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Crispy Fried Rainbow Trout

Wash trout; dry well. Blend milk, salt and pepper together. Combine flour, cornmeal and paprika Dip trout into milk mixture; roll in flour mixture. Fry in hot fat in skillet over medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes or until brown. Turn carefully; fry for 4 to 5... - 32.1948

Kyoko's Rainbow In Spring Rain

In a large bowl, cover noodles with water which has been brought to a boil; soak 30 minutes. If using skeins of Taiwanese bean threads, soak with bindings in place. Cut in shorter lengths after soaking; remove bindings. Prepare Tangy Sesame Sauce. Drain... - 42.408

Betty's Rainbow Birthday Cake Frosting

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Rainbow Frosting to go on the Rainbow Birthday Cake in the previous video. The cake is a 4-layer cake, each layer having a different bright color and is intended for Betty and Rick's son-in-law, Chris, for his... - 114.847

Rainbow Trout With Chopped Mushrooms And Shallots

To prepare the mushrooms, melt the margarine in a flying pan. Saute the onions, mushrooms, and shallots for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring occasionally. Vegetables will be soft. Flavor with ginger, salt, pepper, and wine. Continue cooking until mixture is dry. With... - 39.0746

Rainbow Trout With Walnut Herb Stuffing

Place the shallots and scallions in a medium-size skillet with the stock. Cook over low to medium heat until the scallions are wilted. Stir in the celery and add the water. Cover and steam for 1 to 2 minutes, then stir in the watercress. Remove from the heat... - 43.4953

Chicken Jambalaya With Rainbow Creole Sauce

1. PREPARE THE JAMBALAYA: In a heavy medium saucepan combine the vegetable oil and rice. Stir over moderate heat until the grains are opaque and golden brown, 3 to 4 minutes. 2. Add the onion, celery, green bell pepper and garlic and cook, stirring, for about... - 32.8373

Chef Alan Chaves Presents Rainbow Rice (2/2) 大廚艾倫查維斯示範彩虹飯

Whether you are looking forward to "wow" your guests or just impress the fussy eaters, this lip-smacking, vibrant dish would surely hit home. Replete with the goodness of veggies and other fresh ingredients, this no-fail recipe will garner you all the... - 92.5286

Rainbow Compote

Combine honey, lemon juice, candied ginger, and orange peel. Pour dressing over orange slices in bowl; cover and refrigerate for several hours or overnight. Chill the remaining fruits. Drain oranges, reserving dressing. Arrange orange slices in bottdm of... - 39.968

Rainbow Compote

Combine honey, lemon juice, orange peel, and cinnamon. Drizzle over orange slices in bowl; cover and chill for several hours or overnight. Chill remaining fruits. Drain oranges; reserve liquid. Arrange oranges in bottom of glass bowl. Top with three layers of... - 33.9562

Rainbow Salad

this rainbow salad recipe with ham and cottage cheese is as healthy as it is filling. Dressed with yogurt and mustard and flavored with lemon juice, this salad makes for an appetizing lunch or dinner. - 38.5843

Rainbow Ring Around Salad

Soak gelatin in 1/2 cup milk and dissolve in remaining milk, which has been heated to the boiling point. Add salt, grated onion and Worcestershire sauce; chill until slightly thickened. Blend softened cheeses thoroughly and fold gelatin mixture into... - 41.9585

Rainbow Pinwheels

MAKING 1) Cut off the crusts from the bread slices. 2) Take a damp cloth and wrap it. 3) Allow it to remain undisturbed for half an hour. 4) Apply each of the spreads on the bread slices. 5) Roll the slices and cover with foil or cling wrap. 6) Keep in a... - 33.371

Individual Pavlovas With A Fruit Rainbow

Spread equal portions of berry cream into 5-inch-wide pools on 6 dessert plates. Place a meringue on cream on each plate. Arrange equal amounts of papaya and raspberries on or beside meringues. Offer sauce to ladle onto portions - 19.7068

Rainbow Ring-around Salad

It's extremely fun to cook this Rainbow Ring-Around Salad. Also, quick and easy to make, it is needless to say that this layered salad tastes awesome to any palate! - 41.2996

