knowing what are the alternatives to curry paste is quite useful. The word “curry” is the anglicized version of... -

How To Make Sugar Paste Tulips?

Tulip is known as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and it has a glorious history. The flower has a Dutch origin, but its commercial cultivation began in the Ottoman Empire. The Persian poets praised its beauty and Tulip Mania overtook... -

What Are The Culinary Uses Of Turmeric Paste

Asian and most commonly Indian cuisine is considered to be incomplete without using turmeric paste . The several uses of turmeric paste in  different Indian recipes add not only to the taste and flavor, but add a wonderful mouthwatering appeal to any... -

Top 5 Fish Curries To Relish

Fish is a healthy food choice, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in maintaining healthy skin, hair and brain! Whatever the occasion or season, fish-lovers should definitely get their hands on the fish curry recipes shared here. You can pair these... -

Fish Balls In Spicy Curry

How many times have you wished that grandma was here to cook something special for you? I have, so many times. I wish she was here with me. Though I lost my grandma about 14 years ago, I still remember the food that she used to make. So simple yet so tasty. ... -

Top 6 Chicken Curries To Relish This Christmas

It is Christmas! Time to party! Singing, dancing, and of course, enjoying delicious foods! You must be for sure making cakes, puddings etc. to treat your friends and family for the occasion. But have you thought of what to go in for main course? Thinking of... -

How To Use Red Banana Leaves?

Soft, sweet, dessert bananas are not the only thing people like when they grow Rowe Red banana trees. They also grow it because of its leaves, which can be used in several ways that makes it worth growing. From cooking to sealing a jar, red banana leaves are... -

Red Lobster Soon To Be Up For Sale Or Spinoff

  Chances are that you may not be able to have your beloved shrimp scampi from the famous Red Lobster menu in the future! Darden has announced that the restaurant will be either up for sale or spinoff, owing to low customer turnout. The... -

Red Meat Is Heart-healthy If Not Cured

    Heart-health has been the cynosure of all “science-eyes”. With research and breakthroughs making news more frequently than ever, banishing past myths and beliefs, recent research has laid down “ Red meat is heart-healthy if not... -

Red Meat, Butter Leads To Alzheimer’s Disease

It is not alright if you are gobbling up all the red meat and butter in sight day after day because these two food items not only slow down your brain activity but also put you at an increasing risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. A new study claims that more than... -

Living With The Toombs - A Curry A Day

Imagine what it would be like living with the Toombs, a regular British family, eating a curry every day of the year? Amazing, no! Well, Dan Toombs, father of three, who was tired of paying money for Indian takeaways, decided to take matters in his hands one... -

How To Eat Thai Curry

If you love Thai food, it’s important that you know how to eat Thai curry .  Curries form an integral part of Thai cuisine and are made of different kinds of pastes   . Eating Thai curry is not as simple as taking a big bite... -

Arvi Curry

This is a tangy curry made with Arvi or Taro Root. It has a tamarind juice based gravy. You need: 1. Arvi - Choose those with no nodes. Arvi is a root. It is hairy too. When picking, brush off the hair and see if it has too many nodes on it. When you... -

Curry Flavor In Everyday Dishes

Indian food is delicious albeit spicy. Yet the chicken masala and jalfrezi rule! However, it is the unique blend of spices known simply as the curry powder that makes Indian food an absolute delight. While many, especially people of Indian origin, may... -

Can You Challenge This Curry

A Manhattan curry house is making its customers cry, shriek and shake uncontrollably. No, it is not torturing them with some medieval methods but, instead, it is offering them a taste of ‘Phaal’, an intensely hot curry which needs an iron palate to... -

How To Eat Chuchi Pla Kaphong - Thai Fish Curry

If you love seafood and want to experience the diverse flavors and textures of Thai cuisine then you cannot afford to skip Chuchi pla kaphong (Chu chi pla kapong) from the menu. I learnt how to eat Chuchi pla Kaphong during my very first visit to... -

Curry Culture From Around The World

Curry, the generic term for a spice based dish, has gained acceptance world wide . Indeed it is so popular that the British Premier David Cameron claimed it for his country not so long ago. The fact, however, differs considerably. The curry powder aided dish... -

