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Appetizing Masala Papad

Masala papad is very unique to Indian cuisine. I can bet, there is no similar dish on earth that tastes like a masala papad. It’s a very popular Indian appetizer served in restaurants mostly in the northern part of India. I never forget to order it whenever... - 141.531

Avocado Salad With Onion And Tomato

Avocados are packed with healthy fats and their buttery texture is so delicious. Here, our chefs show a simple avocado salad with onion and tomato spiced up with Indian Spices. This recipe is perfect for heart patients who need healthy fat and tasty low fat... - 133.951

Quick Tomato Sauce

If you are crazy about homemade tomato sauce, then here is something for you. It is one of the staple ingredients, every equipped kitchen should have. If you never prepared this on your own, then don't miss this chance to learn the process as this homemade... - 132.697

Quick Onion Bagels

"How-to" video recipe guide for making fast onion bagels. No more waiting 12-24 hours with this easy to follow recipe to churn out a stack of fresh bagels in 2 hours or less! - 132.411

Creamy Spring Salad Dressing

If you always prefer homemade dressing over the readymade one, you are going to like this dressing. This creamy dressing is fresh, flavorful and completely chemical-free. You can prepare it at anytime of the day and use as per your requirement. When unused... - 132.301

Lemon Garlic Tilapia

Easy, fast, healthy and loaded with flavor! FYI - please make sure to wash your hands after handling any raw meats and before touching anything else - such as the salt & pepper! - 129.126

Spicy Jeera Aloo

Jeera aloo is a common Indian cuisine, which you must have tasted in the Indian restaurants. You can recreate the same dish at home, quite easily. This potato side dish is a perfect entry with rice or Indian flat bread. You can also use it as a sandwich... - 126.957

Low-calorie Vegetable Rainbow Salad

Looking for a new salad recipe to jazz up your holiday feasts? How about a bowl of salad that is nutritious made with fresh seasonal vegetables? The mix of swiss chard, lettuce and kale mixed together with variety of vegetables offers a unique taste to this... - 125.741

Easy Crepes

I love bacon and eggs for a weekend breakfast but sometimes I like to change it up. Crepes are one of my favorite standbys -- they're quick and easy to make, and just a little special. I like my crepes with apricot or strawberry jam. But don't forget Nutella... - 124.347

Chili Pepper Sides

Chili peppers known as mirchi in Northern India are totally indispensible ingredients. Watch chef Madhura showing how to make crispy and spicy Mirchi Thecha and Mirchi Kharada, popular Maharashtrian side dishes made using green chilies or mirchi. Good to have... - 124.073

Deep Fried Battered Eggplant In Yogurt Sauce

Want a gourmet like side dish for a party or family gathering? Try making Deep Fried Battered Eggplant in Yogurt Sauce with the chef in the video. The recipe is very simple to make and it would surely taste delicious. The most important part of this recipe is... - 123.39

Mexican Seasoning Mix With Cilantro

Do you use Mexican seasoning mix frequently? Well then here is some great news! Making your own mix works out much more economical then buying it from the store! Mostly comprising of cilantro, it is a great recipe with easily available ingredients. Prepare... - 118.808

Garlic Flavored Whipped Potatoes

Potatoes - mashed or whipped or baked; are the most favorite items for the potato-cravers. Serve this whipped potatoes with main dish or alone, this is a grand treat always. Learn the easy direction from the video and whip up some potatoes! - 118.33

Salsa - In 60 Seconds

Why wouldn't you make salsa when It's so easy to make? You'll whip this recipe up in minutes and goes great on Nachos or as a dip. - 117.5

Quick Salsa

If you are short on time and high on hunger, try making this Quick Salsa recipe to control your hunger pangs. A few ingredients is all you need to add to the salsa maker to get your dish ready. So get going! - 116.433

