Quick Light And Airy Vegetarian Side Dish Recipes

Enjoy our collection of quick light and airy vegetarian side dish recipes submitted, reviewed and rated by ifood.tv community. Meet people who are looking for quick light and airy vegetarian side dish recipes.
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Fruit Pareve

The second day of Rosh Hashanah can leave your stomach feeling uncomfortable from all the heavy holiday meals. Enjoy a festive salad which is light, but still blessed by incorporating holy fruit ingredients. I have used pomegranate and apples in this recipe. - 44.4911

Irish Soda Bread

A nice and easy Irish Soda Bread - 30.8793

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Quick & Delicious Vegan Tabbouleh

Blanche makes a cool salad from Middle East which is nice to be eaten for summers. It can be packed for lunch boxes or even take to picnics. So watch the video and add the recipe to your 'to make list for summers'. - 100.677

Green Peas & Potato Curry

Quick, healthy and easy peas and potato dish. Goes well with any Indian bread. - 41.3738

More Food! Episode 2 Part 3 Gazpacho

An easy look at how to use bread that is a little stale. It's garden fresh and a great way to use your tomatoes. - 42.3433