Quick Cocktail Recipes

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Classic Strawberry Daiquiri

A few classic cocktails like this classic strawberry daiquiri doesn't need any introduction. If it needs anything, that is a slow sip soaking all your taste buds into the delightful flavors incorporated in this cocktail. Take a look at this all time favorite... - 124.601

How To Make Frozen Margarita

If you are planning for a grand event, then this frosty frozen margarita can be just perfect choice of drink. Many of you must have sipped in a glass of margarita, but this frozen margarita is totally different experience of exoticness. Why don't you watch... - 121.602

Revived Ward Eight

Classic cocktails are always a great companion for lighter moments and Bridget adds her own twist in this revived ward eight recipe and shakes it up in her way. It looks fabulous with its vibrant orange color and all those citrus juices makes it a real... - 120.259

Halloween Green Eyes Cocktail

A controversial drink, alright! We have here, a cocktail of sour and sweet indulgences. Midori, rum and coconut cream have never mixed so well. Sexy! - 120.191

Chocolate Raspberry Martini

An elegant holiday cocktail for the season, but it probably can fit other seasons as well. - 114.609

How To Make The Perfect Classic Gin Fizz

For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 114.532

Cocktail Making Guide - Blue Rose With Gin & Blueberries

This is a gin based cocktail called Blue Rose and the the strong juniper presence works really well with the blueberries' top floral notes and the earthiness underneath. - 112.635

Guinness Punch - 60 Second Cocktail For Paddy's Day

Celebrate St. Patricks Day with this great, rich tasting, Guinness Punch Recipe. It's simple to make and is a great spin on the famous Irish export stout. - 112.059

Pomegranate Cocktail

There simply can't be a better summer drink than this pomegranate cocktail. Take a look at how Master Mixologist Bridget makes this raunchy bright red drink to beat the heat. - 111.597

How To Make The Tiki Punch

Build in a cocktail shaker and shake for 10-seconds and strain into a tiki glass, collins or highball (whichever you prefer) - 110.062

Caipirinha Cocktail

Want to have a nice summer drink? Make a lemon summer drink with this caipirinha cocktail! Laze a summer afternoon with this drink in hand! Watch this video to make a summery cocktail! - 108.599

Twisted Tropical Fusion

This tropical drink isn't about crystal bowls and floating fruits. Rather it is a flavorful explosion of fruit flavors along with a neat little garnish. Just mix together Bacardi light rum, banana liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice, and a dash of... - 108.136

Sizzling Common Man's Alo Apricot

If you are looking for a drink that is cool and sparkling, Common Man's ALO Apricot is the right choice for you. Don't waste time and try this tonight and see how your mood changes in minutes.. All you need is a cocktail glass and mix Apricot Brandy, Gin,... - 106.8

Old Style Manhattan Cocktail

Unexpected guests at home? Serve them with this classic Old Style Manhattan Cocktail. Watch the chef blend up this impeccable concoction that is truly impressive. - 106.289

Black Cat Cocktail

MAKING 1. In a glass, add kahlua, vanilla vodka, sambuca and ice cubes and stir well using a bar spoon. 2. Strain into a low ball glass topped with ice. SERVING 3. Garnish with cherry and serve chilled. - 106.246

Head-spinning Captain Morgan On Acid

If you aren't scared of experimenting, then this slightly unique named cocktail will get you on your heels. This beautiful drink blends in coconut rum and splash of pineapple juice to create a nice complex taste experience. A great after-dinner drink, this... - 105.987

Green Beast Cocktail, With Lucid Absinthe

Absinthe time! We take some Lucid absinthe and bust out a drink that reminds us of a "light absinthe" cocktail because it's a bit easier on the senses. The Green Beast is still very much an absinthe drink but it has a lighter anise attack with a bit of... - 105.779

Speedy 57 T-bird With Florida Plates

A rather odd name for a complex yet scrummy cocktail, 57 T-Bird is not meant for the faint-hearted. If you are out and about looking to meet with your old friends and make some new, this isn’t really the drink for you. The heady combination of Grand... - 105.513

Grapes Of Wrath Cocktail, Plus Author Trivia

Today, we create the grapes of wrath cocktail, we try to figure out if white or clear grape juice makes sense. We also find a good cocktail glass on the fly while also trying to figure out why Ian likes to read classic novels. Oh, and do you have a tongue... - 105.512

