Quick Microwave Appetizer Recipes

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Quick Appetizer Pizza

Spread each toasted muffin half with pizza sauce. Top with 3 slices pepperoni and then with cheese. Place 4 halves on microproof serving plate in circle. Cook on 70 (roast) 3 to 4 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Let stand 3 minutes before serving. Repeat... - 26.9234

Meatball Appetizers

MAKING 1. In a mixing bowl, combine the soy sauce , ground black pepper, thyme, minced steak, bread crumbs, onion and a whisked egg. Mix well to form a wet dough-like consistency. 2. Using your hands, make small 1 inch balls from the mixture. Place on a... - 43.4185

Salmon Appetizer Spread

1. Microwave the onion and the butter or margarine in a small microwave-safe bowl, covered, on Full Power for 30 to 45 seconds or until the onion is tender. 2. Microwave the cream cheese in a large microwave-safe bowl on Half Power for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes or... - 34.8132

Microwave Sauteed Celery With Toasted Almonds

MAKING 1) Into a 1 1/2 quart casserole, add in the celery, onion, butter, garlic powder and pepper. 2) Cover the casserole and microwave on HIGH for 6 minutes till the celery becomes tender, yet crisp to taste. 3) Stir the celery mixture once in between the... - 39.3602

Microwave French Onion Soup

MAKING 1) In a 12-ounce microwave-safe soup bowl, add the onion and margarine, cover with a plastic wrap and microwave on High for about 5 minutes, until the onion is golden. 2) Remove the plastic wrap, then stir in the dissolved broth mix and pepper. 3)... - 34.5226

Microwave Cooked Asparagus Soup

MAKING 1) Rinse fresh asparagus or defrost frozen ones. Drain and keep aside. 2) Into a 2-quart casserole, add in chopped celery, chopped onion, butter or margarine. Cover the casserole. 3) Microwave on HIGH for about 4 minutes or till the vegetables become... - 43.9854

Quick Vegetable Soup

MAKING 1. In a shallow dish, add margarine and melt it in the microwave for half a minute 2. Add chopped carrot, onion, celery and parsnip to it, cover and allow to saute for three minutes in the microwave 3. Add flour, stir with a wooden spoon, cover and... - 43.0876

Microwave Ham & Cheese Rolls

Take a look at this easy ham and cheese roll recipe which requires just 4 ingredients and with the simple instructions provided here it becomes all the more simple to put together. A great snack item for picnics or potluck and is very rich and filling. - 77.0415

Quick Curry Soup

Set Power Select at MEDIUM. In 2-quart casserole dish, combine all ingredients. Heat, covered, 12 to 13 minutes or until heated through, stirring once. Let STAND, covered, 3 minutes before serving. - 34.2646

Quick 'n' Cheesy Nachos

Place chips on serving platter. Microwave process cheese spread according to label directions; pour over chips. Top with remaining ingredients. - 29.167

Quick Cream Of Chicken Soup

MAKING 1) Take a 2-1/2-quart bowl and melt butter or margarine in it for 45 seconds on High. 2) Mix in flour, milk, broth and seasoned salt and cook the mixture for 6 minutes on High, stirring often. 3) Stir in chicken and then microwave again for 1... - 32.47

Quick Burger Soup

MAKING 1) Take a 2-quart bowl and cook beef in it for 3 minutes on High, stirring once to crumble the chunks of meat. 2) Discard excess fat and then stir in salt, onion, soup, water and tomato sauce. 3) Cook the mixture for 4 minutes on High. SERVING 4)... - 33.8617

Quick Curried Tomato Soup

In a 3-quart casserole, combine the tomato juice and stock. Stick the cloves into the onion and add to the casserole. Microwave on high for 7 to 8 minutes, or until the mixture comes to a simmer. Stir in the lemon juice, molasses, curry powder, and... - 38.4599