Rainbow Frozen Fruit Salad

Heat whole marshmallows with pineapple until marshmallows are melted. Cool until slightly thickened. Add mayonnaise, whipped cream, quartered marshmallows and fruits. Pour into trays; freeze without stirring. Slice and serve on crisp lettuce. - 30.9545

Party Rainbow Fruit Salad

Party Rainbow Fruit Salad is a colorful treat of fruits. I try this Party Rainbow Fruit Salad with peaches, grapes, watermelon, bananas and raspberries, you can however add fruits of your choice to this Party Rainbow Fruit Salad. However, make sure that the... - 26.9147

Rainbow Salad

As the name cues, the Rainbow Salad is indeed a colorful treat. The salad is rich with the flavors of vegetables and grated American cheese. Give this Rainbow Salad a try, I am sure you will love it! - 31.8976

Rainbow Tie-dye Ice-cream

Make this recipe for birthday parties, and summertime backyard gatherings. These waffle cone ice cream treats will impress your family and friends. White chocolate dipped waffle cones are very easy to make and are great to put sprinkles on for a beautiful... - 0

Rainbow Pitas

In a large bowl, combine the red cabbage, celery, and carrots. Blend together mayonnaise and curry. Fold into rainbow mixture and combine well. Toss in sunflower seeds. Cut the mini pitas in half. Open each half like a pocket and fill with rainbow mixture. At... - 26.1128

Rainbow Chicken Salad

Bring water to a simmer in deep saucepan over medium heat; add chicken, salt and pepper. Cover; simmer about 30 minutes or until tender. While chicken is cooking, prepare Orange-Mustard Mayonnaise. Remove chicken from pan; cool. Remove and discard skin and... - 41.7654

Rainbow Chowder

1. Bring soup stock and ginger to a boil; cook for 1 1/2-2 minutes, then discard ginger. 2. Add cabbage, onion, and carrot to broth and cook for 2 1/2 minutes. 3. Add remaining ingredients except cornstarch solution and cook for one minute. 4. Thicken with... - 30.9479

Rainbow Trout With Shrimp Stuffing

Rinse boned trout well and pat dry with paper towels. Set aside. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Melt butter in a heavy saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the shallots and mushrooms and saute 2 to 3 minutes. Toss in the chopped shrimp; sprinkle 2 tablespoons... - 43.8765

Rice Stuffed Rainbow Trout

1. In 10-inch skillet over medium heat, cook bacon until golden but not browned; remove to a 12" by 8" baking dish. In drippings in skillet, cook rice 1 minute; stir in water and bouillon; heat to boiling. Reduce heat to low; cover and cook rice 15 minutes or... - 27.7987

Grilled Rainbow Trout With Caponata Relish

In small saucepan, heat oil over medium heat; saute garlic for 1 minute. Add eggplant and peppers; stir quickly to coat. Saute 5 minutes until softened. Add tomatoes, olives, capers and vinegar. Continue cooking 5 minutes longer; hold on very low heat. Over... - 33.4008

Rainbow Cream Ring

MAKING 1. To make the Strawberry Sundae Sauce, in a medium-size saucepan combine 1 package of the sliced strawberries and syrup, sugar and water and set remaining strawberries aside. 2. Let it Heat slowly to boil stirring constantly and cook, stirring several... - 37.581

Rainbow Trout With Mushroom Stuffing

Thaw fish, if frozen. Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C). Cook contents of rice and seasoning packets with water and 1 tablespoon butter or margarine according to package directions. Cook mushrooms and green onion in 2 tablespoons butter or margarine until... - 44.298

Grilled Rainbow Trout With Parsley And Lemon Butter

To make parsley and lemon butter, soften butter in a bowl, using the back of a spoon or a food processor fitted with steel blade. Mix in parsley and lemon zest. Spoon flavored butter into a small bowl or crock. Cover and set aside. Serve at room... - 41.8033

Rainbow Fruit Mold

1. Mix and chill each fruit-flavor gelatin, one at a time and 15 minutes apart, this way: Start with lemon-flavor gelatin, then strawberry, then orange; dissolve each in 1 cup hot water in a shallow pan, then stir 3/4 cup cold water into each; chill until... - 36.4429

Frozen Rainbow Dessert

Frozen Rainbow Dessert is an extremely tasty and unique dish. The last time I served it for an informal party at home, the guests loved it. Try this Frozen Rainbow Dessert recipe and you will understand why. - 31.6207