Curry Leaves - natural remedy for Graying Hair

Graying of hair is inevitable with age – that’s common knowledge; but, what if you encounter these dull strands in your prime and are faced with the most dismal condition called premature graying of hair! Well, don’t be disheartened and grab the bottle... -

Curry Leaves Medicinal Uses

If you are looking for a seasoning that not only adds oodles of flavor to your ‘chutneys’, ‘rasams’, ‘ sambars ’ and ‘dals’, but also leaves you with a taste of health, curry leaves are the way to go. An indispensable part of most Indian... -

Resident Chef Contest Main Dish Entry 2nd Winner - Marinated Chicken Leg Curry

  How can I forget last weekend, spent at my maternal home! Last weekend was really rocking when I and my sister went to our maternal home, along with our little kids, to refresh our old memories. It was after a long time we had such a great and... -

Do You Have These Spices In Your Kitchen

  A kitchen without spices is bereft. I realized years back that stocking the kitchen with all the essential spices is a must. That way while I am in the middle of cooking something I don’t discover that I am missing the key ingredients. Any... -

The Making Of Tandoori Onion Paratha

      1. Chopping Onions - Cut them sideways, arc shaped and slice thin.     2. Mix pinchful of oregano seeds or chillies into a portion of chopped onions. Massage it in with... -

These Things You Can Do With Chili Peppers

Fresh chili peppers can actually be kept in your freezer for up to ayear if you use a freezer bag and not a regular ziplock bag. I wipe the fresh chili peppers with a cloth or paper towel and then I just put them in the freezer bag whole intact. In my opinion... -

Karnataka Cuisine

The following are typical items in a typical vegetarian Northern Karnataka meal : rotti   Badane kaayi gojju/enne-gai/tumbu-gai - Stuffed and/or sauteed Shenga / Ellu dry chutney in powder form - sometimes called hindi   ... -

My Gm Diet Experience – Day 6 – Meat And Vegetables Diet

In all honesty, I couldn't wait till my Day 6 of my GM Diet Experience to be over. The interesting thing about this GM Diet is that if today is your meat and vegetables diet day, you always crave for what is in store the next day. But when you get to the... -

African Foods For Kids

    Like a varied culture, there are varieties of African foods for kids . You can organize an African themed party for kids; this would be an introduction to different culture and different style of food. Choose... -

Enjoy A Three-course Meal Inspired By Fireworks

Wish to know how to enjoy a three-course meal inspired by fireworks? Well, here is an interesting menu that is truly amazing.                           ... -

Sugar Free Menu

  A sugar free menu is meant for people who are either on weight loss spree or are suffering from some medical condition like diabetes. Though it provides instant energy, but if it is not used immediately, it gets stored... -

How To Eat Ho Mok Pla

If you are in Thailand and if you love seafood, then you must discover how to eat ho mok pla. Ho mok pla is a unique Thai dish and a must taste food item when you are in Thailand. But, if you are unsure as to how to go about it, I have some really... -

Real Vegetarian Thai By Nancie Mcdermott Review

Real Vegetarian Thai - The  Thai Vegetarian cookbook by Nancie McDermott  has made Thai cooking a lot simpler for vegetarians who have always struggled to make meatless Thai food. McDermott has fashioned an Eastern cookbook with a Western eye, taking... -

Rhodes Across Indian Recipes

Rhodes Across India recipes Explore real Indian cuisine from pavements to palaces with these authentic recipes that showcase the very best regional specialities. Royal Palace Brought to India by Mughal... -

Take 10 On Chillies

Interesting Facts About Chillies                1. There are more than 300 varieties of chillies of which more than 100 are indigenous to Mexico.   2. Small... -

Bangkok Foodies

When you think of eating in Bangkok you probably don't think of Indian restaurants, but they for sure are some of the cities' best eateries.  In Little India we often have eaten at a small spot called Standard located down a grungy alleyway, but we -

Thai Menu

  If you are planning to have a dinner party, then tthe ideal choice is to plan a Thai menu. This 'wow'ingly amazing cuisine offers you countless choices to choose from - from the simple to the very complex ones.  ... -