Quick Leek And Potato Soup

MAKING 1. In a microwave cooking bag or a zip lock bag, add the leeks and potatoes. 2. Tie bag with an elastic band or seal. 3. Place the bag in the microwave and cook for 10 minutes on HIGH power, turning after every 3 minutes. 4. Remove and set aside. 5.... - 38.5917

Quick Ham And Bean Hash

Place the butter, onion and bacon in a casserole, cover and cook on high for 3 minutes. Add all the remaining ingredients, stir well and heat on medium for 10—12 minutes or until piping hot. - 32.18

Quick Supper Chowder

Prepare bacon and set aside. To cook diced carrots and potatoes, mix and cook in medium size cooking bag or small casserole. Cook, covered, 5 minutes. Heat butter or drippings in 2 quart casserole in Radarange oven 45 seconds. Add onion separated into rings;... - 46.4816

Quick & Easy Vichyssoise

GETTING READY 1) Wash and clean the leeks under water so that all the sand and dirt ingrediants are removed. 2) Cut the white part of the leek into cubes. Use the lower third to the green part of the leeks. 3) Peel, cut and chop the potatoes into quarts and... - 42.4057

Quick Veal Valencia

Combine flour, salt and pepper. Set aside. Pound veal to 1/4-inch thick. Roll in flour mixture. To preheat browning dish, MICROWAVE 5 MINUTES on HIGH. Add 2 tablespoons butter. Stir. Add veal. Cover. MICROWAVE 4 MINUTES on HIGH. Push veal to one side. Add... - 46.9497

Quick Corn Chowder

Combine bacon and onion in 2-quart casserole. Microwave at HIGH (100%) until bacon is crisp and onion is tender, 4 to 6 minutes, stirring after half the cooking time. Blend in flour. Stir in corn, milk, parsley, salt and pepper. Microwave at HIGH (100%) until... - 34.2283

Quick Manhattan Clam Chowder

In 1 1/2-quart casserole dish, combine all ingredients; cover. TO HEAT BY TIME Set Power Select at HIGH for 8 to 10 minutes; stir occasionally. TO HEAT BY INSTA-MATIC Heat on COOK 8. Let STAND, covered, 3 minutes; serve, if desired, with oyster crackers. - 30.4053

Quick And Creamy Chicken Chowder

MAKING 1 In a deep 2-quart casserole with lid, combine soup and milk. 2 Whisk until smooth. 3 Stir in frozen vegetables with sauce cubes and sage. Cover. 4 Microwave at 100% (HIGH) for 5 minutes. 5 Stir until the sauce cubes dissolve. Add chicken... - 41.462

Easy Microwaved Split Pea Soup

In 3-qt casserole combine all ingredients. Cover. Microwave at High 8 to 10 minutes, or until boiling. Stir. Reduce power to 50% (Medium). Microwave, covered, 20 to 30 minutes, or until peas are very soft. Remove 3/4 to 1 cup peas. Mash thoroughly and stir... - 46.0451

Quick Cucumber Soup

Cucumber Soup is an easy to prepare appetizer recipe which cannot just escape your guest's attention. Try this amazingly delicious Cucumber Soup, you will surely love to talk about with us. - 40.3197

Quick Clam Chowder

MAKING 1) Combine together the potato, celery, leeks (or onions), carrot and margarine in a 4-quart microwavable casserole. 2) With vented plastic wrap, cover the casserole and microwave on HIGH (100%) for 6 minutes, till the potato is tender. 3) Add the... - 45.4273

Seasoned Seafood Newburg

The seafood appetizer is an easy seafood recipe that can be prepared in a microwave. Cooked crab meat and shrimp mixed together with shrimp soup, chives, milk, white wine along with rice is microwaved with garlic for flavor. Served warm on toast, this seafood... - 31.184

Quick Filets Mignons

Mix melted butter and soy sauce. Brush all over filets mignons. In a microwave safe dish, place a filet mignon. Cook in oven 1 1/2 minutes on MEDIUM hIGH. Turn over. Continue cooking 1 1/2 minutes. Remove filet mignon from dish. Set aside. Cook remaining... - 29.7204

