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Tasty Kande Pohe

If you're keen on having some tasty Indian breakfast, you have come to the right place. The Chef shows how to make kanda poha in a few minutes. It's so tasty and is a famous Maharashtrian breakfast. - 131.091

Vegan Breakfast Tofu Scramble

Scrambled tofu is probably one of the most mundane vegan recipes there is. You probably roll your eyes when you see the obligatory breakfast option but for a new vegan it’s one of the most important dishes to learn. Not only is it a quick and easy and... - 124.909

Quick Soya Uttapam By Tarla Dalal

Semolina always lends itself to quick dishes as it cooks easily. Here, it combines with protein-rich soya milk and a bouquet of other handy ingredients to make instant soya uttapam. You can add more value to this dish by tossing in a few more grated veggies... - 121.7

Greek Baba Ganoush

This Mediterranean eggplant dip is just ideal with grilled chicken or fish. You can even try it with plain and simple crackers. Preparation part is super easy and you can store it in refrigerator for few days. Prepare over the weekend and enjoy throughout the... - 115.122

Glorious Green Smoothie (st Patrick's Day Special)

Quick, Easy and really healthy Breakfast smoothie which is filling, full of fibre and is very cleansing and detoxifying as well. This smoothie stays fresh in the fridge for 2.5 days and you can mix and match ingredients that you may like. Great way to include... - 113.297

Fried Puri

Puri is my all time favorite breakfast bread as it goes well with any curry or jams. This video shows you how to make perfect puri step by step. So, go ahead and surprise your family with a wholesome breakfast - 113.291

Raw Eggplant Bread Sandwich, Ep 164

For all those on a on a raw food diet and looking out for a low fat breakfast solution. This eggplant sandwich recipe is a must watch. Take a look at the video to see how the chef combines dehydrated eggplant with sprouts and couple of veggies to make an... - 107.6

Berry Good Smoothie (quick Breakfast)

Easy, Healthy and Tasty Recipe for Quick Breakfast in the morning - Berry Good Smoothie. - 103.234

Parsnip And Pear Mash

Are you looking for a substitute to normal mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes? Then here is a great video that would surely impress you. Take a look and see how to make an incredible and easy raw parsnip and pear mash. This fantastic recipe is worth trying! - 100.936

Banana Breakfast Burrito

A simple breakfast burrito made with a whole grain, high fiber soft tortillas, bananas, natural peanut butter, cinnamon and a host of health add-ons. Perfect as a quick breakfast or a light, healthy dessert. - 100.032

Quick Mini Soya Dosa By Tarla Dalal

Children will be captivated by these mini soya dosas, an interesting variation of the usual rice dosas. - 96.7777

Hot Pink Smoothie For Breakfast

For a healthy, sweet, and vibrant morning pick-me-up, try whomping up a glass of hot pink breakfast smoothie. This luscious smoothie blends in the goodness of coconut water, beet root, dates, carrots, and double dose of strawberries that makes this breakfast... - 95.8588

Apple Carrot Drink By Tarla Dalal

Apples with skin gives us fibre and vitamin C and carrots is a good source of vitamin A. . This drink is great to be had in the morning as it is very refreshing and healthy. . . Make this as close as possible to serving time. - 94.7642

Banana With Peanut Butter Topping

If you don't feel like preparing breakfast each and everyday, then this banana and peanut butter combo is the right suggestion for you. Without any cooking process, here you get double taste and double nutrition. This combination of banana and peanut butter... - 94.6843

Cherimoya And Tali Part Iii

Welcome to part III of this amazing trilogy. Watch the other parts for more information. - 93.0044

How To Cut A Carrot

You should have these carrot cutting tips, before you start using carrots in your recipes. In this video, experienced chef Hari demonstrates various techniques to peel and cut the carrots. These tricks are for you to learn. - 91.3521

Homemade Sunrise Sedition

On a muggy summer noon, why settle for something familiar? Tali uses fresh tangerines to stir up a reinvigorating classic cooler that boasts of exotic flavors, unlikely combinations, and a splash of ingenuity. It's so simple and so refreshing that you will... - 91.218

Raw Pistachio Milk

You may be intolerant to lactose, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on milk. Tali, the raw food expert, whomps up yet another delectable milk recipe that can be consumed raw or added to your cereals and desserts for maximum taste and health. A... - 89.7983

Healthy Nut Milk

When you are pressed for time and can't really afford to whisk a glass of healthy smoothie for yourself, then a glass of nut milk would make for an indulgent treat. Tali shares yet another favorite milk treat that is extremely quick and easy to make. Plain... - 88.3618

Raw Chia Milk

Being intolerant to dairy-based milk products doesn't mean that you miss out on the delight of enjoying milk-based treat at home. This video presents a tasty chia milk recipe that can be substituted for milk in any recipe. This is so delightful and simple... - 82.3398