Heavenly Ambrosia Martini

If you are a martini lover, then you will love this flavorful, aromatic drink. A cocktail of taste and aroma, this is one perfect drink to booze on when chilling at the porch or patio. Just follow the video, stock up on the booze and get mixing this drink. - 105.415

Cool Rum Keg

Whether you need intense flavored drink with hints of fruit and smooth finish, you need a keg of this rum cocktail. A boozy mix of light rum, dark rum, apricot brandy, passion fruit syrup, pineapple juice and sweet/sour mix, this drink is truly hard to pass.... - 105.407

Wonderful Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sour is the ultimate manly drink. Rich, velvety, and sour, this flavorful classic isn't anything like the regular “martini” where you use enough frills to bring out a sour and sweet taste. Plus, you don't have to be a super genius mixologist to... - 105.374

Redneck Iced Tea, With Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

As Jeff Foxworthy would say, if you like this cocktail, you might be a redneck. Not really true, this is just a really easy drinking cocktail creation. The redneck iced tea doesn't taste a bit like tea, but has lots of raspberry appeal. - 105.134

Crazy Agwa Bomb

What do you get when you cross equal parts of Agwa with an energy drink? Simple, an Agwa Bomb. This is one cocktail that is sure to get your heart racing and set you for the big act. But watch out, this isn’t a drink for the faint-hearted as it tastes quite... - 105.119

The Junior Mint Shooter, With Coole Swan Irish Cream

Here is a shot that works better as a shot than a cocktail due to the alcohol intensity that grows at it lingers in your mouth. But, as a shot, it is very Junior Mint like in flavor profile. - 104.829

Tropical Style Bahama Mama

There is nothing quite like a pitcher of tasty tropical potion to get your party started! And what better than Derrick Schommer's yummy Bahama Mama that makes a refreshing alternative to feisty cocktails. Spiked with Kahlua, a bit of dark rum, coconut rum and... - 104.399

Tropical Orange Roxy

Need a happy, carefree, refreshing drink to lighten up your mood. This tropical, fruity drink transports you to the tropical islands at one shot. A light, refreshing cocktail of coconut, tequila, orange juice, and lemon/lime soda, this drink is anything but... - 104.394

Easy Caramel Sundae Cocktail

Talk about 100% creative cocktail chemistry, and here we are. This is a dessert style cocktail that contains no sweetener, cream or juices; just a wicked blend of several alcoholic mixtures. Bottoms up! - 104.102

Perfect Johnny B Tea Cocktail

Do you like mixing tea to your alcohol or vice versa? You would just find pleasure with every sip of this drink. This pleasing cocktail mixes unsweetened ice tea, citrus vodka and Grenadine lump of sugar to create a great drink. Take a look at the video and... - 104.038

Nutty Buddy Shots

If you love nutty-flavored drink, you will fall head over heels in love with this nutty heady shots. A great shooter to have with your cronies, this shot is quite easy to fix. Just stream the video to get a detailed instruction on how to go about it. - 103.487

Classic Bourbon Weed And Water Cocktail

This is insane but if you are up for an adventure, then this is your drink. It is a blend of Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka and Knob Creek Bourbon, The sweet tea vodka gives an unexpected twist to the cocktail. - 103.373

Luscious Lava Lamp Cocktail

When a drink is as classic as this, who will mind the sweetness? Lava lamp cocktail is for those who love their cocktails a little sweet. A great tropical drink to end off the day. Just shake up some pineapple and coconut mix, add some spiced rum to it and... - 103.232

Heady Whiskey Pop

This is one drink that is sure to put hair on your chest. A heady mix of bourbon and champagne, this drink exactly isn't a hit at the parties, but people who love it just swear by it. Shaken up with cube of sugar, angostura bitters, bourbon whiskey, sparkling... - 103.134

Carrot Cake Cocktail

Carrot Cake – not really. It's really just a drink that tastes like carrot cake. Irish cream, coffee liqueur, butterscotch and cinnamon schnapps. Cheers! - 102.906

Southern Georgia Julep Cocktail

Hosting a party and wondering what to include in the drinks menu? This video might just come handy. Watch it now to learn an easy to make Southern Georgia Julep recipe. This is a very very flavorful cocktail and is sure to impress all. - 102.685

Watermelon Cosmopolitan

For all those who drink a cocktail, cosmopolitan is always in their top list. This recipe video shows a watermelon cosmopolitan, which is a modification of the original drink with fresh watermelons. It sure looks refreshing and needless to say it would taste... - 102.45

