Raw Collard Green Recipes

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Kale Collard Green Smoothie

GETTING READY 1. Wash and clean the collard greens and kale leaves. 2. Cut the apple in half. 3. In a vita mix or any other high speed blender, add the pineapple juice, pineapple chunks, water, apple, banana, collard greens and finally the kale. 4. Blend well... - 114.432

Collard Greens Smoothies

MAKING 1. In a vitamix, add the grapfruit, orange, lemon juice, pitted dates and the collard greens. 2. Put on the lid and blend the mix well together. 3. Pour into a tall glass. SERVING 4. Add a straw and serve. TIPS: Add ice cubes if you wish to drink the... - 113.059

The Fully Raw Burrito!

GETTING READY: 1)Take your collard leaf and destem the backend (not fully), but just enough to take away the very thick part of the stem. Lay out your leaf. 2)In a food processor blend zucchini, sesame seeds, juice of 3 lemons, green onions, red bell pepper,... - 112.496

Collard Green Smoothie

Collard Green Smoothie is a great way to start if you are planning to start drinking green smoothies. This is a great recipe and it shows how you can create your own favorite blend of green smoothies. Give it a whirl you might love it! - 102.693

Raw And Vegan Green Spring Rolls

All those on a raw and vegan diet or those who don’t like veggies, here is another great way to work with leafy greens and fresh veggies into your diet. This would be the healthy version of eggrolls or lumpia but a much healthier replacement. Once you try... - 102.372

Mediterranean Dolmas

Here is a party perfect finger food that you can serve your guests! The best part about this Mediterranean Dolmas is that it can be made ready in a jiffy and gives the impression of a sophisticated dish. So when are you inviting your guests? - 97.3349

Quick And Easy raw collard Greens salad

This is a great way to include these dark bitter greens into your diet. Kathy from RawFoodMuscle shows you how to make a quick and easy collard green salad and shares so good tips on how to store greens in your refrigerator so that they stay crisp and green!... - 93.4089

Raw Vegan Collard Green Salad

Look out for this impressive vegan collard green salad with tomato, avocado and flax seeds. The video is interesting to watch and presents a wonderful way to use collard greens. Give it a try and you would surely be amazed with the flavorful tangy twist. - 90.811

Raw Collard Wraps

Here is a quick dish that you can whip up when pressed on time. It's a crunchy snack well balanced with Guacamole sauce. This should please your friends following raw food diet. - 72.1733

Raw Collard Green Salad

Do you love greens? How about adding it to your food menu for that healthy slant. Watch the video to see how the chef makes a great raw food salad with Collard Greens and onion. Better flow of instructions and clear table top could have helped understand the... - 51.5077

Collard Green And Kale Smoothie

A green smoothie made from the greens with apple juice and some berries all blitzed in to make a healthy smoothie. Venessa lacks clear directions and the apt usage of ingredients. A video with no style! - 38.3402