Raw Tuna Recipes

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Marinated Tuna With Sesame

A quickie appetizer you can serve your guests if you have tuna at home. The green scallions and garlic used in the recipe adds flavour to the tuna. This recipe is a good balance of sweet and salty. Serve the tuna on a plate of lettuce and you're ready to eat. - 128.24

Tuna Salmon Sushi Roll

These sushi rolls look and taste amazing. Use very fresh raw tuna and salmon. These are just like California Rolls with crab meat, avocado and cucumber but topped with tuna and salmon that make the sushi look very pretty. These are perfect for a party... - 121.761

Not Tuna Pâté & Crudités

Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares how to prepare Not Tuna Pâté & Crudités, especially for lunch. Jennifer's raw, light, and healthy Not Tuna Pâté is a terrific mealtime multi-tasker. It keeps beautifully in the refrigerator and its easy... - 102.229

Christmas Special Sushi

As Christmas is round the corner, this is a great recipe for you. The Chef shows how to make Sushi in the shape of a Christmas tree. It looks very fancy and I'm sure your guests will like it. - 99.4543

Quick Tuna Salad

What better way to add some fish to your meal than tuna salad. Perfect for a summer evening, this no-fussy, no-cook dish is big on taste and health too. Also, the best thing about this dish is that you can make it ahead of time. Stream the video to learn how... - 95.8665

Raw Tuna Pate Salad

MAKING 1.Take the tuna and break it down. 2.Add salt and pepper,kelp,sunflower seeds,hemp seeds,macadamia nuts, garlic, celery,dill, bread and the tuna and make into a pate. 3.On a plate, place the greens and cucumber. 4.Put the pate on the bed of... - 84.9265

Raw Mock Tuna

On a vegan diet? This recipe is a must try for you. Chef Dorothy shares her personal favorite recipe to prepare Raw Mock Tuna. The dish is tastes very much like the real tuna and is healthy too. Watch it now. - 61.3927

Tuna Wrap

This video doesn’t show you how to get this tuna mixed! The video has the recipe below which is the only guide! A poorly done home video! - 54.4702

Tuna Carpaccio

1. Cut the tuna into slices as thin as possible. It's easiest to do this along the natural layers of the fish. Arrange on 4 plates and refrigerate. 2. Using a mortar and pestle or a food processor, pound together or puree the garlic and capers. Whisk in... - 25.8938

Sliced Raw Fish—sashimi

Slightly freeze the tuna to ease slicing. Slice fillets into pieces 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick and 1 inch wide and place on individual plates. - 18.4075