Rabbit Goulash Recipes

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Hunter's Hare Or Rabbit

Prepare marinade as follows. Take sufficient boiling water with which to cover meat, put sliced onions, mixed sliced vegetables, a little salt, 1-2 bay leaves, peppercorns and a little tarragon vinegar into the water, boil for an hour, cool, and pour it over... - 36.6819

County Csik Hare Or Rabbit Stew

Remove the membranes from the meat of the hare or rabbit, slice into 1/4 inch strips and wash. Fry bacon, chopped to strips, in lard, then strain off lard and put bacon aside. Fry chopped onion in lard, then mix in tomato puree and dilute with white... - 37.7809

Larded Steaks Of Hare Or Rabbit

Prepare marinade as for Hunter's Hare, cut all meat off backbone, lay in cold marinade and keep in a cold place for 2 days. Taking meat out of marinade, slice and lard slices with strips of bacon; sprinkle with salt and pepper, and fry in hot fat. Take meat... - 29.6274