Rainbow Shrimp Salad

Split each shrimp lengthwise. Combine shrimp, rice, celery, olives, green pepper, pimiento and onion in large bowl; cover and chill. Just before serving, stir together salt, pepper and mayonnaise; toss with shrimp mixture. Spoon shrimp onto lettuce; garnish... - 36.0991

Rainbow Cole Slaw

Finely mince the garlic and combine with the coarse salt. Place in a bowl with the mustard, orange zest, orange juice, vinegar and sugar. Whisk together. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil, whisking constantly, until thickened. Season dressing with salt and... - 40.2112

Mediterranean Rainbow

MAKING 1. Cut garlic in slivers. 2. Slice zucchini and bell peppers in long, thin strips. 3. Cut larger carrots into quarters or leave whole if really size of a carrot is small. 4. Take a skillet and in the skillet, sauté garlic in oil slowly, along with... - 47.7111

Sauteed Rainbow Trout With Wild Mushrooms

In large nonstick skillet, combine olive oil and shallots; cook, covered, over medium heat until shallots are translucent. Add mushrooms; continue cooking, covered, until mushrooms are soft. Stir in soy sauce, sherry and water; simmer 1 minute. Remove from... - 34.5876

Rainbow Beef

Rainbow Beef is a yummmy meat preperation that will definitely be a winner at the next party you host. I served the Rainbow Beef last week for my husbands' colleagues and they loved it. Don’t miss this one out. - 40.8377

Frozen Rainbow Delight

Beat whipping cream until foamy; gradually add sugar, beating until soft peaks form. Fold in macaroon crumbs, pecans, and vanilla. Spread half of macaroon mixture in bottom of a two-piece 10-inch tube pan. Spread raspberry sherbet evenly over macaroon... - 30.4088

Rainbow Meringues

Prepare frosting mix as directed, but decrease water to 1/3 cup. When stiff gradually beat in sugar. On a greased, floured cookie sheet shape 4 meringues, making an indentation in the center of each. Bake for 1 hour at 225° F. Turn off heat and let... - 26.1596

Rainbow Fruit Bowl

1. Combine raspberries, blueberries, kiwis, mango, papaya, and mandarin oranges. 2. Combine orange juice, red wine vinegar, honey, and poppy seeds in a jar with a tight lid. Shake until blended. 3. Pour dressing over fruit salad. - 33.4274

Rainbow Ham Casserole

Combine butter, onion and pepper in (12x8-inch) baking dish. Microwave 3 minutes on high, or until onion is transparent. Mix in ham, soup, mushrooms, pimento, olives, cashews and macaroni and cheese. Cover with plastic wrap. Microwave 10 to 12 minutes on... - 29.5949

Rainbow Vegetables With Cheese Sauce

Butter a 10-inch tube pan; sprinkle paprika on bottom; scatter stuffing mix on paprika. Press vegetables gently on top of stuffing mix, alternating vegetables. Cover; microwave 8-10 minutes on HIGH. Invert onto serving dish; drizzle with hot cheese sauce. - 34.0043

Rainbow Cream Ring

MAKING 1. Divide the ice cream and sherbet into two equal portions. 2. In an 8 cup ring mold, alternately spoon vanilla ice cream and raspberry sherbet, into eight spokes or sections. 3. Repeat with other half of ice cream and sherbet. 4. Cover mold with... - 31.5265

What I Say About Food: Betty Crocker Super Moist Rainbow Bit Cake Mix

GETTING READY 1. Grease the bottom of a 13x9-inch cake pan with melted butter. Set aside. 2. Preheat oven following package direction. MAKING 3. In a large mixing bowl lightly beat egg.. 4. Add milk, vegetable oil, vanilla, and cake mix. Beat on low for 30... - 100.047

Rainbow Pasta Salad

Cook the pasta according to the package directions. Drain; rinse with cold water, then drain again thoroughly. Allow to cool. Combine all the ingredients except the lettuce leaves in a large bowl and toss to mix well. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. - 32.747

Rainbow Beef

Slice beef in thin strips. In large bowl combine egg white and 1 tablespoon cornstarch; stir in beef strips. In large wok or skillet stir-fry meat, garlic, and gingerroot in 3 tablespoons of the hot oil till meat is browned. Remove meat from pan; set... - 42.4517

