Quick Party Punch Recipes

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Celebration Punch

Are you looking for a simple punch to make? I have a very easy punch that is made with just 2 ingredients. This celebration punch is perfect for you next holiday, party, or other special event. Best of all this is an non-alcoholic punch so everyone can enjoy... - 113.815

Minty Party Punch

MAKING 1) Pour boiling water over tea. 2) Let it stand for 5 minutes and then strain. 3) In a pot, add sugar with 2 cups water and boil for 5 minutes. 4) Add crushed mint leaves, cool. 5) When cool, strain and add the tea along with mint syrup, fruit juices,... - 46.8105

Fruity Punch

Combine juices and chill. Pour into punch bowl over block of ice and add ginger ale. - 25.2951

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10 Cane Spiced Apple Punch

This drink is an ideal Holiday drink. The 10 Cane Spiced Apple Punch comes packed with those Holiday flavors. In the video, Derrick uses a full bottle of 10 cane in this punch, perfect for parties and the festive holidays that are fast approaching. - 101.018

Super Delicious After Sun Punch

Summery, delicious and down easy, Derrick Schommer's "after sun punch" is a bright, happy way to perk up your evenings with your gal pals. This super-good cocktail blends in a gamut if fruity flavors, starting from pineapple to coconut to banana and more. If... - 102.443

Children's Party Punch

Be the perfect mom, making your child's favorites. This Children's Party Punch is a wonderful addition to your kid's party menu. The children are all going to surely love it. A quick and easy way to get the crown to the "Best mom in the world". - 36.4627

Punch-packed Common Man's Crimson Sky

Don't be fooled by the crimson hue of this heady booze that packs in quite a punch. A giddy concoction of margarita, ginger rum and crimson sky, this sweet-sour drink comes topped with refreshing lime juice and sugar syrup. Just the drink you need for a... - 105.243

How To Make The Tiki Punch

Build in a cocktail shaker and shake for 10-seconds and strain into a tiki glass, collins or highball (whichever you prefer) - 110.062

Quick Party Egg Nog

Spoon softened ice cream into a large punch bowl. Add eggnog and, if desired, bourbon, stirring gently to blend. Sprinkle with nutmeg, if desired. Serve immediately. - 24.1196

Hot Holiday Punch

Hot holiday punch is a lovely combination of a variety of spices. Delicious drink and this punch is easy to make, done realy quickly. Your party is going to be hot and happening with this addition. - 40.2817

Island Fruit Punch

This Island Fruit Punch tastes yummy ! Try this tremendous fruit blend as a party refreshment ! Do you have any suggestions for this Island Fruit Punch ? - 35.6444

Wine Punch

A party is incomplete without the drinks! A wine punch is the apt thing to make! If you have some colorful cups and bowl the punch is all that is required! Watch this video to make this easy wine punch! - 116.346

Party Rum Muffins

Whether you are entertaining guests at home or simply making snacks for a special treat, the rum filled muffins will make for heck of a punch. It's so amazingly good that you will want to come back for more. Chef Darren shares a simple, sumptuous recipe of... - 106.147