Sweet Tart Franks

In 2-quart casserole, combine jelly and mustard. Microwave at HIGH (10) 1 to 2 minutes until mixture can be stirred smooth. Add franks, stirring to coat each piece. Cover. Microwave at HIGH (10) 3 3 1/2 to 6 minutes until franks are hot, stirring after 2... - 25.4019

Quick Hot Crab Canapes

Rinse and drain crab meat and remove any ligament, cartilage or shell. Shred crab meat with a fork. Combine crab meat, mayonnaise, lemon juice and cayenne pepper, to taste, in a bowl. Stir to blend. Spread about 1 teaspoon of crab mixture on each cracker and... - 33.998

Easy Party Appetizers

When you know how to make easy party appetizers, it becomes easy to serve your last-minute guests. It's always good to have a few quick appetizer recipes up your sleeve, so you can feel free to enjoy their company. Michele McAdoo for the Kraft Kitchens shares... - 132.257

Appetizing Masala Papad

Masala papad is very unique to Indian cuisine. I can bet, there is no similar dish on earth that tastes like a masala papad. It’s a very popular Indian appetizer served in restaurants mostly in the northern part of India. I never forget to order it whenever... - 141.531

Silicon Steam Cooker Meal

Fresh meal in five minutes? Sounds too good to be true! Well, with this silicon steam cooker, you can cook up a wholesome, one-meal dish in minutes. And what better way to get started than salmons. This video recipe presents a lip-smacking treat that can be... - 93.7338

Curried Shrimp Soup

Mix all ingredients except parsley in 2-cup measure [4-cup measure]. Microwave uncovered on high (550 watts) until boiling, 2 to 2 1/2 min [3 to 4 min]. Sprinkle with parsley. - 31.37

Salted Shrimps

GETTING READY 1.Thoroughly wash the shrimp in warm water and dry on paper towels . MAKING 2. In a skillet or a ceramic plate, heat the oil for 1 minute on the highest setting or flame. 3. Align the shrimps on the plate, spreading evenly. Cook for 3 minutes,... - 33.5966

Quickie Corn Chowder

Combine butter and onion in 3-quart casserole. MICRO WAVE on HIGH until onion is transparent. Add soup, milk, corn, salt and pepper. Stir until well blended. MICROWAVE 7 to 8 MINUTES on HIGH, or until hot. - 30.5947

Cheesy Barbecued Bean Dip

1. Place beans in small microwavable bowl; mash with fork. Stir in cheese spread and barbecue sauce. Cover with vented plastic wrap. 2. Microwave at HIGH 1 minute; stir. Microwave 30 seconds or until hot. Garnish with green onion and bell pepper cutouts, if... - 27.031

Garlic Shrimps

MAKING 1. In a shallow glass or ceramic baking dish, heat olive oil . 2) Add the shrimps stirring in the garlic, lemon juice, tarragon. 2. On a high setting, cook the above mixture for 8 minutes until shrimp turns bright pink. 3. Rotate the dish 45 degrees... - 36.0998

Buttered And Herb Corn Kernels

MAKING 1) Into a 1-quart casserole, add in the corn, water and butter. 2) Cover the casserole and microwave on HIGH for 5 minutes or till the butter has melted completely. The corn should also have defrosted by this time. 3) Next, add in the chives, basil,... - 40.2978

Fish Custard

GETTING READY 1.Apply lemon juice on every fillet and season with salt and pepper. 2.Roll the fillets and put a sprinkling of dill. MAKING 3.Take a 9 inch(22.5 cm) pie plate or quiche dish; put the fillets in it. 4.Whisk eggs and milk together and once done... - 36.8263

Beet Soup

Mix water and bouillon (dry) in 2-cup measure [4-cup measure]. Stir in remaining ingredients except sour cream. Microwave uncovered on high (550 watts) until hot, 3 to 4 min [5 to 6 min] Top with spoonful of sour cream. - 34.9369