Super Delicious After Sun Punch

Summery, delicious and down easy, Derrick Schommer's "after sun punch" is a bright, happy way to perk up your evenings with your gal pals. This super-good cocktail blends in a gamut if fruity flavors, starting from pineapple to coconut to banana and more. If... - 102.443

Jolly Rancher Cocktail With Jolly Rancher Vodka

We are using Jolly Rancher Apple Vodka to create the Jolly Rancher cocktail. A brilliant color, a pucker-like tart bite in the late fourth quarter of the sip. - 102.348

Original Sex On The Beach

Forget about the innuendo, this smooth, juicy drink has other better things to give you a high than just the name. A heady mix of peach schnapps and vodka, this beach drink is sure to win you over, especially if you are a great fan of smooth, juicy drinks.... - 102.346

Ravishing Yellow Star Cocktail

This drink tastes as good as it looks and is sure to blow away your mind. Mix some gin, creme de banana, passion fruit syrup, and orange juice and you have this bright, sumptuous drink ready. For more, stream the video and get behind the bar and create this... - 102.239

Classic Champagne Cooler

If you have got bubbly in your refrigerator, it’s time you ditch the fluted glass and got a little more daring with your champagne. Derrick Schommer’s stirs up a manly drink using some champagne, cointreau (or triple sec) and a bit o’ brandy (or... - 102.144

Perfect Southern Pride Shooter

When you are craving for southern comfort with hints of nutty amaretto and a nice smooth finish, this drink will happily fit your bill. This fairly sweet, herbal flavored drink offers a warm smoothness. If you are a fan of both Southern Comfort and Amaretto,... - 102.1

Tempting Toasted Almond Booze

This one's pure booze. A tasty toasty tiny terrific cocktail made with just three ingredients Amaretto, Kahlua, Cream, this is for someone who likes his/her drink strong. A concoction of booze that you simply can't ignore. Follow the video recipe to learn how... - 102.01

Wonderful White Russian

This is one drink that is a huge hit with the dudes and hip club goers. Build with three basic ingredients, this drink is your entree way to the world of more complex cocktails. This classic creamy white cocktail is likely to go down well with anybody, even... - 101.68

Boozy Spiced Whiskey Cola

The name itself is a big giveaway in this case. A heady concoction of spiced rum, whiskey and cola, this drink is just perfect for the big night. Squirt some limejuice into it and you have a dangerously groggy cocktail. Follow the video to learn all about... - 101.581

Macho Root Beer Float Cocktail

Looking for a grownup drink. Try making this root bear float cocktail. Just mix together vanilla vodka, simple syrup and a bit of coke. Result is a rich, smooth, beer-resembling cocktail with enough macho appeal to rival other established manly drinks.... - 101.514

Ready Russian Revolution

Bored of the same old sweet and sour cocktail. Stir up a revolution with this Russian revolution. Layered with grenadine, rumple minze, jagermeister, this is one heady cocktail of taste and booze. Stream the video to learn more about this drink. - 101.496

Flighty Tipperary Cocktail

The Tipperary is a fabulous Irish drink with whiskey and Chartreuse. A Manhattan could be dandy, but in the summertime you want a cocktail with a bang to it! So, here it is! Now, there are three variants: the Tipperary, the Shamrock, and the Everybody's... - 101.443

10 Cane Spiced Apple Punch

This drink is an ideal Holiday drink. The 10 Cane Spiced Apple Punch comes packed with those Holiday flavors. In the video, Derrick uses a full bottle of 10 cane in this punch, perfect for parties and the festive holidays that are fast approaching. - 101.018

Pancake Shooter Cocktail

While I still trying to figure out why this is called the Pancake Shooterl, you can learn how to make it from this video. This is quite a way to experience sambuca for those that don't like the intense sambuca, in your face, action. The lemon in this cocktail... - 100.846

Sweet Blue Heaven Martini

Revel in some tropical pleasure with blue heaven martini. Sweet, bright and cheery, this drink brings to your lips a rainbow of flavors ranging from pineapple to orange to butterscotch and vanilla. Intensely flavored and colored, this drink is a must-have for... - 100.79

Sweet-sour Don Q Limon Madras

Relax with some sweet-sour rum concoction after a hard day's work with Don Q rum. Nice, easy with a neat flavor, you simply can't go wrong with this drink. Although you might think it to be sour, you will be pleasantly surprised by its sweet notes. Stream the... - 100.722