How To Eat Thai Food

If a perfectly balanced meal of different flavors is what you are looking for, then knowing how to eat Thai food is a must for you. When we talk about knowing how to eat Thai food, we not only mean how to eat the cuisine in the most pleasurable manner, but... -

South Indian Menu

South Indian menu is probably the largest collection of vegetarian dishes. Fresh fruits, rice and vegetables are easily available in the region because of the climate. Rice is a staple in South Indian meal, which is not complete without it. They consume it... -

National Folic Acid Awareness Week

Are you getting enough folate? We often hear that pregnant women need folic acid but what about the rest of us? Popeye was right! Eat your spinach! Physicians now prescribe diets rich in folate and folic acid , its... -

How To Eat Kaeng Phanaeng

  If you love Thai food , then you must know how to eat Kaeng Phanaeng. Kaeng Phanaeng is a delicious Thai recipe whose main ingredients are the Phanaeng curry paste, coconut cream and meat. This is a non-vegetarian dish which requires no special... -

Hyderabadi Kitchen Secrets Revealed Here

Different Indian states have different cuisine and one such is Hyderabadi cuisine - a blend of Persian and traditional South Indian Mughlai cuisine. It is well said if you want to win someone’s heart, treat him well. So welcome to Hyderabadi Kitchen! This... -

Dmanburger " O'mally's Southold, Long Island"

by dmanburger   I found myself in Greenport this weekend, a quaint little seasonal fishing village located on the North Fork of Long Island. After consulting with some burger loving locals, they all directed me to O’ Mally’s.... -

My Thai Lunch

Pad Thai submitted by Hari at Steamed Mussels with Red Curry Sauce submitted by CurrySimple at Thank You Chefs. (Lunch Ideas) -

Kiribath, Meaning "milk Rice."-srilanka

Much of Sri Lanka's cuisine consists of boiled or steamed rice served with curry. Another well-known rice dish is Kiribath, meaning "milk rice." Curries in Sri Lanka are not just limited to meat- or fish-based dishes, there are also vegetable... -

Crab Coconut Roast

Ingredients Crab 1 pd(It meant some 4-5 big legs for me) Onion 1 cup sliced Tomato 1 medium sized ,sliced Coconut grated 1/2 cup Giner paste 1+1 Tsp Garlic paste -

Basic Thai Cooking Course

INTRODUCTION Thai cuisine needs no introduction for it has many fans spread across the globe right from Bangkok to New York. Easily distinguished by its aroma, bright colors and usage of fragrant herbs, Thai food, is prepared and served... -

Turmeric For Psoriasis Cure

It is quite difficult to battle with scaly lesions and red patches of psoriasis with medicines having side effects. However, use of turmeric has been life-changing experience for many individuals with this chronic skin disorder. There are many medications... -

Parsee Food Made Eassy

             PARSI FOOD MADE EASY   One never really can have a true picture of another community. There is a notion , for instance when you think of Parsee, the image   (rather unfair ) is of people who have... -

How To Cook Asian Food?

Asia is the largest continent in the world and it has such an amazing diversity of cuisines that it just would not be possible to learn all of it in one lifetime. However, we can always make an effort and learn as much as we can: even if we have to do one... -

Fruit Menu

Working with a fruit menu will really test your mettle as a cook. Instead of sticking to just fruit based dessert recipes, step out of your comnfort zone and whip up some soups curries and smoothies. To help you think of ideas take a look at some of these... -

Papaya Menu

  A papaya menu will be one that will display a lot of creativity with food and flavor.  An extremely healthy fruit, papayas are utilized in cooking in all sorts of cuisines. You can use it to make a stew, a curry,... -

Manapua- "hawaiian" Snack Food

 A long time favourite in the islands a "Hawaiian" snack food called manapua is actually the classic Chinese dim sum offering char shu bao, or steamed pork buns. Chinese indeed, but adopted and renamed by the inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands,... -

Top 10 Whole Fish Recipes

I have put together 10 whole fish recipe ideas , which I feel tops the dishes made using fish. Fish, as you know, is one of the healthy and tasty foods available and what better way to do justice to fish than using some whole fish recipes for a sumptuous... -

Squash Time!