Tomato Consomme

MAKING 1) Take a 1-1/2-quart bowl and combine tomato juice, consomme, seasoned salt, basil and sugar in it. 2) Using cloves, stud lemon slices and then mix this with soup. 3) Cook the soup for 6 minutes on High. SERVING 4) Serve immediately. - 37.7093

Irish Country Soup

MAKING 1) Take a deep 1-1/2-quart bowl and heat a mixture of soup, peas, bouillon and milk in it for 8 to 10 minutes on High until bubbly hot, stirring frequently. 2) In a blender, pour this heated mixture and process until peas are crumbled and... - 30.7021

Chicken And Ham Soup

Mix all ingredients in 1-qt casserole [1 1/2-qt casserole]. Cover tightly and microwave on high (550 watts) until boiling, 4 to 5 min [8 to 9 min]. Let stand covered 3 min [4 min]. - 32.331

Cheese & Rice Stuffed Beef Rolls

Pound beef sirloin steak to 1/4" thickness. Mix rice, cheese and onion[s]; spread over beef. Roll up; secure with string. Mix remaining ingredients; brush over beef rollfs]. Place on rack in 11 x 7 x 1 1/2" dish. Cover with waxed paper and microwave on medium... - 40.3236

Fresh Vegetable Platter

GETTING READY 1. Wash vegetables and cook immediately. MAKING 2. In a 4-quart casserole or in a serving platter, place the vegetables. 3. Cover it with a lid or plastic wrap. 4. Cook on High for 12 to 14 minutes; turn once. 5. Cover and let stand for 5... - 35.8859

Carrots With Chicken Broth And Rosemary

MAKING 1) Into a 1 1/2 to 2 -quart casserole, add in the sliced carrots and 1/4 cup water. 2) Cover the casserole and microwave on HIGH for about 10 minutes till the carrots turn fork tender. Stir in between once. 3) Keep the casserole aside without draining... - 44.1187

Lettuce And Carrot Braised In Stock

MAKING 1) Into a small bowl or 1-cup measurer, add in the chicken bouillon granules with 1/4 cup hot water. Mix well till the bouillon dissolves completely. 2) Into a 2-quart casserole, add in the lettuce, carrot, onion, butter or matgarine, parsley, salt and... - 38.531

Lima Beans In Cheese Sauce

MAKING 1) Rinse the lima beans, drain and set aside. 2) In a small, microwavable dish, add in the beans, onion and butter. Mix and microwave on HIGH for 1 1/2 minutes. The beans must turn tender by the end. 3) Add in the flour, dry mustard, pepper and milk.... - 48.0221

Sausage Vegetable Kabobs

Alternate kielbasa, onion pieces, mushrooms and zucchini on 2 wooden skewers [4 wooden skewers], placing onion pieces on ends and mushrooms in centers. Mix taco sauce and oil; brush over kabobs. Place on 10" plate. Cover with waxed paper and microwave on high... - 35.7693

Hamburger Chowder

Shape meat into thick flat patty, place in large casserole or Dutch oven. Cook in Radarange, covered, 5 minutes. Let stand, covered, while vegetables cook. Cook onions, carrots, potatoes, and celery in 4 quart covered casserole 5 minutes; stir, cook 5 minutes... - 46.797

Onion And Potato Soup

MAKING 1. In a microwaveable dish, combine vegetables with butter, water, salt and pepper. 2. Cover the dish with cling film. 3. Place in the microwave and cook for 8 minutes on HIGH power, sautéing after every 3 minutes. 4. Add milk and boiling water and... - 44.9752

Spears With Lemon, Onions And Celery

MAKING 1) In a small microwavable dish or casserole, add in the onion, celery and butter. Mix well. 2) Cover the casserole and microwave on HIGH for about 5 minutes or till the vegetables become slightly tender. 3) Add in the lemon juice, lemon peel and... - 42.0773

