Raw Salmon Sushi Recipes

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Tuna Salmon Sushi Roll

These sushi rolls look and taste amazing. Use very fresh raw tuna and salmon. These are just like California Rolls with crab meat, avocado and cucumber but topped with tuna and salmon that make the sushi look very pretty. These are perfect for a party... - 121.761

Kosher Salmon Sushi

This recipe is intended for a kosher replacement for sushi, using special kosher salmon. This is a wonderful kosher recipe for people who enjoy salmon with the crunch of the cucumber. So if you're looking for a recipe to make uramaki"inside-out roll", you can... - 103.047

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Salmon And Roe Sushi Bowl - Umi No Oyakodon

Chirashi sushi is a casual style of sushi that is often made at home by arranging fresh fish on top of a bowl of seasoned sushi rice. Oyakodon is a dish more generally known as having chicken and egg, 'oyako' meaning 'mother and child'. In this case, our... - 129.918

Kappa - Maki "kiuri"

Learn how to put together a kappa-maki or Japanese cucumber roll, as tasty as those made my sushi chefs. The Japanese delicatessen is explained in a simple and attractive way. Add this recipe to your repertoire of fabulous Japanese sushi appetizers to serve... - 102.931

It’s Easy To Make Your Own Sushi

While sushi at its most sophisticated is undeniably haute cuisine, at its simplest, sushi is just vinegared rice. It’s easy to make a simple sushi. You just heat a vinegar sauce, cook some rice and toss together. Then prep a few no-cook fillings and... - 45.654

Nigiri Sushi

MAKING 1. Diagonally slices fish into 1 X 2 X ¼ [thick] inch pieces. 2. Grasp 2 tbsp rice with hands dipped in vinegar and press firmly, yet gently into oval shape. 3. Spread a little wasabi paste onto the fish slice center and then arrange on the oval... - 26.8125

Maki Sushi

One of the most popular and favored Japanese dish is the Maki sushi. The word 'maki' means 'roll' in Japanese because this dish is made up of fish rolled with rice and dried seaweed. There are many other Sushi types that will surely tickle your fancy. - 33.9058

Do It Yourself Sushi

To make sushi rice 1. Wash rice as you would plain rice. Drain, cover with cheesecloth, and let stand in a colander for 1 hour. (Soak dry rice that has been on the shelf a while for 30 minutes and drain for 30 minutes, if desired.) While rice is draining,... - 42.9185

Gravlax - Part 1 Curing The Salmon

Lots of people try to smoke salmon at home, but using a high-temp smoker basically just produces cooked salmon with a smoked flavor. Making Gravlax or smoked salmon at home will not save you a whole lot of money and will need patience but will definitely give... - 99.963

Gravlax - Part 2 Finishing

Making Gravlax or smoked salmon, Scandinavian style, at home is a way to show off your culinary skills! You don’t need a smoker or smoking liquid. The result of curing the salmon in salt, sugar and smoked paprika, for two days gives a beautiful piece of... - 100.541

Nori Maki

MAKING 1. Diagonally slice the fish into 1 X 2 X ¼ inch thick and then lengthwise. 2. Take a bamboo rolling mat, arrange on the chopping board and place a nori sheet on it with shiny side on the mat. 3. Grasp ½ cup rice with hands dipped in vinegar and... - 43.3693

Halibut Ceviche With Mango

Seafood lovers cannot afford to miss this one- a rare fruit and fish combination. Check out Stephanie Harris making Halibut Ceviche with Mango in the breezy coast of Laguna, California. Ideal for a warm weather meal! - 124.713