Heady Pot O' Gold Shooter

Treat yourself to a tasty cinnamon-coffee shooter after a long day at work. This shooter tastes sharp and looks classy too. The spicy hint of cinnamon and the bite of Bailey's Irish cream creates a shooter that tastes very much like coffee and cinnamon. Watch... - 100.715

Christmas Cocktail Blue Snowflake

Get on top with a holiday and put your Christmas celebrations on the top gear. This great holiday drink isn't hot nor contain any warm spices. However, its tastes, looks and feels so good that you wouldn't really miss the cinnamon or nutmeg, whatsoever.... - 100.614

Dizzying Disaronno Darkness

Need a warm and inviting drink to relax yourself after a long, tiring day? Then Disaronno Darkness is what you need. This cocktail blends in the loveliness of coffee with head-strong amaretto and cool cognac. Not a very complex tasting cocktail, this one's... - 100.527

Flighty Spa Sensation Cocktail

Do you know why this drink is called the as the 'Sensation'? Because, it is sensational! This drink here is Alberta's variation on a classic gin drink. You can use vodka if you want for this easy, fun, and refreshing drink, but Alberta likes the gin. Cheers! - 100.248

Warm Winter Wonderland

Warm up your cockles with this simple, minty flavored drink. A groggy mix of pure, simple Rumplemintz and Sprite, this drink is good enough to beat even the hot toddy. So what are you waiting for. Stream the video and get mixing this winter drink that is... - 100.226

Sassy Savannah Iced Tea

If you are looking to impress that pretty lady seated across the table, knock down a few shots of this Savannah iced tea. A fun spin on the old Long Island tea, this layered long drink brims with creme de cassis, tequila, lime juice and sprite, put together... - 100.207

Power-packed Blind Melon

Enjoy a fairly strong cocktail with a sharp bite with Blind Melon. Midori, Brave Spirits Vodka, Cointreau and 10 Cane Rum promises to make you just go “wow”. This potent drink packs in a powerful punch. If you wish to expand beyond the pretty pinks and... - 100.119

Crazy Black And Blue Shooter

Treat the devil within you with a black and blue shooter than blends in a crazy concoction of blue hypnotiq and Curacao with jagermeister. This tropical fruits storm of herbs is sure to be a hair-raising experience for any one. But it's definitely worth a... - 100.079

Bcs Flip Cocktail

This Christmas, do more than just spiking up the eggnog. BCS flip is one yummy cocktail based on eggs and spiked with brandy and coffee liqueur. However, if you like sweeter tones to your drink, try adding simple syrup to it. Watch the video and get mixing. - 100.061

Simple Cherry Chocolate Love

This classic cocktail drink has several variations, but this one is the simplest. This recipe is amazingly easy — just some cherries and chocolate and loads of vodka and you are done. Perfect for get-togethers and girls night out, this is one drink that... - 100.045

Subtly Flavored Blue Mediterranean

Knock yourself out with Blue Mediterranean cocktail that's quick-to-make and bursts with festive flavors. This drink has got nice azure color and subtle flavors of gin and sprite. A great party drink to get rolling on the dance-floor. Follow the video recipe... - 99.9883

Coffee Lover’s Ultimate Chip Shot Shooter

If you are someone who can’t resist coffee, this drink is just the perfect way to get your caffeine kick! Derrick Schommer’s fun shooter makes for a great after-dinner drink and is likely to be lapped up even by those who aren’t much into coffee. And... - 99.9532

Mexican Taxi Shots

Mexico and tequila go hand in hand, and that is why the Mexican Taxi Shots are here! It is a simple recipe of tequila and banana liqueur brought together in a cool yellowish color. - 99.921

Fancy Neptune Boots Cocktail

As summer hits the air, it’s time to hit the pool deck or laze at the patio and chill out with a heady vodka cocktail. Sounds like a scrumptious bet? Well, Neptune boots cocktail is in every way a scrumptious way to sizzle the summer. This vodka based drink... - 99.8936

Patriotic Red, White And Blue Shooter

When you are feeling truly patriotic, a shot of this red, white, and blue shooter will truly jazz up your fourth of July celebration. This colorful cocktails not only looks good, but tastes amazing as well. Serve your guests this dazzling cocktail and show... - 99.8864

Enticing Tokyo Tea

This crazy little cocktail is unlike anything you have tasted before. A heady mix of different kinds of spirits, this drink tastes very much like the long island ice tea. The only unique thing about this drink is midori. Plus, this drink packs in a good deal... - 99.8314