Welsh Rabbit

Place margarine in 2-cup measure [4-cup measure]. Microwave uncovered on high (550 watts) until melted, 20 to 45 sec [45 to 60 sec]. Mix in flour, salt and mustard. Gradually stir in milk. Microwave uncovered, stirring every 30 sec, until boiling, 1 to 1 1/2... - 38.6052

Chicken Kabobs

Cut chicken into 1" pieces. Mix chicken, soy sauce, water, oil and ginger in bowl. Cover and refrigerate 15 min. Drain chicken, reserving marinade. Alternate green pepper pieces with chicken and fig halves on two 10" wooden skewers [four 10" wooden... - 42.0019

Five Spice Sesame Chicken

For coating, in a shallow dish combine crushed crackers, sesame seed, five spice powder, salt, and paprika. On waxed paper brush each chicken piece with milk. Roll pieces in coating mixture to coat on 3 sides. In a 12x7 1/2x2-inch nonmetal baking dish arrange... - 33.4125

Zucchini Soup

Place bacon in 2-cup measure [4-cup measure]. Cover loosely and microwave on high (550 watts) until almost crisp, 1 1/2 to 2 min [2 1/2 to 3 min]. Remove bacon with slotted spoon; crumble and reserve. Stir remaining ingredients except zucchini into bacon... - 39.2665

Liver Pate

MAKING 1) In a 1-quart glass baking dish, heat butter on high in the microwave for 20 seconds. 2) Now add onions and cook for 3 minutes. 3) Cover the dish with a plate after adding chicken livers and cook on low heat in the microwave for 8 to 10 minutes. Cook... - 45.4869

Fisherman S Chowder

Place bacon in a 3-quart microwave-proof dish, separating pieces with a fork. Cover with wax paper and microwave on HIGH (100%) for 4 minutes, stirring after 3 minutes. With a slotted spoon, lift out bacon and place on paper towels to drain. Pour off and... - 45.9846

Shrimps With Tarragon

GETTING READY 1)De-vein the shrimps. 2) Slice the shrimp lengthwise in half without cutting the tail. MAKING 3) Place a ceramic plate or a skillet on the highest heat setting for 4 minutes. 4) Add oil. 5) Add scallions and fry lightly. Add garlic, tarragon... - 40.7025

Cheese Soup

Place water, celery and onion in 1-cup measure. Cover tightly and microwave on high (550 watts) until tender, 1 to 1 1/2 min [1 1/2 to 2 min]; reserve. Place margarine in 2-cup measure [4-cup measure]. Microwave uncovered on high (550 watts) until melted, 20... - 45.3557

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

MAKING 1. In a medium (2 quart or 8-cup) microwave proof casserole, add butter 2. Place in the microwave and melt at high for less than 1 minute. 3. Stir flour, seasonings, bouillon granules and onion into the melted butter to make a smooth paste. 4.... - 43.6959

Vegetable Beef Soup

Place 1/3 cup hot water [1/2 cup hot water], the carrot and onion in 1-qt casserole [1 1/2-qt casserole]. Cover tightly and microwave on high (550 watts) until carrot is tender, 2 to 3 min [2 1/2 to 3 1/2 min]. Stir in 1/3 cup hot water [3/4 cup hot water]... - 37.5181

Celery Soup

MAKING 1. Wash and finely slice the celery 2. In a microwaveable dish, combine butter, celery, water, salt and pepper. 3. Cover the dish with cling film. 4. Place in the microwave and cook for 10 minutes on HIGH power, sautéing after every 3 minutes. 5.... - 39.966

Spiced French Onion Soup

MAKING 1. In a microwaveable dish, melt butter in microwave on HIGH for 1 minute 2. To the hot butter, add onions and sauté. 3. Return to the microwave for another 5 minutes, sautéing after every 2 minutes 4. Add corn starch to onions and stir, then... - 45.8029