Teriyaki Beef With Rainbow Vegetables

1. Rub half the garlic onto the beef; sprinkle with pepper and set aside for 30 minutes. 2. Combine the teriyaki sauce ingredients in a small saucepan; cook, stirring constantly, over medium heat until the sauce boils and thickens. Remove from the heat; cover... - 30.2925

Rainbow Chicken Salad

GETTING READY 1) From the heads of lettuce, remove the hearts. Do not separate or tear the outer leaves. 2) Retain the outer leaves for lettuce bowls in which the salad can be served. 3) Wash the leaves gently. Place on paper towels in the refrigerator until... - 47.9275

Rainbow Salad: A Colorful Main-dish Salad Packed With Nutrition

Vegetables in a variety of colors provide a broad range of nutrients. In this how-to raw food preparation video, Jennifer Cornbleet shares information about the link between color and nutrition and shows you how to bring both together in one big, healthy... - 132.492

Rainbow Salad

This Rainbow Salad tastes too good ! Try this delicious fruit and vegetable accompaniment with spiced yogurt dressing for your next meal. Your suggestions for this Rainbow Salad are welcome ! - 37.0083

Rainbow Pasta Salad

Rainbow Pasta Salad is an amazingly easy to prepare side dish which cannot just escape your guest's attention in any party. Try this delicious Rainbow Pasta Salad; I am sure you will get a huge fan following for this! - 34.2456

Sweet Pepper Rainbow

Do give Sweet Pepper Rainbow a go soon. Sweet Pepper Rainbowis truly with your effort. Worth your time! - 28.2009

How To Make A Rainbow Cake

HOW TO MAKE A RAINBOW CAKE Learn HOW TO MAKE A RAINBOW CAKE! Kids learn a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a rainbow cake! This is a really simple surprise to rustle up for a birthday cake. A great birthday cake that the children will love to make and eat! - 118.227

Rainbow Chicken

1. Shred pepper, carrot, and zucchini in a food processor, using the coarse shredder or julienne disk, or on coarse holes of a hand grater. Set aside. Season chicken with half of salt and pepper. 2. In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat.... - 29.7654

Rainbow Stuffed Peppers

1. Cut a thin slice from the pepper tops; scoop out the membrane and seeds. Arrange the peppers, cut-side down, in a large shallow microwave-safe dish. Cover the peppers with heavy-duty microwave-safe plastic wrap. 2. Microwave on Full Power for 7 minutes or... - 33.9277

Rainbow Fruit Pulao

GETTING READY 1 Wash and soak the rice for about 20 minutes. MAKING 2 In a pan, cook sugar and one cup water to make a thin syrup. 3 Set aside. 4 In a pan, heat the ghee, add in cardamoms. 5 Add in the soaked rice along with water, and cook until water... - 46.1168

Frozen Rainbow Delight

MAKING 1 In a bowl, beat whipping cream until foamy. 2 Gradually add in the sugar, beating until soft peaks form. 3 Fold in macaroon crumbs, pecans, and vanilla. 4 In the bottom of a two-piece 10-inch tube pan, spread half of the macaroon mixture. 5 ... - 37.98

Rainbow Corn Salsa

Did you know that a colorful meal represents a healthy meal? Naturally bright foods have several health benefits. Here is the video recipe for a rainbow colored salsa! Watch the video and get some great nutrition tips. - 111.432

Rainbow Dessert

MAKING 1.In the boiling water, dissolve jello. 2.Into a shallow pan, pour in the jello mixture. 3.Let cool. 4.When stiff, cut into 1 cm cubes. 5.In a small pot, mix together gelatin, apple juice and sugar. 6.Let stand. 7.Make Dream Whip by beating to... - 41.6136

Giant Gummy Rainbow Cake

MAKING 1. In a sauce pan, pour water, add jelly crystals or jello and gelatine in it. Allow the mixture to rest for 10 minutes. 2. Turn the heat to medium, and place pan on it. Stir and cook for 5 minutes or until you get a nice and runny consistency. 3.... - 111.812

