Quick Tomato Aspic Recipes

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Quick Tomato Aspic

Sprinkle the gelatin onto 1/2 c. (125 mL) of the tomato juice to soften. Bring the other 1 1/4 c. (300 mL) of tomato juice to the boil and combine the softened gelatin. Stir until thoroughly dissolved. Add the next 5 ingredients to the mixture and mix... - 42.2689

Quick Tomato Aspic

MAKING 1. In a large pan, pour in the gelatin and add the cold juice. To the same cold juice, add hot juice and stir till the gelatin is dissolved. 2. Add seasonings and lemon juice and mix well and then pour into molds to chill until firm. SERVING 3. Unmold... - 38.1892

Quick Tomato Aspic

Mix 1 cup hot V-8 with Jello thoroughly, then add 1 cup cold V-8, mixing well. Add salt, onion and celery, and pour into individual ring molds or 1 large mold. Fill with combination of cottage cheese, green onions, cream cheese and Worcestershire sauce - 32.3505

Quick Tomato Aspic

Dissolve gelatine in cold tomato juice, then add hot juice, stir thoroughly. Add salt, pepper, and lemon juice and pour into a mold. Since this delicious aspic is solid red in color, you will find the addition of the above avocado decoration very beautiful. - 31.4795

A-b-c Tomato Aspic

Dissolve gelatin in hot water; add remaining ingredients. Pour into individual molds. Chill firm. Unmold. - 30.484

Karen's Tomato Aspic

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into a mold and chill until firm. - 24.4182