Hot Wurst And Cabbage Salad

Microwavea 10-inch browningdish or skillet on HIGH (100%) for 4 1/2 minutes. Carefully transfer dish (bottom will be very hot) to a heatproof surface. Add oil and tilt dish to coat bottom evenly. Immediately add sausages; stir and toss gently until sausages... - 45.5152

Crab Soup

GETTING READY 1)Cut the tomatoes into thin wedges. Keep aside. MAKING 2)Take a 2-quart glass or a ceramic casserole and add the tomatoes, onions,chicken broth, clam broth and tomato paste. 3) Cook on high without lid in the microwave for about 20... - 48.4331

Watercress And Potato Soup

GETTING READY 1) Wash the watercress under cool and running water. 2) Chop half the leaves and stem into small pieces. 3) Reserve the other half of the leaves for garnish. 4) Peel and chop potatoes into small peices MAKING 4) In a 2 quart glass or ceramic... - 48.0521

French Onion Soup With Mozzarella Cheese

Separate onions into rings. Place onions and margarine in 12-oz bowl [two 12-oz bowls]. Cover tightly and microwave on high (550 watts) until tender, 2 to 3 min [4 to 5 min]. Stir in water, bouillon and pepper. Cover tightly and microwave until boiling, 1 1/2... - 42.8809

Mediterranean Salad

1. Remove the fish from the package. Arrange in the center of a microwave-safe plate. 2. Microwave the fish, uncovered, on defrost for 6 minutes, turning the fish over after 3 minutes. Cover the defrosted fish with a double thickness of damp microwave-safe... - 41.2809

Cream Of Vegetable Soup

GETTING READY 1) In a bowl, combine flour, bouillon granules, marjoram and pepper. Set it aside. MAKING 2) Take a 2-quart casserole for combining thawed vegetables, onions, butter and parsley. Tightly cover the casserole with plastic food wrap. 3) Set your... - 47.1922

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

GETTING READY 1)Take the artichokes,peel them. 2)Take a 2-quart glass saucepan and add the peeled artichokes. 3) Now add some lemon juice and water required to cover the artichokes. 4) Close the pan and cook on high in the microwave for about 15 minutes till... - 49.5433

Tuscan White Bean Soup

1. In 3-quart microwavable casserole combine onion, oil, and garlic and stir to coat; microwave on High (100%) for 1 minute, stirring once halfway through cooking. 2. In medium mixing bowl combine 1 quart water and the flour, stirring to dissolve flour; stir... - 36.5122

Minestrone Gratin

GETTING READY 1) Take a bowl to combine broths, water, vegetables, herbs, spices and seasonings. Set it aside. MAKING 2) Take a 3-quart casserole for combining ground beef and onion. 3) Set your microwave at Power Hi for 4 minutes or until the beef is well... - 47.8581

Roasted Potato Pizza

Yummy snack or use as appetizers. - 38.6663

Indian Masala Papad

If you are looking for a quick snack idea, then this masala papad recipe would surely impress you. Take a look at this video that presents an absolutely delicious masala papad recipe which can be prepared in just a few minutes. The snack is definitely much... - 108.655

Quick Bean Dip

MAKING 1) Into a microwavable dish, add in the soups, salsa, olives, water and onion 2) Cover with a lid and microwave for 6 minutes till heated through 3) Stir the mixture every 2 minutes 4) Empty the mixture to a small slow cooker and keep warm... - 35.0121

Quick Bacon Potato Salad

Well, I never knew turkey and potato made such a delightful combination unless I tried out this Quick Bacon Potato Salad. This Quick Bacon Potato Salad was especially very relishing . Check it out! - 36.0011

Quick Vegetable-beef Soup

Quick Vegetable-Beef Soup is an amazingly easy to prepare soup which cannot just escape your guest's attention in any party. The deadly combination of vegetables and beef will get you a lots of compliments for your creativity. - 41.5058

