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Quebec Food preparations are prepared keeping in mind the sustenance of body temperatures in the extreme cold conditions of the region. They are energy giving dishes rich in fat content in vogue since long time. Popular dishes include-tourtières or meat pies, Pouding chômeur, poutine or French fries with gravy and curds, whippet cookies and Pouding chômeur.


Historical and Cultural Influences on Quebec Cuisine


The food of Quebec has vast influences from French and Irish cuisines introduced to the region by the immigrants of France and Ireland during 1800s. The additional traditional aspects of the cuisine have been inherited from the Canadian Aboriginal culture. The inclusion of fat into Quebec Food developed along with fur trade during the same time.


Ingredients Commonly Used in Quebec Cuisine


The cuisine of Quebec included flavors into preparations by way of wild herbs such as rosemary, chives, thyme and sage introduced by the Indians. The usage of onions into food was initiated by the French most often into condiments. The technique of preserving meat and vegetables by way of salting or freezing them for duration of over hundred years as in salted pork that facilitated the people with food in the time of harsh winters turned out to be the basis of Quebec Food. In addition to these extracts from fruits such as wild berries were used to prepare relishes and jams that could last throughout the year. Bass, haddock, eel, shad, salmon and sturgeon are the varieties of fish incorporated into food preparations. Quebec has its own line of traditional artisan cheeses including Oka, Trappist, cheddar and other raw milk cheeses. Maple syrup is also a popular ingredient of the contemporary dishes of the region.

Traditional Quebec Recipes


  • Pouding chômeur is a dessert made using basic ingredients such as flour and sugar.
  • Tourtiere is a traditional meat pie generally made during winters particularly around the Christmas time.
  • Poutine is a traditional Quebec Food consisting of french fries topped with gravy and curds.
  • Chien Chaud, All Dress or Steamie consisting of steamed hot dog, Tarte au Sucre- a sugar pie, Soupe aux Pois- a pea soup made using ham broth, Feves au Lard consisting of baked bean and pork and Cretons are other popular traditional dishes of the region.
  • Apart from food, alcohol particularly beer with spruce beer being the traditional beer forms an important aspect of Quebec’s Food traditions.

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