Potent '61 Imperial Cocktail

If you need a drink that is more of a crazy concoction of bizarre flavors, this is it. It’s so potent, so strong that for many, this drink could be a huge turn off or like a strong blow-away! But it' isn't as bad either. The fruity notes of pineapple,... - 99.4796

Holiday Favorite Candy Cane Shooter

Whether you need a stiff drink or a sweet one, this cocktail brings you the best of both the worlds. A good candy cane is easy to make, given you get your proportions right. This Christmas, skip the eggnog over candy cane and end your hectic holiday... - 99.4701

Classic Dubonnet Royal

This classic cocktail recipe brings in tons of unique flavors to your glass. Martin Miller’s gin, a bit of absinthe and a sweet attack with the dubonnet rouge is what gives this drink its ultimate punch. The Dubonnet Royal is an old-school drink that brings... - 99.4488

Twisty Sex On A Mexican Beach Cocktail

This exciting twist on the classic 'sex on the beach cocktail' is in no way inferior to its progenitor. A yummy, heady blend of reposado, sweet/sour mix, orange juice, cranberry juice and a splash of grenadine, this lip-smacking margarita is just perfect for... - 99.3266

Lemony Eco-aid Cocktail

Here's a drink that won't pucker your lips! Eco Aid cocktail is a heady mix of acai spirit and lemonade that will pack in a punch without making you too tipsy. Top it with some cranberry juice and enjoy a hair-raising experience with this yummy cocktail. - 99.2406

California Rattlesnake Mixed Drink

Be it parties, business deals, or man-to-man talks, a glass of California rattlesnake mixed drink is the ultimate drink to order. But why wait for any occasion to revel in the mixed flavors of this drink when you can easily stir it up in your own bar with a... - 99.2289

Easy Drinking Flavorful Jagerbubble Cocktail

How about a mix of flavorful cocktail that would spice up your evening? The concoction of Jagermeister and Bubblegum Vodka would make you fall in love with this drink. The best thing is that you can prepare this homemade drink in a jiffy. Just trail the... - 99.2169

Strong Peppermint Patty

Looking for a great after dinner shooter? Then this drink is guaranteed to sail you across the night. This shooter has strong peppermint patty flavor with strong notes of candy. If you love patty, you will surely love this drink. This swanky night-refreshment... - 99.1794

Pretty And Fun Absinthe Minded Martini

Bright, perky, feisty, extra scrumptious martini are fun to sip! Spread the cheer this festive season with Derrick Schommer's absinthe minded martini that not only looks delicious, but feels good too. All you have to do is take your favorite gin and add some... - 99.1642

Tropical Style Ankles In The Air

Why just settle for the plain old "on the rocks" when you can have so much more fun with a tropical cocktail that allows you to throw your feet up in the air and have fun. Derrick Schommer's "ankles in the air" comes loaded with orange vodka, Malibu run,... - 99.1539

Manly Canadian Killer Koolaid Cocktail

Here's a manly cocktail that is truly hard to emasculate. This Canadian style cocktail is best enjoyed before a full-course meal and comes charged with vodka, melon liqueur, amaretto, cranberry juice, and sprite. Easy to shake up, this drink is just perfect... - 99.1504

Refreshing Blue Anaconda

If you thought that all brightly colored drinks were club drinks exclusively meant for women alone, this exceptional drink will pleasantly surprise you. Blue anaconda is more than just a flashy drink, it is refreshing, thirst-quenching and packs a kick too.... - 99.1097

Irish Cream Freemason Cocktail

Why prefer the plain drinks when you can have so much fun experimenting with something as distinct as The Freemason? A terrific combination of Irish cream, vanilla vodka and butterscotch schnapps transports you into a frolicker mood. Derrick Schommer makes... - 99.1025

Taca Tuaca Collins Cocktail

Have you been looking for an easy to make cocktail recipe? We've got one right here for you. Watch this video to learn how you can prepare this Taca Tuaca Collins Cocktail. The drink is simple and absolutely irresistible. - 99.0688

Sour-acidic Amf Cocktail

Grab your group of friends and spend a night bingeing and boozing on this soul-stirring cocktail. Mildly sour, slightly acidic, this drink is a cross between long island ice tea and electric lemonade. Derrick Schommer's beverage comes loaded with alcohol. So... - 99.006

Coffee-whiskey Alaskan Duck Fart

If all the girlie cocktails aren't your stuff, you can fix a quick one for yourself with this amazing beverage. Derrick Schommer's Alaskan duck fat mainly draws its inspiration from "Deadliest Catch" and tastes a little like Starbucks coffee with a whiskey... - 98.9906