Raspberry Iced Tea

What can be better than an iced tea on a hot summer afternoon? And, the drink gets more refreshing when prepared along with some juicy raspberries. If your mouth is watering just at the thought, its time to quench the thirst by trying the recipe out. - 115.167

Spicy Cucumber Salad

You are going to love this cucumber salad, prepared with a sprinkle of Indian spices. The spices add the flavor and makes the cucumbers more tangy. It is very easy to prepare, so you too can make it at any time. - 114.229

Healthy Cumin Fish

For a fish dish that crackles with Indian flavors, this could be a great choice. The zesty flavor of cumin pumps up the flavor of all fish that makes for an excellent dish. This video presents a fish recipe that packs in tons of flavor but very little fat and... - 113.5

Classic Curry Sardines

Here is a simple and delicious dish! Classic curry sardines recipe is so simple to make because it has only three ingredients – sardines, curry sauce and tomatoes. Moreover, this dish is a good source of calcium and omega 3. Serve it with rice after... - 113.441

Raw Spicy Jicama Fries

How about making some spicy jicama fries for your next potluck or barbeque party. See this excellent video that shows a recipe for fries which requires no frying. These raw spicy fries are simply awesome and the video presents a fun way to serve jicama.... - 111.397

Simple Hari Chatni

This green chutney recipe is by far the best Indian condiment ever. There is no limit to its versatility, you can use it with snacks, appetizers, main dishes, as a sauce for curry or even as a marinade. The more you make it the more addicted you will get to... - 111.363

Quick Home Fried Potatoes

Potato is the most versatile vegetable, which you can pep up in several ways. Have you ever tried to prepare this easy home fried potatoes? These are simply too good for any occasion. Serve on salad or as a side dish or even as a stand-alone snack option. - 111.021

Filipino Snow Peas Guisado

Try out this great way to cook snow peas. See this easy step wise video that shares a recipe for Filipino style snow peas that is wonderfully flavored with soy sauce and oyster sauce. Make this simple recipe for a great meal and enjoy the authentic Filipino... - 110.857

Italian Seasoning Mix With Pepper

Inexpensive Italian Seasoning? It’s possible if you make it at home! Here is Katherine showing you how to make a great Italian seasoning right at home. This seasoning is just a mix of all the herbs including pepper and fresh parsley! Watch and learn. - 110.493

Quick Stir Fry With Spinach And Bok Choy

This is a quick meal and sooo delicious - 109.225

Simple Sautéed Mushrooms

Simple Sautéed Mushrooms recipe video is not just about a recipe, the chef has made it more interesting by explaining the health benefits of mushrooms and its nutritional contents. Her Simple Sautéed Mushrooms recipe just needs a few stirs in a wide pan and... - 109.14

Flour Free Pancakes

Pancakes made out of eggs are not only delicious but also healthy way to start the day and here is a flour free recipe to make one. Check out Bethanny making healthy and golden pancakes using eggs and fruits. Sweet to taste and sweet to health as well! - 109.093

Indian Masala Papad

If you are looking for a quick snack idea, then this masala papad recipe would surely impress you. Take a look at this video that presents an absolutely delicious masala papad recipe which can be prepared in just a few minutes. The snack is definitely much... - 108.655

Thai Cabbage Salad

Thai foods are exotic and make use of varied vegetables and herbs and here is a recipe to make salad in true Thai style. Check out Patti Moreno making Thai Cabbage Salad using fresh napa cabbage picked from her garden along with other simple flavors from her... - 107.954

Raw Ranch Dressing

Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares how to prepare a delicious dairy-free ranch dressing using soaked cashews. Having a delicious, creamy salad dressing on hand makes it easier to get everyone in your household -- from finicky kids to stubborn... - 107.815

Classic Indian Roti

All of you, who are searching for the easiest recipe of roti or Indian flat bread - here is the one. Roti - the versatile Indian flat bread, is quite easy to prepare at home, only needs few days of practice. Once you develop the skill, it becomes easy to... - 107.404

