Punjabi Chhole Recipes

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Punjabi Chhole

A simple Punjabi style chickpea recipe cooked using choicest spices. This flavorful dish can be served with naan or roti. - 126.953

Punjabi Chhole Bhature

Fond of North Indian food? Your treat is incomplete without these yummy Punjabi Chhole Bhature. This dish is one of the staples in North India and is served as a main dish. The recipe is simple and completely deletctable. Watch the video and treat your family... - 97.2463

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My Mother's Day Party Menu 2010-chhole Chaat, Chocolate Strawberries Bouquet, Short Cake Dessert

For the Chhole Chaat: GETTING READY 1. Take a bowl with 2 cups of cooked chhole/chana and coat it with Punjabi garam masala, chaat masala and chhole masala. 2. In another bowl mix the potatoes with the Punjabi garam masala, chaat masala and the chhole masala.... - 81.0899

Palak Chhole Or Chana (spinach And Chick Peas Curry)

Again those who are searching for some different curry recipes, should check this out. This is a punjabi curry and is called palak and chhole curry in India. Spinach is very good for health. Check out the video for this tasty and healthy curry recipe. - 97.2443

Deep Fried Bhature

Bhature is one of my favorite Indian breads as it is so crispy yet so soft. This recipe shows how to make a perfectly puffed Bhature which is like the bun on a burger when it comes to having Chole, the famous Indian Chick pea curry. - 98.4487

Fried Puri

Puri is my all time favorite breakfast bread as it goes well with any curry or jams. This video shows you how to make perfect puri step by step. So, go ahead and surprise your family with a wholesome breakfast - 113.291