There's Nothing Like Celebrating the Coming of Fall with Fresh Squash! *scroll to the bottom for a sqaush recipe suggestion* Turban Squash: Great for Stuffing Fall is the season for winter squash, a... -

I Hate Kadhi

KADHI ..the yellow dish with basic smooth texture was never liked by me to eat...but it reminds me of beautiful delight memories of college... i with my friends [[ who love kadhi like anything..that they may also deny the free lunch... -

Thai National Foods

The Thai National foods are not just about Pad thai and Kimchee, rather they include an array of symbolic dishes from the region which incorporate the basic Thai flavors of spicy, sour, sweet and salty. Though Thai cuisine is very... -

What To Do With Leftover Pasta Quick Ideas

Pasta is the most adored and savored Italian foods. However, when there are leftovers, you wonder what to do with leftover pasta . Throwing it out would be one option, but that is the same as throwing money. There are some wonderful things to do with... -

Ryan Seacrest-julianne Hough Share Sweet Nothings & Cotton Candy At Las Vegas

The popular host of American Idol, Ryan  Seacrest was seen sampling delectable food at the casino city, Las Vegas last weekend. Accompanied by girlfriend  Julianne Hough , the sexy star of Burlesque, Seacrest sampled the Far Eastern fare at ‘Simon... -

How To Use Drumsticks In Indian Cooking

Using drumsticks in Indian cooking  is a very common practice. Learn how to use drumsticks in Indian cooking and enjoy eating this juicy extremely nutritious stick in curry and lentils. Some of the well known recipes using drumstick in Indian cooking ... -

List Of Popular Recipe Sites

Recipes AllRecipes.Com Andy's Italian Recipes Antico Martini's Recipes Antipasti Arielle's Recipe Archives The Artisan Aussom Aussie Bangkok Cooking Beef and... -

How To Eat Mantou?

If you love Chinese food and have been to China Town then you should be familiar with Mantou. I love this Chinese steamed bun but I know that a lot of you want to know more about how to eat Mantou. It is not so difficult to figure out how to relish... -

Bangalore Menu

Bangalore or Benguluru is the capital of Karnataka and is well-known for its Udupi cuisine. Bangalore menu items follow the Vedic traditions of vegetarian preparation which lays stress on absolute no use of garlic. There are many restaurants in... -

Top 10 Ethiopian Street Food

  Ethiopian cuisine displays the distinctive mix of delightful spices balanced in a strikingly unforgettable fashion. The best way to experience this amazing blend of flavors is to savor the  Ethiopian street food delights, which highlight... -

Top 10 Onam Dishes To Serve

Onam, celebrated in the Malayalam month of Chingam, is an important festival for the people of Kerala. Here are the top 10 Onam Foods enjoyed by Malayalees during the festival:   1. Avial : This is a vegetable curry made from all... -

American Masala

I am a fan of soft-spoken Chef Suvir Saran. So when I spotted his latest book, American Masala - 125 New Classics from My Home Kitchen (Clarkson Potter, $35)- Costco price is $21 at Costco I glanced through it and sort of shrugged but bought it any way as his... -

Mango Menu

  Creating a mango menu should be almost as fun as enjoying the dishes that you end up preparing at the end of it. Mango which is considered the king of fruits in India is seasonal in nature. You typically finds these only in... -

Chiles - Scoville Ratings

  There are two ways of classifying chile peppers—by their heat and shape. In 1912, pharmacist Wilbur Scoville invented a test to measure the hotness of peppers by diluting the pepper until the heat was... -

Unique Green Salad Ideas

Are you bored of trying out the same green salads again and again? Then here are few unique green salad ideas, which will help you to prepare a quick and tasty green salad within no time.   Picotica Salad : This salad is usually prepared... -

The Top 3 Ginger Cookbooks

Ginger,a gnarled, earthy root with its uplifting fragrance has been a culinary essential in Asian and Indian food for centuries. The popularity of its medicinal properties and sharp tangy flavor in recipes are the highlighted values in the ginger... -