High Protein Chocolate Mousse

This has to be one of my FAVOURITE snack to eat! Not only is it high in protein but it's DELICIOUS!! Thick rich chocolate mousse :) AND you only need 3 ingredients...it doesn't get much better than THAT! - 106.494

Quick Rosemary And White Bean Dip

If you are searching for a unique but quick recipe of dip, then this recipe will suit your requirement. This dip is a perfect accompaniment with veggies, chips or sandwiches. Simply blend all the ingredients in your food processor and your dip is ready. - 105.676

Chia Porridge

Why not try a chia porridge for breakfast. This is a great gluten substitute for breakfast and this raw food recipe for chia porridge can be made to taste. Watch this excellent informative video to make a healthy gluten-free breakfast dish. This video is a... - 105.014

Fabulous Fat-free Roast Turkey Gravy

Looking for a tasty and easy turkey recipe for the big day? Then Betty's fat-free, creamy, zesty roasted turkey with gravy. Betty demonstrates how to make a smooth, creamy turkey delight that makes for a guilty-free indulgence. Perfect for weight-watchers and... - 104.274

Quick Tomato Salsa

Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola shares a video of Luci Lock who demonstrates a fabulously easy tomato salsa recipe using fresh ingredients from the local farmers market. - 102.162

Broccoli Seasoning Quicktip

Chef Keith Snow shows an easy way to season broccoli. Your kids will love it, too! - 101.99

Asian Fried Rice

Here is a delicious yet low cost dish for students who live away from homes and have to survive with limited funds. Chef Scott is showing Asian Fried Rice that requires just few low cost ingredients and its much better than what you can find at an Asian... - 100.074

Quick And Easy Vegetable Gumbo In 5 Minute

If you are looking to whomp up a gutsy meal without spending a fortune, this is it. Betty whomps up yet another unbelievably quick and easy vegetable dish that is not only highly appetizing, but also very filling. Prepared in five minutes flat, this is one... - 99.4404

Healthy Tilapia Fillets

I am sure Tilapia is a perennial favorite and this healthy tilapia fillet recipe by Amy is sure to follow the suit! Very simple but a healthy adaptation of a restaurant style dish. - 98.8013

Homemade Lemon Dill Dressing

What could be a better way to perk up your crunchy salad than a refreshing, tart lemon-dill dressing. Tanginess of lemon blended with fresh flavors of dill makes for a salad that helps to flavor up anything you choose to add it to. - 98.3745

Mixed Mushrooms Stir-fry

Those who enjoy stir-fry recipes will really enjoy this dish. The video gives a good detail about the type of mushrooms used in the recipe. A healthy meal you can serve your family. - 97.629

Sautéed Mushrooms

What could be a more simpler dish than sautéed mushrooms? The video shows this easy recipe that adds tons of flavour to any meal. This informative video is a must see with great serving suggestions and health benefits too! - 96.8505

Healthy Mac And Cheese Sauce

MAKING 1. In a large bowl, mix together all the ingredients. SERVING 2. Serve the cheese with your favorite pasta. - 95.661

Green Egg And Ham Side

Looking for ideas to make quick snacks or appetizers, here is one you can make using just ham and eggs. Check out Caitlin cooking Green Eggs and ham in simple style and in a matter of few minutes. Delicious quick side with no fuss! - 95.5892

Aztec Chocolate Black Beans - Easy Real Whole Food Fast

A simple whole food recipe combining refried black beans with fresh lime juice and our Aztec Chocolate Spice Blend. Great served hot as a tortilla or veggie dip, fabulous with rice and veggies or chicken, with eggs for breakfast or in a burrito. Easy Real... - 95.0844

Miso Veggie Dip

This Asian Miso Veggie Dip is a great way to jazz up your parties or boring normal dinners. It is quick and easy to prepare using a couple of off the shelf ingredients. Serve it with fresh veggies, meats, chips or even bread as an appetizer. Watch the video... - 94.5576