Rainbow Sherbet Roll

Heat oven to 350°. Prepare cake mix as directed on package except pour half the batter into ungreased jelly roll pan, 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 1 inch, spreading; tatter to the corners. Pour remaining batter into ungreased loaf pan, 9x5x3 inches. Bake jelly roll pan... - 35.5152

Winter Rainbows

1. Sift flour, baking powder and salt onto wax paper. 2. Beat butter or margarine with brown and .granulated sugars until fluffy in a large bowl with electric mixer at high speed; beat in egg and vanilla. Stir in flour mixture, a third at a time, blending... - 38.9362

Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

1. Grease 2 nine-inch layer cake pans; dust with flour; tap out any excess. 2. Prepare cake mix with eggs and water, following label directions; pour into prepared pans. 3. Bake in moderate oven (350°) 30 minutes, or until centers spring back when lightly... - 39.8813

Rainbow Superfood Salad

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas . MAKING 2) In a small roasting tin, keep 2 beetroot nicely sprinkled with salt and about 100ml water, cover with a foil, then place on the top shelf. 3) On a separate baking tray, keep the tomatoes... - 49.9653

Colorful Rainbow Cake

Baking cakes is always a pleasure and most of the times the cakes I bake turn out quite good and this is one of them. Cakes are good to have with a cup of tea in the morning and also afternoon tea. Check out this recipe to know its preparation. - 35.0626

Poached Trout With Herbs

Wash and clean the trout, but do not remove the heads. Place them in a large, deep frying pan. Season with salt and black pepper. Sprinkle on the chopped parsley, bay leaves and thyme. Also add the lemon slices. Pour on 1 tablespoon of wine vinegar and enough... - 39.5274

Poached Trout In White Wine Sauce

Butter a large, shallow pan. Arrange frozen trout evenly in pan. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Mix together white wine, onion rings, parsley, garlic, bay leaves, celery, and thyme. Pour mixture over fish. Bake at 450°F. 15-18 minutes or until fish is... - 42.3766

Red Pepper Grilled Vegetables - Easy Real Whole Food Fast - Cfjc Midday

For each one cup of mixed sliced veggies - toss with 1 Tbsp MWL Red Pepper Spice Blend and a drizzle of olive oil (optional) Grill. Cut softer juicier veggies in larger pieces * Cut hard veggies in thin smaller slices. We used sweet rainbow peppers,... - 101.02

Corn-bread-stuffed Trout

Thaw fish, if frozen. In a skillet cook bacon till crisp. Drain bacon, reserving 7 tablespoon drippings in skillet. Crumble bacon and set aside. Cook corn and onion in the reserved bacon drippings over medium heat till onion is tender but not brown. Remove... - 38.1052

Shrimp And Scallop Burger With Salads

GETTING READY 1. For Sweet potato salad – roast garlic in preheated oven for 60 minutes at 350 degrees. 2. In a blending jar take out roasted garlic paste, dill, parsley, Dijon mustard, lime juice, Extra virgin olive oil, Chipotle and almond milk.... - 115.316

Stuffed Tarragon Trout

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 500 degrees. 2) In cold water, wash the trout thoroughly, scraping off remaining scales, if any. Gently pat dry the trout. 3) With lemon juice, rub the split trout, both inside and out. 4) Over each trout, sprinkle pepper... - 41.1002

Trout Barnee

Cook rice as directed on package; drain. Arrange uncooked trout in shallow well buttered pan. Season trout lightly with salt, pepper and paprika. Spoon cooked wild rice into opening of each trout; top each with a tomato slice and mushroom cap. Arrange 2 thin... - 42.0626

Asparagus Spears With Smoked Salmon

To Cook Asparagus: Cut off bottom of asparagus, leaving spears about 4 inches long. Separate into bundles of 6 to 8 spears each, with tips pointing in the same direction. Tie with string. In a large skillet, bring about 1 inch of water to a boil. Add... - 37.9986

Japanese Style Steamed Fish

In a large skillet place a large open steamer basket over 1 inch water. Bring water to boiling, and then reduce heat to a simmer. Carefully place fish on the steamer basket. Top with lemon slices and chives, and then add mushrooms. Cover skillet. Steam for 8... - 34.0646

Sauteed Swiss Chard With Garlic

One of the woodier greens, Swiss chard is a versatile one when it comes to holding texture and taste after being cooked up. Easy on the pocket, Swiss chard is packed with nutrients and is versatile enough to be added to a wide variety of dishes. A simple... - 118.758

Trout Barnee

Cook rice according to package directions; drain. Arrange trout in shallow well-buttered pan. Season lightly with salt, pepper and paprika. Spoon rice into opening of each trout; top each with tomato slice and 1 mushroom cap. Arrange 2 thin strips of crab... - 38.9617

Happy Appy Hour - Raw Or Creamcheese - Easy Real Whole Food Fast !