How To Tenderize Meat With Cumin Seeds

Cumin is an essential spice in Indian cooking but is also very popular in Asian, Middle Eastern, Cuban, Tex-Mex and Brazilian cooking. It is also used by the French to flavor their breads. Cumin has a distinct aroma but is often confused with caraway seeds.... -

Sikh Menu

  Sikh menu refers to the huge assortment of dishes eaten in Punjab – the northern state of India.  Food of this region is highly influenced by ancient Muslim traditional foods, where meat is eaten under specific... -

Dosa, The Pan Cakes From South India

I love Dosas and Dosas and Dosas. Dosa is an easy to cook South Indian food eaten primarily for breakfast.  I fell in love with Dosa when I was in South India for an academic course. Dosa - plain and simple, hot and crispy, umm! Hot and crispy dosa with... -

Top 5 Spices Of Bangladesh

Being close to India and Pakistan, Bangladeshi cuisine shows an impact of the cuisines of these two countries. However, despite that, Bangladeshi food has its own soul, which ranges between very “spicy” and extremely “sweet.” This difference is... -

Turmeric For Rosacea Cure

Turmeric is quite effective to control the onset of rosacea. Once it is used on rosacea patches, antibacterial and antifungal qualities of turmeric bring quick and positive result to control this skin disorder. Read on further here to learn handy tips for... -

Kebabs Of Rajasthan By Chef Vibs

ü     Surkhila ebab : Mutton mince, ginger garlic paste, Rajasthani spices and red chilli paste, cooked in tandoor.K ü     Murg ke parche : Chicken breast in curd, cream, cheese, black pepper, Rajasthani spices,... -


I love cilantro and often use it for curry pastes, for a pesto, n pizza, salsa, sandwiches, adorning Mexican dishes, salads, ceviche, etc.  It is fairly inexpensive at less than a buck for a huge bunch, but I usually only need a few sprigs at a time.  Now... -

Top 5 Herbs And Spices Of Thailand

Thai cuisine is world famous for its subtle use of spices and herbs. This food caters to the world palate because of the magic created by the    herbs and spices of Thailand which include:-    1) Ma-Krut (Kaffir Lime) ... -

How To Eat Longevity Buns?

The Longevity Bun is an amazingly yummy Chinese pastry that I came across recently at a friends granddads birthday bash!! Shamefully, I had never heard of it before and even when she told me about her menu I had no clue about how to make or how to... -

Jamaican Hot Chili

Jamaican hot chili As the name indicates, this bright red chili is extremely hot. It’s small (1 to 2 inches in diameter) and has a distorted, irregular shape. Jamaican hots are often used in curried dishes and condiments.   ... -

Chinese Wedding Food – Keeping The Tradition Alive

Chinese wedding food – keeping the tradition alive is the main motive for preparing such foods in any Chinese wedding! Here are some Chinese wedding food ideas which can help you to decide on a menu, in case you are planning to have a Chinese wedding.... -

How To Use Juicer Pulp At Home

Using juicer pulp at home is highly recommended as the pulp contains loads of fiber in it. Knowing  how to use juicer pulp at home will bring down your food wastage to zero and keep you healthy and slim at no extra cost. Well, all you need is a little... -

Peach Menu

What can be more fun that creating a peach menu . One thing to remember while working with peaches is that if you use the fresh kind, the dish tastes so much better. Peaches however are a winter fruit as they have a short growing season, so make the most... -

Five Ways To Use Green Tomatoes

  Green tomatoes can be used as widely as red tomatoes. So if you have surplus green tomatoes in your garden, do not worry, here are five ways to use green tomatoes .   Salads If you thought only red tomatoes can be used... -

How To Use Coconut Milk In Kitchen

Use of coconut milk can be seen very often in Indian and Thai kitchens. Its sweet taste is perfect for making desserts as well as imparting a sweet savory taste to rice and curries. Here is a list of uses of coconut milk for you to learn cooking with... -

A, B, C Of Chocolate

Cacao pods (also known as cabosses). The dark pod is not yet ripe. Ripe pods turn bright colors, from yellow and orange to red, depending on the type of bean.  Photo by chocolatier Pierre Marcolini - Marcolini’s bars all have a very slight dark tone that... -