Guacamole Sandwich

Guacamole is a nature's delight food; the buttery texture has almost replaced the butter from the vegan's palate. It’s the healthiest fruit that helps reduce cholesterol from heart and prevent accumulation of cholesterol more than any other fruit. The chef... - 77.6922

Healthy Chia Seed Breakfast

Healthy breakfasts doesn't have to be boring. Chia seed makes for healthy, tasty inclusion to any breakfast table. Blythe Metz presents a tasty, quick and easy breakfast dish using chia seeds that is just perfect for people on the go. - 75.1

Cherimoya - Part 4: Cherimoya Mixture Review

When you are looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe that can be prepared in a snap, this gooey, fruity delight can be passed off as a lovely treat. Fresh pulp extracted from cherimoya and deseeded and blended to make a thick, pulpy mixture is something... - 71.7368

Indian Hummus

In this Indian Hummus recipe, the chef explains the various steps of making hummus in his own language and style and how easy it is to make it at home. - 62.4715

Bread Pakora

This Bread pakora recipe is loved by my family. Bread Pakora is a very popular Indian snack. It is generally eaten during breakfast or evening snack time. Bread Pakora goes well with chutney, but it can also be eaten with tomato sauce. Try and enjoy this... - 54.4712

Masala Vermicelli

Finely chop the onions, chillies, ginger, tomatoes , potatoes, carrots into small pieces and keep aside. Heat oil and add mustard seeds once it splutters add channa dal, urad dal, and curry leaves. When they start to crackle , add peanuts or/and cashewnuts.... - 52.5101

Chapati Upma

This is a dish prepared with leftover chapathis. Normally leftover chapathis tend to become a bit hard and they don’t taste as good as the fresh ones so we throw them. If it is converted to upma it tastes great. - 47.3567

Banana Dosa (pancake)

Dosa is a typical South Indian food, taken as breakfast or dinner. The following is a dosa made with banana which will be loved by all ages. - 44.6058

Moong Dal Sambar

This Sambaar is a very good combination for idly, dosa and chapatti and puri. The same method can be done with masoor dal also. You can add any vegetables of your choice too like carrot, beans, cabbage. - 44.5238

Chana Dal Onion Chutney

This chutney is very easy to make and will be very nice with dosai and idly. - 41.6271

Bread Upma

Bread upma is a dish made with fresh breadcrumbs.its a good way to use bread with a twist which is nearing its expiry date and you want to use it as soon as possible. - 41.3681

Mixture Chutney

This chutney can be enjoyed with Idly or dosai. Frankly I dont know why my mother in law calls it "mixture" chutney, so dont ask, but enjoy the new taste of this chutney. - 41.0078

Chatpata Aloo

It is my kids favourite also. - 39.836

Vegetable Sandwich

A simple sandwich being piled with some lettuce, carrot and some broccoli sprouts! As simple as it gets, the video shows no cooking! - 39.1411

Oriental Odyssey #2: Cooking With Egg

Vegetable Lo Mein is a fast to make healthy and delicious dish. The main content is noodles along with some green vegetables whihh makes it healthy. An excellent dish for breakfast. - 38.33

Apple Muesli

MAKING 1. Take a mixing bowl and make an emulsion of nut cream and water, adding water slowly and stirring it continuously. 3.To this emulsion add cereals, lemon juice, grated apples and sugar and stir the mixture. SERVING 4. Serve cold or at room... - 37.0372

Fast Herbed Vermicelli

Parsley, basil, rosemary and sage combine with tomatoes and pine nuts to bring fanciful flavors to this easy pasta toss. - 35.617

Cellulite Melter Juice

A quick and easy way to remove mucus and excess wastes from the tissues! - 33.44

Paper Dosa

Preparation time= grinding time ( not included soaking time) - 33.3475

An Instant Dosa With Ragi Flour (dosa With Finger Millet Flour)

This is an instant recipe with yet another grain flour- Finger millet or Ragi as it's commonly called. It is crispy and savory and tastes best with coconut chutney. - 33.0966

Cucumber Roti

One of the tasty, healthy and easy to make Indian pancakes. - 32.2549

Creamy Tomato Salad Sauce

Totally easy, delicious, healthy sauce. Can be made organic or in-organic. - 29.6188

Breakfast Fruit Platter

GETTING READY 1) Arrange all the fruits and a serving dish. MAKING 2) In a large... - 24.8095

Healthy "banana Mash"

Healthy, easy, QUICK breakfast for those who want to lose some extra weight, or are looking to just be a little healthier. The banana has potassium, the flax seed helps your digestive tract, the almond milk is a nice replacement for milk as well as containing... - 24.7988

Bruschetta, Tomato Toasts

Bruschetta with tomatoes is an apetitizer found in almost every italian restaurant around the world, it's simple and delicious. - 20.1501

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