Raw Canapes Recipes

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Raw Portobello Mushroom Canape

If you are a newbie to the world of raw food diet or are on the verge of taking the plunge, this recipe will help you to open the doors and welcome this mantra of wonderfully beneficial healthy living. Santiago of RawFoodMuscle shares one of his favorite... - 104.194

Raw Stuffed Avocado Canapes

You do not have to have a food blender, dehydrator or fancy equipment to make a delicious raw, organic meal. Santiago shows you how to make delicious stuffed avocado canapés that make a fantastic meal with lots of flavors, textures and colors. These look so... - 106.416

Raw Red Bell canapes

Finding quick and easy meal recipes that fits into a raw and vegan diet it not easy. Watch this video and you will agree when I say it is! Here's a fast, fresh and tasty meal that will keep you filled. These bell pepper canapés are stuffed with raw vegan... - 104.057

Happy Appy Hour - Raw Or Creamcheese - Easy Real Whole Food Fast !

Want a simple and healthy appetizer recipe? Then watch this video by MadeWithLove and learn to make healthy, yummy canapes that will disappear off the plate as soon as they are served! - 95.6221

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Shrimp Toast Canapes

Shell and devein the raw shrimp, or defrost frozen shrimp. Chop shrimp, onion, and water chestnuts into very fine pieces. Put into a bowl with the salt, garlic salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Mix until well blended. Add unbeaten egg white, mixing it in... - 37.3512

Caviar Canapes

MAKING 1.Place the prepared bread, and cut them into 2x4 inches, cover one half of the canape with minced raw onion and the other half with the caviar 2.Sprinkle with green pepper over the canapes, place the hard-cooked eggs in the center, decorate it with... - 25.7196

Shrimp Canapes

In large saucepan of simmering salted water, poach shrimp for 2 to 3 minutes or just until pink. Drain well and let cool. (Shrimp can be covered and refrigerated for up to 8 hours.) Place bread slices on serving tray; top each with cucumber slice, then... - 34.804

How To Make Ground Chicken 65

A new take on an old classic! Bringing the flavors of spices, curry leaves, garlic and ginger etc to ground chicken. A versatile recipe that you can use to make fillings and canapes as well! - 122.031

Lady Apple Crispy

By Kim Hendrickson, Author of Dessert Canapés: Bite-Sized Sweets for Easy Entertaining To me, apple crisp means Sunday dinner desserts at my grandmother's when I was a child. I still use her recipe, written in her handwriting on a faded index card. This... - 40.0255