MAKING 1. In food processor, place basil, garlic, lemon juice and salt. Pulse well. 2. Add pine nuts, cheese, and black pepper. Slowly pour in oil and pulse constantly until smooth. SERVING 3. Serve with baked chicken wings and enjoy! - 93.8277

Quick Baked Chicken

For those who don't have enough time to cook, here is a recipe for quick baked chicken which only take a few minutes to cook but is also a very healthy affair. Watch the video to see how easily it is prepared and why it is healthy. - 90.7628

Lobster Omelet

Have you ever tried an omelet combining egg and lobster meat. See this fantastic video that shows a recipe for this unique omelet. The chef presents the dish so well and uses a simple technique for plating the omelet. Try it out.. - 89.5453

Quick And Easy Pan-seared Garlic Filet Mignon Beef Steak

Take the hassle out of your weeknight dinner with this one-skillet dish. Betty's pan-seared garlic filet mignon beefsteak is a hearty, one-skillet dinner fare that's easy to fix and is extremely delicious and satisfying. Serve it to your family and it's... - 88.1508

Steamed Kale

Chef Gourmet aka Bruce Brennan is using a healthy green leaf, its kale. He simply steams them and toss them in a garlicky dressing just like a salad, it’s that simple. For those who are not aware, kale is a very nutritious vegetable obsessed with... - 85.5554

Easy Curry Powder

A perfect vinaigrette to any dish would be a perfect curry powder. Franky here details you the nitty-gritty on how to make instant curry powder to jazz up your curries. Make it and you will end up saving time and creating wonderful dish. - 85.0589

Quick And Easy Country Style Green Beans

When looking for a quick and easy dinner treat, this done-in-a-snap recipe will bail you out. Betty demonstrates how to make country style green beans without the fuss and trouble of starting from fresh beans. A cinch to make and good to eat meal, this... - 84.467

Blanched Chinese Cabbage With Oyster Sauce

Looking for quick and easy ways to include more greens into your diet? For those who do not like to eat raw cabbage, try this Filipino style blanched cabbage with oyster sauce. Blanching the cabbages helps to get rid of the peculiar smell cabbage. The salty... - 84.4025

Quick Black Bean Dinner From Leftovers

MAKING 1.In a pan stir fry onions, bell peppers, mushrooms with chili powder, cumin and salt added to it. 2.In a separate deep pan simmer canned kidney beans for some time. SERVING 3.Serve stir fried vegetables and canned beans with leftover brown rice or... - 76.9161

Healthy Chia Seed Breakfast

Healthy breakfasts doesn't have to be boring. Chia seed makes for healthy, tasty inclusion to any breakfast table. Blythe Metz presents a tasty, quick and easy breakfast dish using chia seeds that is just perfect for people on the go. - 75.1

Rasam Powder Making Made Easier

Rasam powder is now commercially available . It is an important powder not only for making rasam easily but also in other indian recipes such as gojju, puli ogray, and gojju avval.. Here is an easy way to make rasam powder easily .. this is my own recipe... - 74.7789

Mexican Style Chicken With Tortilla

Craving for some Mexican food and want it immediately. Try Nikko's Mexican Style chicken with tortilla. He take us on a pictured journey, the recipe being so simple that pictures are enough to understand. Really a great dish to put together in a few minutes... - 48.6326

Solar Cooked Roast Potatoes

No supervision and easy to cook up. Roast potatoes using the solar cooker method! Delicious and tasty! A video devoid of audio, but those wanting to give a go with their solar cooker this is a video to watch. - 44.6161

Quick Rice Panki

Rice flour pancakes steamed in between banana leaves, are a favorite Gujarati snack. Urad dal flour helps to bind the panki batter and make very thin pankis. Serve the pankis hot from the griddle and let your guests peel off the banana leaves and enjoy the... - 0

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