Gung Hey Fat Choy-2008 Year Of The Rat (foods For Good Luck) Part 3

On February 7, 2008, the Year of the Rat begins — a year numbered 4706 on the Chinese lunar calendar. The holiday ushers in a 10-day period when families and friends exchange token gifts, give children red envelopes with "pocket money", and... -

Basic Flavourings Of Chinese Food

BASIC FLAVOURINGS SALTY---salt, soya sauce,soya bean paste SWEET—sugar, honey, jam ,jellies SOUR----vinegar, plum sauce,tomato sauce, wine. HOT---chilli, peppers, ginger, mustard BITTER---almonds, orange peel, herbs ... -

How To Puree Ginger

Ginger root can be easily pureed and stored in the refrigerator. They can be frozen too and used for as long as a month. The puree can be used to add flavor to a number of gravies, soups, curries, and even desserts. Read on for steps to make ginger puree… ... -

Garlic Necessary For A Healthy Heart

If you succeed in overcoming your aversion for the stink it raises, you can realize the health benefits that garlic gives to your heart. This is because of Allicin - a special element in garlic, which is indirectly responsible for keeping a heart healthy. ... -

Top 6 Chicken Recipe Ideas For Christmas

Chicken is one ingredient that people usually overlook while celebrating Christmas. So, this year, we thought, why not celebrate this humble meat, which has way better nutritional value than red meat. Here are some of the choicest chicken dishes to see you... -

Vegetarian Menu

Planning a vegetarian menu can be little tricky if you are a non-vegetarian. Here I’ll be providing you with vegetarian menu ideas for vegetarians which I’m sure will click with your guests. Before proceeding, there are certain things which need to... -

Best Thai Restaurant In Nyc

Thai food is hot and spicy and the ingredients that bring about the flavor of most Thai dishes include galangal, kaffir lime and lemongrass. If you are game for trying out this mind boggling hot cuisine then here is the list of the Best Thai Restaurants In... -

Herbal Remedies For Cellulitis

Infection of the skin tissue is called cellulitis. Herbs can be helpful in clearing this bacterial infection . The presence of cracks, wounds and bites normally precedes such an infection and gives a free passage for the movement of microbes through the... -

10 Superfoods

These 10 super-foods have been proven to be disease fighters and energy boosters. Be sure and include  them in your meals and get on the fast track to a super-healthy body. Lemons Why Are They so Healthy? -- ... -

Delicious Delicacies From Kerala - God's Own Country

We are going to introduce you to some delicious delicacies from Kerala - God's Own Country ? Kerala is famous for its greenery, backwaters, and food. Kerala is known as the foodie’s heaven. You can choose from myriad of delicious delicacies that are -

Turmeric For Skin Care

  Turmeric is one of the best natural ingredients for skin care because of its antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiaging qualities.   But do you know how to use turmeric for skin care at home? Read on further to learn turmeric home... -

Home Remedies For Hair Loss

The thinning hairline, or glaring baldness with your scalp shedding those strands every time you comb can be frustrating. With the home remedies for hair loss   detailed in this blog, there is enough room to keep your head... -

Kerala Thali

Kerala Thali presents one of the most sumptuous feasts for the palate of a food lover. A perfectly balanced meal, each and every dish that is a part of Kerala Thali is a true reflection of the beautiful heritage and culture the God’s own land has in it.... -

Top 10 Popular Indian Snacks

You will get hundreds of Indian snack choices from various parts of the country to choose from. Here is a list of top 10 popular Indian snacks , which I am sure you are going to like. Aloo Bonda Prepare a mix of mashed potato using chopped... -

Spanish Salad Dressing Ideas

Spectacular and sumptuous, Spanish salad dressings are loaded with flavors that stays with you for long. Hearty, wholesome, and very versatile, these toothsome Spanish salad dressings ideas are droolworthy enough to turn your most insipid fare into... -

Under-100 Calorie Foods

We will tell you about under-100 calorie foods .   Good news for all the calorie-conscious people. Cut down all the extra fat with the newly introduced under-100 calorie foods . Healthy eating is very necessary to maintain a healthy... -