Quick Spaghetti And Meatballs

Quick Spaghetti And Meatballs is a meal in itself and is perfect for a weekday dinner. This tasty dish is my husbands favorite and it doesn’t take too much tme to prepare it. Try this excellent Quick Spaghetti And Meatballs recipe at home! - 37.8212

Carrot Soup With Fire Roasted Red Bell Pepper - Easy And Quick

Those who are keen on trying a tasty soup should surely check this out. Chef Bhavna shows an easy and simple way of making carrot soup. The soup has an Indian touch to it. I'm sure your family will enjoy the soup. Check out the video for the super easy recipe... - 99.7113

Super Quick Garlic Bread

Preheat oven to 375°F. Using Serrated Bread Knife, cut bread into 1-inch-thick slices. Place bread slices on 13-inch Round Baking Stone. Place butter in Covered Micro-Cooker. Microwave on High 1 minute or just until a small lump of unmelted butter... - 38.7348

Quick Curry Soup

In 2-quart casserole dish, combine all ingredients. Cover with glass lid. - 29.7627

Pumpkin Soup - Quick And Healthy

GETTING READY 1. In warm water soak saffron strand and heat in microwave for 30-40 seconds. Set aside. MAKING 2. Place a pan over medium heat and pour olive oil in it. Add onion, garlic, and jalapeno. Stir and cook for 4-5 minutes. 3. Season with oregano and... - 108.817

Baked Salmon Croquettes With Quick Tomato Sauce

Addiction to this Baked Salmon Croquettes With Quick Tomato Sauce recipe is totally legal! It is always prepared with a focus on Salmon. This is the most comforting Main Dish recipe I have come across. Trust me, once you taste this Baked Salmon Croquettes... - 48.7227

Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup

In 5-qt casserole combine chicken, 4 cups water, celery, carrots, basil, rosemary, pepper and salt; cover. Microwave at High 30 to 40 minutes, or until chicken falls easily from bone, stirring twice during cooking. Remove chicken from bones. Discard bone and... - 44.3647

Lentil And Ham Soup

MAKING 1. In a large casserole, add water and place the bones in it; microwave for twenty minutes; remove the bones and reserve the liquid 2. In a suitable dish, melt margarine in the microwave oven, add chopped onion, carrot, celery and green pepper and cook... - 41.7365

Welsh Rarebit Using Beer

MAKING 1. In a small bowl, melt butter or margarine in the microwave for half a minute; add flour and cook for a full minute 2. Add cheese, salt, cayenne, mustard, beer, Worcestershire sauce and egg yolk to it and microwave for three minutes till it... - 41.6044

Assorted Popcorn

Wanna spend some fun and quality time with your kids? Involve them in this project of serving popcorns in 4 different flavors. All you need is to prepare the popcorn in your oven and then add different flavors to spice them up. Watch the video to know more... - 106.663

Pumpkin And Leek Soup

Heat butter in large pan; cook leek, stirring, until soft. Meanwhile, boil, steam or microwave pumpkin and potato, separately, until tender; drain. Mash pumpkin and potato together; stir into pan with leek mixture. Add stock and milk. Blend or process... - 38.3116

Artichokes With Cream Cheese

Prepare artichokes, then boil, steam, or microwave. Drain and keep hot; or let cool and serve cold. In a small pan, combine vinegar, onion, and tarragon. Bring to a boil; boil until vinegar has evaporated. Set aside. Beat cream cheese until smooth, then add... - 37.3706

Artichokes And Mushrooms

MAKING 1) Using a sharp knife, slice or quarter the mushroom 2) In a large frying pan, melt the butter 3) Saute the mushrooms till soft 4) Defrost the artichokes at room temperature or in a microwave 5) Drain into a colander 6) Add the artichokes to the... - 47.2772

Potato Salad With Ranch Dressing

Looking for some mild flavored salad ideas? Then here is one for you; potato salad with ranch dressing. Combining the goodness of eggs, potatoes, onion, celery, and mayonnaise, this salad is best suited for any time of the day. Watch the video and try it... - 139.287