Rasgulla is an Indian dessert/sweetmeat that hails from the cuisine of West Bengal. Made from concentrated milk, it is boiled in sugar syrup and served as such. Usually served after a meal as a dessert, the Rasgulla is also popular as a sweet used in almost all celebrations. In traditional Bengali households it is often given by a visiting guest as a symbol of goodwill. Rasgulla is an Indian sweet dipped in sugar syrup. Rasgulla is very popular in Indian states, Orissa and Bengal.


How Rasgulla is made?

Rasgulla is made up of chenna(Indian form of cottage cheese) and semolina and rolled in the form of balls. These balls then dipped in cooked sugar syrup. Rasgulla come in fresh form and in canned form also. For adding flavor to rasgulla, cardamom, saffron or rose water can be added. Rasgulla recipes and its nutrients Rasgullas with rabri, Raskadamba, rasmalai and paneer kalakand are some variations in basic rasgulla recipes. Rasgulla is a milk product so it contains high amount of protein and energy. Carbohydrates are also in abundance in rasgulla.

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