Want a simple and healthy appetizer recipe? Then watch this video by MadeWithLove and learn to make healthy, yummy canapes that will disappear off the plate as soon as they are served! - 95.6221

Herb-grilled Trout

1.. Prepare grill or broiler. 2. Combine wine and oil,- brush inside and outside of fish. Sprinkle insides evenly with salt, pepper, onions, and fresh herbs. 3. Place fish, skin side down, on grill rack or broiler pan coated with cooking spray,. cook 5... - 30.7678

Butterfish With Apples

In a medium skillet cook apples in 2 tablespoons of the butter or margarine over medium-high heat about 1 minute or till lightly browned, turning apples once. Remove from heat. Place the fish in a baking dish large enough to hold them in a single layer. Add... - 38.6571

Raw Vegetable Sandwich Wrap

Looking for some new breakfast ideas?? Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day and there is no better idea than to include raw veggies in your first meal of the day. This video shows an interesting recipe of Raw Vegetable Sandwich Wrap which... - 98.2886

Trout Stuffed With Parma Ham

MAKING 1) Diagonally slit each side of each fish. 2) Place two rolled up pieces of the Parma ham inside the belly of each trout. 3) Place each fish on a piece of foil. 4) Divide the butter between the pieces of fish and spread over the surface. 5) Wrap the... - 38.0402

Poached Trout

1. Reserve one 4-inch piece of green onion for garnish. Thinly slice remaining green onions. 2. In 12-inch skillet over high heat, heat sliced green onions, wine, water, garlic, salt, and Worcestershire to boiling. Add 2 trout and heat to boiling. Reduce heat... - 29.5616

Home Smoked Trout

1. Place smoking chips and wine in a non-reactive metal dish and stand for 1 hour. 2. Preheat covered barbecue to a low heat. Place dish, with smoking chips in, in barbecue over hot coals, cover barbecue with lid and heat for 5-10 minutes or until liquid is... - 30.5122

Cold Trout With Mustard Sauce

MAKING 1) Put trout on a rack of hot water, cover,and steam until fish is tender. 2) In a serving platter, arrange the fish and let it chill in a refrigerator. 3) Remove skin from fish keeping head and tail intact. 4) Sprinkle trout with parsley, dill, and... - 37.3837

Trout With Dill And Almonds

1. Preheat oven to 450°. 2. Rinse trout in cold water; pat dry with paper towels. Place trout, skin side down, on a jelly roll pan lined with aluminum foil. Coat trout with cooking spray. Sprinkle dill, salt, and paprika evenly over fish; top with almonds.... - 25.4503

Melon With Sherbet

With a melon bailer, scoop out flesh of melon. Section oranges or slice strawberries. Combine melon and oranges or stawberries in a bowl and chill. Place confectioners' sugar in a pie plate. Dampen rims of six dessert glasses and then dip rims individually in... - 33.237

Fruit Cocktail Salad

Blend buttermilk into pudding mix using mediumspeed of mixer. When smooth, blend in Cool Whip. If consistency of mixture seems too thick, add a little more buttermilk. Fold in fruit cocktail and mandarin oranges, reserving half a can of oranges for... - 34.5418

Super Quick Pasta Salad

When you need a speedy, super healthy supper, this tasty pasta dish would just do the trick. Betty's pasta salad makes for a quick and healthy lunch. What’s more, this make-ahead salad is also ideal for a picnic or lunchbox. Stream the video recipe to learn... - 101.746

Butter Lettuce And Tomatoes With V-8 Vinaigrette

Separate lettuce into leaves, rinse, and pat dry. Refrigerate, wrapped in paper towels, until ready to assemble the salad. Cut out core from tomatoes and slice 1/4 inch thick. To Make Vinaigrette: In a small bowl or jar, whisk or shake vinegar, V-8 juice,... - 35.939