Minty After 8 Shooter

What better way to wow your guests this summer than a minty cocktail, refreshing enough to get them all back in moods for a heavy jig after a filling dinner. Derrick Schommer's shows how to shake up a quick minty shooter that can be served at any time, but... - 98.9864

Frosty Bubblegum Bazooka

All set to party till dawn and need a party drink that will get you going past the midnight hours, this frosty shooter does more than just to keep you awake and kicking. If you are especially a bubblegum fan, you are simply going to love this drinks that... - 98.9216

Sinful Caipirinha

Open up your sinful side with the spirit of cachaca. This cocktail is a zippy blend of Purista Caipirinha and natural ingredients. It's so tantalizing that your surely won't be okay with just one. Follow the video recipe and get in-depth insight on this... - 98.8589

Harmony Smooth Shochu Sour

It's time to pucker up with a great sour drink. This light carbonated cocktail is quite subtle by nature. If you are looking for a drink with more kick, then just cut down the quantity of club soda and push up the shochu and the lime. A smooth sour that is... - 98.8539

Smooth Amaretto & Orange Juice

Need a drink to sizzle up your summer barbecues and pool parties, then here’s your poison. This drink neatly balances refreshment with strength. A warm, smooth flavored drink to impress your guests, this will sake off the thirst without getting your guests... - 98.8487

Heady El Corazrita Cocktail

After a hard day's work, there is nothing quite like a great drink to help you chill out. Add a little "oomph" to your beverage with El Corazon, Cachaca, limejuice, bitters and agave nectar. Result, a new and unique tasting cocktail, this is your ideal drink... - 98.8312

Slightly Sweet Fuzzy Beam

After a hard day's work, when you finally feel you have earned a drink, this slightly sweet and citrusy drink could be the ultimate treat. Easy to build and great to serve, this is one great way to relish your bourbon. Mind you, if you need a skull-knocking... - 98.8263

Slightly Sweet Cotton Candy Cosmo

Need a delicate, delightful and light cocktail to steer you across the midnight? Combine a bit of X-Rated Fusion, add a bit of passion fruit, throw in some cranberry juice, and you have a cotton candy cosmo. Slightly sweet, this smooth summer drink makes for... - 98.8097

Orange Monkey Gland

Anyone would normally advise a man to steer clear of brightly colored drink. But don't be fooled by the bright orange hue of this heady cocktail. It comes spiked with quite a heavy dosage of gin, grenadine, absinthe and of course, loads of orange juice.... - 98.8046

Scarlet Seductive Swan

If you think that a berry flavored drink isn't a manly libation, sip this drink again. This bright red drink packs in enough potency and fizz. Ideal for daytime indulgence. Just muddle together some Russian Standard Vodka with some berries and lemonade and... - 98.7481

Classic Belmar Cocktail

Looking for a contemporary cocktail recipe. Give this one a try. Watch this video to learn a lethal Belmar Cocktail recipe. This video is a detailed demo of how you can prepare the drink at home. - 98.7461

Creamy Chocolate Covered Cherry

Whether you are a huge fan of chocolate or cherry, this flashy, Pousse Café layered drink is sure to impress you. Plus, its deceptively simple to make too. Just dunk the Maraschino cherries in grenadine, kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream and you have got a... - 98.742

Weird Spicy Charizard

This Pokémon cocktail makes quite a treat for the discerning palate. This weird spicy hot little whiskey cocktail fired up with the hot flavors of cinnamon and 151 makes for one helluva manly drink. Never mind if you don't want to make a beeline in front of... - 98.7399

Mary Ann With Ginger Cocktail

Are you looking for some interesting cocktail recipes? This video will surely prove helpful. Watch the bartender mix up her secret concoction to prepare this yummy Mary Ann with Ginger Cocktail. It is indeed very impressive. - 98.7358

Delectable Bubble Cream Orangeberry

There's more to the girlie drinks then greens and blues. This flavorful cocktail that comes with Ketel One Orange, some chamber, lemon juice, and cream soda is just perfect for a girls night out. Light on the palate as well as the senses, this drink will... - 98.709

Baby Guinness Shooter With Irish Cream And Coffee Liqueur

Planning a last-minute cram session or a movie-splurge with your friends, this shooter will carry you through. Meant to be consumed in one shot, Irish cream is the focus of this coffee liqueur drink, which oddly brings a yogurt like texture to the drink.... - 98.7039

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