New Potato Stuffed Trout

Cut potatoes into large cubes. Combine with parsley, capers, and olives, 2 tablespoons of the oil, 3/4 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper in large bowl. Mix well; set aside. Sprinkle inside of each trout with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Stuff each trout... - 42.1523

Vegetable Stuffed Trout

1 Preheat the oven to 400°F Lightly grease a large bak- ingsheet; set aside. In a 12-inch nonstick skillet, heat the oil over moderate heat. Add the green onions and cook for 1 minute; add the mushrooms and cook 3 to 4 minutes longer or until soft. Remove... - 34.1072

Trout Belinda

MAKING 1. Start by prepare a stuffing, take a bowl, and in it saute the onion and mushrooms in melted butter, later continue to add the chopped spinach, herbs, lemon rind and nutmeg 2. In the trout, spoon this mixture, then add seasoned flour over the fish,... - 42.198

Baked Trout And Bacon

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 375F. 2. Wash trout well under running cold water. 3. Drain and pat dry with paper towels. MAKING 4. Line a 13-by-9-by-2-inch baking pan with bacon slices and lay trout on bacon. 5. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon... - 38.1014

Cedar Planked Trout

Rainbow Trout on a nature's choice cedar plank. Stuffed with fresh lemon and a bit of herbs de provence, and covered with clementines, slow smoked at 350 degrees F for a little over 20 minutes. It was so good that I was happy that I made an almost 1,000 mile... - 109.981

Trout Timbales With Guacamole

1. To make guacamole, combine avocado, chili, onion, lemon juice and pepper in a medium bowl. Mash with a fork until smooth. 2. Line 4 x 1/2-cup capacity timbale tins with a trout fillet. Fill each tin with guacamole and wrap completely in foil. 3. Place... - 35.9044

Trout Amandine

1. Rinse trout inside and out with cold running water; pat dry with paper towels. Soak fish in milk 10 minutes. On waxed paper, combine flour and salt. Remove trout from milk and coat well with flour mixture, shaking off excess seasoned flour. 2. In 12-inch... - 28.5077

Pasta With Roasted Garlic Sauce

To Roast Garlic: Preheat oven to 450°F. Peel outer skin from garlic bulb. Keeping the bulb intact, cut a small slice off the top. Separate unpeeled cloves and place them in a pie dish. Spray with cooking spray. Bake, uncovered, for 15 to 20 minutes or until... - 37.6788

Striped Trout Matisse

1. Fillet both fresh fish carefully to give 4 fillets. Set them aside and place the heads, bones and fins in a medium heatproof bowl with the wine, water and shallot. Season and microwave, covered, on HIGH for 2 minutes to extract a concentrated fish stock.... - 33.6065

Baked Stuffed Trout

GETTING READY 1. Gut the trout or ask you fish monger to do it for you or buy frozen trout. 2. Finely dice mushrooms and onions. 3. Preheat oven to 350° Fahrenheit. MAKING 4. Over a non stick pan, brush oil and gently cook vegetables until onions are... - 39.8965

Crispy Pan Fried Lake Fish

In a shallow dish combine crackers, cornflakes, or bread crumbs; Parmesan cheese; 1 tablespoon parsley; and lemon pepper. In another shallow dish place egg. Dip fish into egg, and then roll fish in the crumb mixture. In a large skillet heat half of the... - 40.9985

Lettuce And Radish Salad With Vinaigrette Dressing

Here is a quick and easy salad recipe from the Gardengirltv. The beauty of the salad is that it is made using garden fresh ingredients. Watch the video for the simple salad and its recipe. - 115.329

Trout Amandine

Sprinkle trout with salt and pepper; dredge with flour, shaking off excess. Heat saute pan over high heat until very hot and add half the oil. Lower heat to medium. Place 2 trout in pan and saute 3 to 5 minutes until golden brown. Turn fish and saute 5... - 38.9865

Elegant Chilled Trout With Dill Sauce

Bring one quart water to boil in skillet without rack or trivet in it. Into water place onion, peppercorns, allspice, bay leaf, salt, lemon juice or white vinegar. Simmer 15 minutes to develop flavor. Grease top of rack with margarine and place in... - 43.5627

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